Undergrid Patrol
(2020-02-18 - 2020-02-19)
Autobots and Decepticons run into each other in the Undergrid.
Ravage The maze of tunnels beneath and above the surface of Cybertron are seemingly endless. Partially mapped at best by both Autobot and Decepticon. A myriad of ways back and forth. Both Autobot and Decepticon would sweep them. For an advantage that might be gained over thier enemy; or to deny thier enemy an advantage. These patrols would occasionally run into one another, like sappers digging through the mines and then there would be clashes.
    Ravage is going through the shadows, maneuvering ever so quietly and doing quick leaps from shadow to shadow, only the dim glow of his optics showing his presence
Swivel The things that sometimes crawl about the undergrid can be dangerous. And in most cases, very primitive. Swivel would make a nice snack for some, or just a threat to be chased out of territory. Swivel's continued efforts do present a hazard to her, and there are those who do not necessarily warm to the idea of her heading off into the subterranean mazes on her own. Their opinions are definitely weighed in Swivel's decisions. And her decision was this - what would deter one monster from approaching than an even BIGGER, pinker one? Of course this forces Swivel to keep to the larger tunnels and not map the little nooks and crannies, such as ventilation or maintenance shafts, as thorooughly. But there is some security in having an ally who has more teeth than Swivel can count. Not that she's ever made the effort. Perhaps she will one day.

"Alright... my last time through here tells me there will be a T-junction up ahead. This time, we're going left." Swivel explains in a soft voice.
Deadlock     Deadlock is down here too, patrolling the area around the base they had just captured in search of any Autobot activity. He's got a recruit with him, the two of them scouring the various surrounding passageways. He notices those glowing optics in the shadows, and immediately figures it's Ravage. Who else skulks around in the dark like that, spying on friend and foe alike?

    He signals the other mech to stop and transform, as he does so himself. "Sooo," he remarks rather loudly. "What's Soundwave up to these cycles huh? Looking for slag on me now too, is he?"
Skyshredder      The big purple and pink shark has been 'swimming' along behind Swivel for a while now, and her shark senses have been lighting up with all the signals of the many things that can be found in the undergrid. Why is she in shark form? Well, instead of all her length being vertical it is horizontal, which allows her to slip more easily through the undergrid. Plus, she just likes being in shark form. Her softly glowing ice blue optics dart about as she follows Swivel, looking to any corners or crannies that her enhanced senses tell her might contain something.

     They focus on Swivel again as she explains their route. "Got it! But, you really don't have to worry about losing me unless you go in a small tunnel. I can track things even in the darkest depths of the Mithril Sea!" Her voice likely carries a good distance, so even if they aren't close to the Decepticon-controlled base she might be heard.
Ravage Out in the shadows, Ravage goes over towards Deadlock, and goes to let out a very, very soft chuckle, "Soundwave of course has his own priorities. If they concern you then you will no doubt be aware of them. He will contact you directly in the matter or have someone of his choosing do so." Ravage doesn't directly answer the question of course.
    "But.. These tunnels lead through areas that have been noted for an.. Increased enemy presence. The potential for them being used for an ambush or traps is.." Right as he hears the sound of Skyshredder and holds up a claw in thought and switches to tightbeam <<So shall we?>>
Swivel Swivel nods her head, smiling, though since she's ahead of Skyshredder, the shark probably doesn't see it. "Of course," she says in a low, whispery voice. She does not want to provoke the sometimes unstable caverns with any loud noises. Although perhaps she is being overly cautious in that regard. "Which is another reason you are handy for this. We can both get around without too much light." Indeed, Swivel's headlights aren't on, the only light she emits is a soft, dim glow from her purple optics.

Swivel pauses, just about to turn at the aforementioned junction. She leans her head to one side, and holds up a hand in a fist, signalling Skyshredder to stop. "I think I hear someone..." Looking back at her maps, it is somewhat close to the area around the outpost, if, indeed, the path she was about to check took a turn to the north. Swivel hesitates, focusing carefully on the accoustics, her enhanced senses able to filter out noise and echo to more accurately pinpoint the source. She then tightbeam Skyshredder. <<"I don't like this. I'm going to hide until we know if they are coming this way, and how many there are. If Decepticons approach, stand your ground, but do not pursue. They may try to lead you into a trap.">>
Skyshredder      Skyshredder skids to a stop in the air as Swivel holds up that hand and blinks a few times. Echos do throw the shark off a bit. She isn't really used to that. But, with Deadlock also being somewhat noisy she at least knows they are not alone. She nods her big shark head at Swivel's orders. <<"Got it! If they do come this way, bite 'em! But don't follow 'em!">> she radios back.

