Swivel and Swipe
(2020-02-17 - 2020-02-17)
After going form the medical bay from Sideswipe helping comfort Starlock, they run into Swivel
Starlock      Starlock was walking along side Sideswipe trying to quickly dry her optics to keep others from seeing the tears, taking a deep vent, she was headed for her room, needed to get there before she could let anything break.
Sideswipe Sideswipe is going along with Starlock. The mech is putting himself in the line of view of mostly anyone. Of any holocams, of any other sorts of folks passing in the hallway. Anyone glancing his way is given a 'what's it to you' glare and a smmash of fists together
Swivel It had just so happened that Swivel, her mind heavy with several things, had been looking for Starlock. In fact, Swivel had just been at Starlock's door, seeing if she was there, when the weepy procession of two had approached. Swivel turns to the both of them, "Oh Starlock I was j..." she pauses, looking tentatively between Sideswipe, and his attempts to stand between Starlock and herself, and the smaller figure of the femme. "Oh... uh..."

After a moment of mild confusion playing across her features, she commands focus again, glancing past both of the other Autobots and then to Sideswipe. She nods to him in a courteous fashion. She raises her optic ridges for a moment. "I can come back later if that's preferable."
Starlock      Starlock gives Sideswipe a thankful nod, but when she sees Swivel, she takes another vent to calm down. "Ahh, it's okay Swivel, can Join us.. Not often you come to me, so it's likely important." She'd smile lightly, going over and unlocking her door and pushed it open, and gestured for the two to come in. "Heheh..Don't tell Aid about the hidden Enersoda under the berth."
Sideswipe Sideswipe glances over at Swivel, and gives a nod to the femme he doesn't know at most more than in passing, "Works for me." He glances at Starlock, not sure why enersoda is a big deal or not. Then decides with what he normally spikes his drinks with at Maccadams probably isn't the best thing to use as a basis of comparison.

He nods at Swivel, then as the group went into Starlock's room he would take off his position of having been an interceptor for Starlock and would lean against the wall. "It's all right."
Swivel Swivel is a little surprised. She gives Sideswipe another sidelong glance, looking at him from head to toe. She just nods and silently ushers herself into the room rather than dally about in indecision. Her arms are quickly crossed, and she doesn't ake a seat, but rather finds some piece of wall or a shelf to stand with her back against. "I'd have /no/ occasion to put you at the center of the great Enersoda scandal, Starlock," Swivel says with a small smile. She then presses her lips together taughtly, as if unsure whether to begin on her own errand. It seems she lets whatever is on her mind wait, her features softening, particularly about those large purple optics. "Is everything alright?"
Starlock      That gets audible laughter from Starlock, even a snort, as she smile at Swivel, she does close the door though, letting out a sigh of relief. "Yeah... Just needed to get someplace much more private and safe case the water works got bad, I don't wanna stress anyone else out." She'd huff, taking off her goggle-glasses to clean them with a cloth, giving a light nod over to Sideswipe.

     "...I'm not.. sure how to put an explanation of the situation into words at the moment, without it sounding ominuse, other then.. I guess.. I was reminded, that I too, sometimes, need help."
Sideswipe Sideswipe leans back against the wall. "It's all right to cry." He goes to take a moment to reset his optics and they would power down for a moment before flickering back to their normal blue. "And it's okay to ask for help when you need it. And you're allowed to stress out a bit."

