Shredding Jazz in the Sims
(2020-02-21 - 2020-02-23)
Jazz and Skyshredder spar in the simulators.
Skyshredder      It has been a pretty slow day for Skyshredder, and on a whim she sent a request to the officers nearby for some combat training. When whatever officer answers the call, they would find the big purple and pink femme standing there in the sim filling one side of a duel setup. "Hey there, sir! I was feeling bored so I figured a good scrap would get the ol' energon flowing! You up for it?" she says in her overly enthusiastic and overly loud voice. "It isn't attacking a superior officer if it is in the sims, right?"
Jazz Jazz shakes his head rotating his shoulder, "Hey. It certainly is not. I have had a few encounters lately but hearing the call, I wanted to get a look at you. You also may have a bit of converation that I would like to hear," he winks. "The set up is totally up to you. What do you wnat to do?"
Skyshredder      Skyshredder seems delighted when Jazz accepts! She smiles ear to ear and giggles in a sort of child-like manner. "Well, I don't want things to be unfair, so..." She punches in some location parameters, and the sim turns into a typical cityscape. Four skyscrapers around a big intersection giving them plenty of room to move but also some cover. "So! What do you think now that you've gotten a look at me?" she asks as she finishes preparing the battleground. "And what conversation would you like to hear? People don't usually ask to talk with me!" she adds as she pulls her big sword from her back and grins. "Ready?"
Jazz Jazz holds up a hand and says, "Wait. What would you consider unfair?"
Skyshredder Skyshredder blinks at that question. "Oh, like...I guess underwater or somewhere with not much room for a grounder to get around, like a bunch of pillars that drop into a bottomless pit?"
Jazz Jazz shrugs, "Pick one of those," he asserts. Then changing the subject he says, "I saw your report. You seem to know a little about the things that I am looking for."
Skyshredder      Skyshredder seems confused by this. "Well...if you are sure. But don't say it was unfair if I win!" she says before resetting the sim location to an underwater landscape. Lots of craggy rocks and scap metal and even the remains of a big cybertronian whale. Then she transforms into her shark mode and grins. "Okay! You want first hit or me?" she asks as she floats there in the underwater environment.
Jazz Jazz slaps a breathing device into his mouth and a visor drops over his whole face. He fires a grappling hok that does pretty good underwater and it pulls his towards one of the rocks. "By all first."
Skyshredder      Skyshredder watches with some interest as Jazz uses that grappling hook, then nods her big shark head and grins. " we go!" she says excitedly and a bit waterishly before she charges forward. She is pretty fast in shark form, almost like a giant torpedo full of teeth! And if he happens to look inside her gaping maw he would find that those teeth in her jaws are traveling along a spinning track in her mouth...and behind them are seemingly endless rows of the same thing leading deep into the shark-former's body, obviously meant to break down anything she happens to chomp.
Jazz Jazz is crouched against the crag he pulled himself to and waiting as the shark darts towards him, he considers the movement of the shark for a bit then the teeth come out and grab him by the arm. Jazz flails a bit but attemtping to free himself he uses teh leverage to pull/momentum himself onto the shakrs back. "Looks like this is where I am going to spend a bit of my time today," he reaches for the Dorsal fin and TWISTS it. "Who is Chela again?" he says quite conversationally.
Skyshredder      Skyshredder winces a bit at the twist to her fin, and her body seems to naturally take off in the direction Jazz twisted. "She's a titan, I think! Kind of like Metroplex or Trypticon!" she says as she keeps swimming at top spee and banks around to try and scrape Jazz off against one of the rocky outcroppings. "She left with Onyx Prime to spread something called Pax Cybertronia! A lot of beastformers went with them, too! But, I kind of missed the bus and ended up staying here. I didn't mind though! There was lots of trouble to cause and to stop around here after they left!"
Jazz Jazz is indeed scrapped off. Right in the visor. He floats for a bit then spinning on himself that grappling hook comes out and it is aimed at the crag again. He fires and pulls himself towards the rocks. This time setting his feet to press off again he says, "Where'd they go? You have to know someone or are in touch with someone?" Then the hook turns back towards Skyshreddar he is attempting to get back in close.
Skyshredder      Skyshredder scrapes against the rocks a bit herself before she banks off and heads back around. But then...she is hooked! Like a proper sport fish she struggles mightily on the line, darting this way and that at full speed to try and shake it off or smash the fisherman into some more rocks or scrapheaps. "I haven't heard from any of them for millenia! The space bridges stopped working, so we couldn't communicate anymore! I'm not even sure if they actually made it to where they were going!" she says as she struggles.