     Then...she just floats there. Anyone coming around the corner of the T-junction would find themselves suddenly face to face with a big something they might be able to tell is a shark depending on how bright it is. And would definitely be able to see the polished hand-sized shark teeth in her big shark grin.
Deadlock     Deadlock scoffs at the comment about Soundwave. "I'm -sure- he would." he says wryly. Then he tenses up a bit. "Speaking of increased enemy presence, I thought I heard something..."

    He motions to the recruit with him to follow and begins to move carefully toward the sound, until he comes around the corner of the junction and sees Skyshredder. He smirks. "Well well if it isn't the big dumb sea monster lady." he mocks. "What a coincidence that I should run into you while on patrol with Cascade here, given you were the reason he's with us today. I should really be thanking you, shouldn't I?"

    Indeed, Skyshredder might remember the other mech from that day out around the Mithril Sea, which was the last time she'd encountered Deadlock. Except Cascade isn't quite the pathetic Empty he was before...no, he's been outfitted with better armor and weaponry now, but certainly not unrecognizeable.
Ravage Where there is one Autobot, there is often more. One as obvious as the flying sea serpent will not be let out without a superior officer to supervise. So Ravage goes into stealth mode. As Deadlock goes forwards to confront or engage with Skyshredder, Ravage goes to his full cloak mode. He is essentially invisible in the dark tunnels, stalking around and maneuvering with total silence. At home in the shadows.

There is likely no sign of his presence. Whether to optic, audial receiver, or sensors. He's among the sneakiest of the Decepticons for a reason.

Now, to find first whatever Autobots likely wil lbe with Skyshredder.. Just so he can get in a position when he finds them to go in for a quick attack if the opportunity presents itself.
Swivel Indeed. Swivel may not match up to Ravage in moving in stealth. But when it comes to staying perfectly still, wedged in some obscure nook or cranny, optics black as they switch from normal vision to heat-vision, Swivel can hold her own in remaining hidden. She silently observes for the time being, watching how Skyshredder responds to Deadlock's goading.
Skyshredder      Skyshredder just floats there as Deadlock and Cascade come around the corner. She looks them over, then looks at Cascade in particular. "Cascade? You mean that weirdo who for some reason thought going back to the guys who were about to kill him or let him run out of energon was better than going with the femme who saved his life?" She peers at Cascade. "...I guess I can't say too much though. It looks like you didn't kill him or let him run out of energon. What made him suddenly worthy of upgrades and refueling? I'd have thought you'd have sent him to be gladiator fodder after he not only ran from the Decepticons but was there when a Decepticon got..." She grins and looks to Deadlock again. "...chewwed up and spit out like unusable scrap."

     As she is speaking, her eyes seem to be scanning the area. Her eletromagnetic senses are tingling! Then...they dart in a particular direction, in another direction, then back to Deadlock. <<"Hey! Someone else about your size is hiding around here! It feels sort of like that cat-bot I bit before!">> she radios to Swivel.
Ravage Oh slagging lovely. There's a flash over as if of pure light as Ravage was detected over by Skyshredder, his position over in the underground apparent. A glow then as his red optics would flash out in the open, and he would hiss. "Then how about we see what you look like when you're made over into scrap, Autobot? I'm more than happy to bring whatever is left of you to Buzzsaw to be made part of his modern art gallery!"

Then Ravage is leaping through the air towards Skyshredder, claws out in a quick pounce attempting to hit over to her shoulder and take a quick chunk of her armor off if he could!
Deadlock     Deadlock laughs mirthlessly. "Oh, I don't know, maybe it had something to do with the fact that you were ready to slaughter me in cold fuel, when I was defenseless, and therefore -you- scared him more than I did--so /un-Prime-like/ don't you think?" he taunts.

    Then Ravage springs from the shadows as is his habit, ambushing the bigger beastformer. He draws his path blaster and fires at her as well.
Swivel Well. That escalated. Almost as soon as Skyshredder notifies Swivel of yet another Decepticon being present, Ravage attacks. Whilst there is a strong temptation to skedaddle and let Skyshredder deal with this, it seems somehow tacky to leave her ally without some sort of leadership. Swivel lurches out of her hiding place, whip in hand, the darkness interrupted by a frenzied storbing of crackling blue light as Swivel lashes out at Ravage in futile defense of her much larger and far more combat capable ally. As the light frames her face, she doesn't look vicious, angry, or scared, but strangely, disappointed.
Skyshredder      Suddenly, a cat leaps at Skyshredder! Except, it isn't so sudden as far as she's concerned. Plus he totally announced himself! A small scratch appears in Skyshredder's skin when Ravage attacks, and a small hole when Deadlock does. Swivel gives an order, and then a counter-order. "If you ask me it is weird to be scared of strength, especially if that strength is being used to protect you. But, if you want to get a few more shark teeth lodged in you, that's fine with me~"