The words of Starlock get a very, very faint smile from him before he looks to Swivel again. "It.. Okay to ask a favor?"
Swivel Swivel tilts her head at Starlock. She then nods to Sideswipe's remarks. "Asking for help doesn't make you weak or incompetent. It just means you are wise enough to know your limits." Swivel unfolds her arms, and straightens up, seeming almost as if she were about to walk across the room to approach Starlock, but then she hesitates. She glances over at Sideswipe, tilting her head to one side, optic ridges quirked. "A favour? No trouble in asking. But I won't agree to one before I know it."
Starlock      Starlock nods to Swivel. "I was telling sides here how I... Sometimes forget that." She'd huff, and smiles at Swivel, before glancing at the two with a raised ridge... Oh, right, these two haven't met....Oh no, starlock levels a flat look at Sideswipe.
Sideswipe Sideswipe doesn't particularly know who Swivel is, just that Starlock trusts her. "She needs some folks to reminder her that it's okay for her to cry and she doesn't have to do everything on her own. And she doesn't have to be afraid. I.. Would appreciate it if you can help look out for her and make sure she has it when she needs it."
Swivel Swivel listens to Sideswipes proposal and smiles, as if trying to hold back a small laugh. However, she does manage to keep any snorts or chuckles at bay, but there is some odd amusement in her optics. "Does it count as a favour if you're already invested in the task?" Swivel asks. She then gives a quick little shake of her head, as if to toss aside her mildly glib remark. "I will try to look out for Starlock as long as I'm around. But... I'm not so sure I can agree to the 'not being afraid' thing. I have a healthy respect for fear and its importance in any healthy, well-adjusted individual."
Starlock      Oh okay, no flirting, that makes her relax, and huffs out, crossing her arms. She is in an odd spot now, She wants to say that he (nor Swivel for that matter) Has to do that, but that also sounds.. wrong, rude even, in her helm, but on the other hand, she appreciates it.. So she knows how to go about this, with a huff, she nods, and gives a smile. "...So you know, you two are both adorable and I do appreciate it." she'd smile lightly.
Sideswipe Sideswipe glances at Starlock, "Adorable? That's a new one. DOn't ever say that around anyone else or they'll think that you've taken about as many hits to the head as I normally get." He nods over at Swivel's comment and correction. "Fear happens. Don't let it overwhelm you and break you down. Use it to pump your servos harder and be more alert. To be careful. But it's there for a good reason."
Swivel "Adorable?" Swivel repeats. She blinks a few times. "Goodness. It's been a while since anyone has called me that." Swivel tilts her head back, staring at a non-descript spot on the ceiling for a moment or two. She then looks back to Sideswipe. "Sides... ah, Sideswipe, is it?" It's just as well Starlock had called him 'Sides' earlier, else Swivel may have blundered and called him Sunstreaker. She's not overly acquainted with either. "You really needn't worry too much over Starlock. She's resilient. But everyone has their moments. It's not a breaking point, it's just, well, more of a flushing or purging, really." Swivel then looks Sideswipe up and down for a moment or two. "And who helps you and looks out for you?"
Starlock      Yep, that's how she wins /that/ argument, not rejecting help, but also not putting anything down, despite her own flustered emotions, she's happy to know people care. "I don't know, I'm already considered odd, since I can sit through Sky Lynx's Stories, so I don't think it's too far a stretch." She'd smile with a waving of her hand and a smile, and gives an od to Swivel, it was a good add on, letting sideswipe introduce himself.
Sideswipe Normally Sideswipe might make a joke on Sky Lynx, but now isn't the time. He glances back at Swivel, "Sideswipe. I'm Sunstreaker's brother." That's really the first bit that comes out that will probably have any meaning over to Swivel. "And yeah, she picks up all of us off the battlefield and puts us back together. We have to make sure we can do the same if she needs it. And we all need sometimes a chance to restart and get some steam out of our systems."
Swivel "Indeed... Starlock is rather irreplaceable." Swivel remarks. She gives Starlock a careful look over, then looks back to Sideswipe.

"Well, as you already gathered, I'm Swivel. A..." she loks to Starlock for confirmation, "...friend of Starlock's." There is some uncertainty in her tone, but she smooths it out with a broad smile. "Brother to no one." She adds that rather needlessly.
Starlock      Starlock was tempted to tease lightly at the hesitation but chooses not too, but gives a nod of confirmation as she comes over and puts and arm over Swivel, giving her something of a light reassuring hug. "Indeed, and we're all irreplaceable." she'd tack on, ensuring they both knew they mattered as well.
Sideswipe Ther'es an ever light smirk from Sideswipe, "I suppose seh is. Not all medics we work with are sane after all. You ever find out where Ratchet had his energon still?" The young warrior deadpans lightly.

"Trust me, you don't want to be brother to Sunstreaker. Kinda leave it at that." He moves out of teh way as Starlock gives a hug to Swivel. "And nice to meet you Swivel. What's your function?"
Swivel Swivel returns the hug with a counter-squeeze reflexively. "All sparks are irreplaceable." Swivel adds, arm slung about Starlock's shoulders briefly before falling away.