Jazz Jazz is scrapped against the rocks AGAIN! This time however, he grabs to crag and holds on as Sky swims by, but when Sky comes back towards him he swims as hard as he can to hand on....again. Staying away from the mouth is the deal here. "Well then, I guess that it is going to take a bit of time to figure out swim well!"
Skyshredder      Skyshredder goes into an arc as Jazz grabs onto that crag, and as Jazz swims hard she tries to alter course enough to catch him. "I do know what direction they went, but I think that's the best I could do!" she says right before trying to chomp down on one of Jazz's legs. Even if she catches him it will only be just barely. "Would that help?" she asks after the attempted bite.
Jazz "Yes. Yes it would," Jazz calls out as his leg is grabbed and chomped. With a flash and a grunt and an OOOFF his rifle appears and placing right on Sky's nose, since his leg is in Sky's mouth, he pulls the trigger. "if we have...cousins out there...then we need to find them. Seems as if they know where to find us.." he pauses then hesitates before he pulls the trigger but then remembers....Skyshredder wanted to go all out.
Skyshredder      "Okay! I'll give you the heading after we finish!" Skyshredder says before blinking as she feels a rifle on her nose. It goes off and the powerful blast hits point blank. The big shark yelps and lets go of Jazz, just as one might expect a shark to do if punched in the nose. Jazz is free! But, he may not be that way for long! Shyshredder is soon banking around and coming back for more despite a pretty sizable hole in her snout. "And thank you for the compliment, Jazzy! But, I wouldn't be much of a shark if I couldn't swim well!" she says before that big maw gapes open again.
Jazz Jazz begins to float almost immedately then shortly he flips himself over, "AH. I see that you are a heavy hitter. I'll be sure to remember that," he swims over to the console and taps a few buttons releasing the simulation.

The water goes away and all of the mood environment. "Get me a report about everything you can think of huh? Maybe we send a probe first..then maybe a mission."
Skyshredder      The water goes away, and Skyshredder lands on solid ground in shark form for just a moment before floating into the air and transforming to her robot form. She grins proudly and nods. "Very heavy!" she says before smiling. "Report! Right! I..uh...totally know how to file those..." she says to Jazz, then tilts her head in curiousity. "How come command wants to know about Onyx Prime and Chela all of a sudden?" she asks as she walks over to join Jazz by the console.
Jazz Jazz considers Skyshredder for a moment then says, "There is a Decepticon that has arrived on Cyberton that we suspect is from that planet. If they are out there, we would like to find them."
Skyshredder      Skyshredder's eyes widen a bit and she lets out an intrigued 'oooooh' before smiling. "That would be something, wouldn't it? I wonder how they got here? The space bridges aren't working, so...that would be a long flight!" she says, then hmms. "Hey, do you think the Autobots would upgrade my systems so I could swim in space? That'd be cool! mean helpful!"
Jazz Jazz nods to the last question, "Yes. We almost brought him in but I didn't want to make him even more anti autobot."
Skyshredder      Skyshredder blinks in surprise at that. "Wait...there are times when it is better not to attack a Decepticon?" she asks, as if it hadn't occurred to her before. "...Swivel said something about that, too. It is weird not to attack an enemy if there is no ceasefire in effect." she says while stretching her arms over her head.
Jazz "I plan on getting more information from this one. I don't want to be in a position where I am considered unreasonable. You however," Jazz points out. "You can shoot on sight."
Skyshredder      Skyshredder smiles a beaming smile at that...then hmms. "I'm not so good at shooting. Can I bite on sight instead?" she says before snapping her teeth hard enough for them to make a quiet 'clack' noise. "I'm really good at that! Right?"
Jazz Jazz smirks, "Yes. You can bite well," he presses a few more buttons of the wall and says. "Good Spar. Next time I guess we will have to do it in an environment where you are forced to use different tactics. It will be good for you. And yes, find Starlock, if she says that he modification to fly in space is feasible. I'll approve it."
Skyshredder      Skyshredder seems to puff up proudly when Jazz says she can bite well. "Yes, very good spar! Thanks Jazzy! I'll find Starlock right away!" she says, then gives a sloppy salute before running out of the room, her steps causing a bit of a shake each time. "Hey, Mini-meds! Mini-meeeeeds!"

This scene contained 27 poses. The players who were present were: Jazz, Skyshredder