     And, probably much to no one's surprise, the big shark lunges forward and tries to lodge those teeth in Deadlock. Ravage is apparently Swivel's target, and Cascade hasn't done anything to get attacked yet. After biting Deadlock, Skyshredder lets go and backs away just a bit. "Well, if you were scared before when I wasn't even after you, Cascade...are you even more scared now? I don't really want to bite someone I helped protect, but...I mean if you chose to be a Decepticon I'll probably end up biting you."
Ravage This is rather undignified even as Ravage would go to leap out of the air, going to slash over at Skyshredder in passing, probably doing litlte more than lightly scratching her at most or taking a chip of paint off. And then he's flanked over by one of those Autobots that he had been sure wa spresent, but that he hadn't bothered to notice over while he was on the attack. So there's a hiss over as that attack goes to strike him, and Ravage is rapidly going to dart along to try and reset his systems.
Deadlock     Deadlock rolls out of the way as Skyshredder tries to chomp down on him. "Too slow!" he taunts, twisting around quickly and going for a weakened spot near where Ravage ambushed her with the barrel of his blaster.

    Cascade sort of just stands there, smirking as he watches the big Autobot struggle against two of his teammates, not yet jumping into the fight. "No, I'm not afraid of you any more. I used to be a weak, helpless fool. But now I have something to fight for."
Swivel Swivel watches as the fight escalates. She'd hoped to secure Ravage as a hostage and means to diffuse the situation. She looks between Skyshredder, Deadlock, and Cascade, and finally back to Ravage, a puzzled expression on her face as the electrical charge from her whip recedes. "...I'm rather disappointed, Ravage. Usually, we could talk - civilized- before resorting to such aggression." Swivel looks thoughtfully over at SKyshredder. But she doesn't have time to ponder in the middle of a fight. Or time for speeches. She considers blinding the mechs here, but they might shoot blindly and create a cave in. A cave in... hmm...

Swivel looks up at the ceiling for a moment or two. "All of you PLEASE!" Swivel says, putting her hands out in a placative manner. "We needn't fight here. It could endanger us all, and we'd all be at a loss for it. Would it not be prudent for all of us to withdraw before we create a disaster?"
Skyshredder      Skyshredder chomps down and...doesn't taste anything. She looks over as Cascade says he isn't afraid. "...really? Why?" she asks Cascade before moving in on Deadlock again. But, rather than bite him again she moves to try and crush him against a wall before grinding him into it with her bulk. "Well, whatever the reason, I'm glad! If you want to fight then I'm up for it! Maybe you'll find out why you should be afraid of me even more when you are actually my enemy!"

     She doesn't really realize what Swivel said until after she smashes into one of the walls. The shark blinks, then turns so she can see Swivel. "...did you hear that?" she asks.
Ravage The shaking of the area gets Ravage's attention. Unstable tunnels are never a good thing. So he's going to dart around over while there's at least a little bit of coverage for it and takes the moments as the tunnel would quake to reset his systems quickly, maneuvering rapidly to a position where he could put Deadlock between him and Skyshredder while calling out, "You might wish to tell your comrade that same thing, Autobot!" But.. Ravage at least is not attacking. But he's not telling Deadlock to stop either
Deadlock     Deadlock gets slammed into a wall, although he manages to somewhat get out from under Skyshredder's charge. Still, a shoulder is caught. He glares at her. "Glitchead, didn't you hear what your own comrade just said?" He jerks away from her when she turns toward Swivel. "If you want to get yourselves killed, I won't complain. I have better things to do than tussle with micro-processors. Come on, Cas."

    Then he turns and transforms, taking off along with the new recruit.
Swivel "Yes, Skyshredder, I did hear that," Swivel says as calmly as possible, although there might be just a slight tic under her left optic. She just nods to Ravage, rather than get indignant at his remark. Furthermore, the urge to question whether the shark heard her warning is suppressed as it will just waste time. "We need to be careful - you could cause a cave-in ramming into walls like that." Swivel keeps her hands out, no weapons drawn, in that same placating manner as before. "So let's just all agree to back away and we can all live to fight another day..."

And Deadlock and the new recruit head off. Swivel waves them bye-bye, then turns to Ravage who is now outnumbered, optic ridges raised and an all-too-pleasant smile on her face, as those open hands clasp together, thumbs twiddling, awaiting his decision.
Skyshredder      Ravage didn't leave, but Swivel doesn't want them to fight anymore. Skyshredder turns to face the much smaller beastformer and grins her sharky grin. "So...why aren't you leaving? Your support just ran off. Swivel thinks we should all withdraw. But...I don't really like to leave unless all the enemies have. So, if you aren't going to run...I assume you want to keep fighting!"

     And...since Swivel only suggested they not fight but didn't order it...well, the big shark moves in to chomp on the elusive cat! Swivel did say at one point that she wanted him captured!
Ravage While Ravage might have been under possible circumstances willing to entertain the notion of a mutual disengagement, particularly when the tunnel is this unstable, the mere fact that now the other Autobot is attacking him gets a pained his as she goes to chomp on him. There's a loud howl of pain over and goes to dart away as Ravage races towards the shadows if he can. Then, one of those ever so nasty rockets from his flank is fired up.. Not over at Skyshredder, not over at Swivel.. But at one of those unstable bits of rock that is cracking in the tunnel. Technically he isn't shooting at her either! So he's holding up his end of the deal!
Swivel As Skyshredder mouths off at Ravage, she is hoping it's just posturing to intimidate him. Still, her hands go out, about to protest. But then it is too late. She's attacked Ravage and chaos ensues, as he fights back. Swivel isn't at all surprised when the heat seeking missile whizzes past her and sharply loops upwards to the very spot on the ceiling she had been eyeing. "RETREAT! THAT IS AN ORDER!" Swivel shouts. She doesn't waist any time in transforming, and Swivel begins ripping off as a series of rumbles and groans can be heard and mild tremors felt amidst the walls and floors.
Skyshredder      Skyshredder waits to be hit by that missile, but instead it flies to hit the tunnel itself! "Hey! What kind of weak attack is that? Don't you have any warrior's pride?" she says to Ravage as she starts toward him again. But, Swivel calls out in an actual commanding tone and with an official order, and Skyshredder lets out a soft pouting groan. "Yes, ma'am..." she says like a child that has had a toy taken away.

     But, she can't quite resist flicking her tail at Ravage as she turns to leave. She is still leaving, really!
Ravage The slash of pain that goes through Ravage from the slash by Skyshredder is accompanied over by a howl of pain, "I'll remember this, Autobot!" Putting an edge of betrayal over it and added agony as he puts up that 'vibe' of having been betrayed as he would run away over to the shadows to try and flee!
Swivel Vroom vroom. Swivel had expected a cave-in to be hot on her heels. Er. Wheels. Instead there's a bunch of noise and nothing crashes. Somehow. But she does hear the yowl from Ravage. <<"Skyshredder...">> Swivel begins her reproach. But then she sighs. Nothing is caving in. And it would seem that Swivel will have to learn to be more explicit with Skyshredder in the future, deciding that Skyshredder's behaviour was more of a failure of Swivel's own leadership than a problem with the shark's attitude. <<"...thank you for covering my retreat. But let's get away from here as quick as possible.">>
Skyshredder      With her little kick of the cat done with, Skyshredder follows after Swivel quickly enough. <<"Anytime! ...wait, was that what I was doing?">> she says as she follows along. She also giggles at Ravage. "I'd be disappointed if you didn't!" she calls back to him as they go in opposite directions.
Ravage The tunnel shakes, rattles, and quakes, but seemingly does not collapse. And what is going to be defined in a (non-biased) after action report would be likely dubbed 'mutual disengagement' and the tunnel marked as unstable for any future mapping.
    The cat is gone. The cat-lamity shall be retaliated against both Autobots later. The Kitty shall have his revenge.
Swivel Swivel keeps a steady speed as she retraces where they'd come from, navigating with little to no effort. <<"Sure. Covered my retreat. But in the future, wait until you are ordered to cover my retreat. I won't begrudge you your enthusiasm or initiative, but if I am trying to stop a fight, I need you to stop fighting too. Otherwise it makes me look like I can't be trusted. Do you understand?">>
Skyshredder      Skyshredder stays right behind Swivel as they go, but blinks in surprise at the explanation. <<"Oh! I'm sorry! I figured when he didn't leave that he wanted to keep fighting! I like fighting~ But, yes I understand! I'll try to pay more attention in the future.">> As they keep going, Skyshredder realizes that Swivel can't really go as fast as the shark can, so...she scoots forward and starts pushing Swivel forward with her big pointed snout. <<"You're too slow, ma'am!">>
Swivel Swivel continues along at a pace comortable to her now that they seem to be out of the danger zone. <<"Good, I am glad you understand.">> Swivel says, deciding to just leave matters there. However, that comfortable pace she had adopted apparently isn't quite fast enough for The Sky shark. And in an endeavor to be VERY HELPFUL, Swivel feels something pushing against the rear, forcing her wheels to go faster. At first her reflex is to put on her brakes, which just causes her tires to roll up onto Skyshredder's nose, her front tires barely still touching the ground. Then, realizing what is going on, h er brakes release and her gears shift to accommodate the increase in speed. Swivel decides not to offer any complaint to thi and just murmurs a <<"Thank you.">>. And if Skyshredder doesn't disengage, she'll travel in that awkward way all the way out of the tunnels.

This scene contained 33 poses. The players who were present were: Deadlock, Swivel, Ravage, Skyshredder