Swivel looks over to Sideswipe, opting not to say anything about his brief mention of Sunstreaker, just giving a smight wince-like grin and unilateral shrug. "My function? To be brief, I'm a scout. Would you like my rank and division as well?"
Starlock      Starlock smiles at Swivel and nods to her, letting her own arm drop too once she knew it was good. "Even if I knew, I'd not say anything." She'd grin at Sideswipe, knowing full well it was in his right office drawer, and waited for the two too finish, a much more calm smile on her face thanks to the two.
Sideswipe Sideswipe shrugs to Swivel, "Seemed the simplest way to get ot know you. I mean, I could ask for your Tech Specs but I'm pretty sure only Prowl would go that far. And not like we're ever going to have to work together and if we do someone else wil lbe in charge. Nice to make your acquaintance." Bantering over.
Swivel "But Prowl needn't ask a person's tech specs, he'd just have someone else investigate it for him discreetly, and use it to his advantage." Swivel responds with a small smirk. "As for working together, you never know." Swivel gives a small shrug. "But, yes, nice to meet your acquaintance." Swivel then looks back to Starlock who has gone quiet.
Starlock      "Ruude." Starlock says with a chuckle at what Prowl would do, but honestly, no she agrees, he'd do that. She'd then nod. "Aaaand with that, thank you, both of you." She'd say. "....I really appreciate having both of you, and Sky Lynx, to talk too." She'd smile.
Sideswipe Sideswipe smiles, "Hey, you're worth it. Rememer, you have Bots to lean on and you don't hae to go through it alone." He would shift over to glance at Swivel. "Nice to meet you as well. Figure at some point we'll be a random group hitting a Con outpost together."
Swivel Swivel looks at Starlock a moment longer and then nods. "I think, that is our cue to leave and give Starlock some alone time," she says, looking over to Sideswipe.
Starlock      Starlock smiles, before pausing, her finials twitching upward." Oh, Swivel, you said you where looking for me?" Quickly before it slips her mind, Swivel had come to her for a reason after all!
Sideswipe Sideswipe nods at Starlock and Swivel. "Yeah, I can head out if you two want to talk in private and don't want me in the way." He would offer.
Swivel Swivel looks between Sideswipe and Starlock. "Oh I don't mean to chase anyone away. And the matter I wanted to discuss, well, it isn't urgent. Perhaps some other time would be more appropriate." Swivel rubs the back of her head.
Starlock      "...If you're sure.." starlock says, before she remembers something and squints. "...Oh I also think Blurr has been replaced by aliens." she says as if that was normal.
Sideswipe Sideswipe shrugs, "Eh, not important. If you don't mind me staying, sure. If not.. Well, I've not exactly got anything else goin gon. And if it's femme business not sure I want to ge around."
Swivel Swivel puts her hands up suddenly at the mention of Blurr. "Woah - okay - I really don't want to know. I don't want to get sucked in and end up back where - where things were before."

Swivel glances over at Sideswipe, optics ridges knitting together in perplexity for a moment or two before one optic brow raises questioningly. "What business would a femme have that a mech wouldn't?"
Starlock      "Right, sorry, forgot about that in all the weird stuff that's been going on." Starlock cringes, before looking back to Sideswipe and raises an optic ridge. "...Yeah, what would they?" says the medical officer.
Sideswipe Sideswipe shrugs, "Never mind." He would deadpan, "I dunno, stuff about -feelings-." HIm managing just -quite- that level of 'completely sincere' in his response while leaning back.
Swivel Swivel just nods to Starlock and doesn't say anything more about Blurr, just smiles in thanks ofher dropping the matter. And there is some relief that Sideswipe doesn't ask questions. "Oh yes. Those -feelings-." Swivel repeats. She pushes out her chin a little and nods. "Of course, I understand how very uncomforable and unmechly those can be. I wouldn't burden you with such." She then gives Starlock a sideglance with two quick optic quirks.
Starlock      Starlock raises an amused optic ridge. "Oh.. OH yes, those /totally/ clinically proven feelings." Starlock nods sagely, trying not to crack a smile. "Unless, you have these feelings, Hmmmm?" she says leaning forward. Run sides, run.
Sideswipe Sideswipe goes to pff, "Of course I do. Just I'm pretty sure that you don't want me going on about how -great- I am in front of you two. I have feelings. Mianly about how great I am." Him going over to a pose that's more akin to something Hot Rod would do.
Swivel "My, my, you think those of us, enchanted by Sky Lynx's stories, could possibly be bored by your grand feelings?" Swivel gives Starlock another sidelong glance, keeping a straight face. "But, Sideswipe, we didn't ask if you had feelings at all, but -these- feelings. The very feelings us femmes have in such intolerable droves to make us seem so irrational."
Starlock      Starlock couldn't hold it back, a /large/ sharp denta-filled grin forms on her face and she lets out something of a manic witches laugh through her denta! "Oh.. Ohh do you know?" She'd muse, leaning forward with a thumb and finger on her chin.
Sideswipe Sideswipe pffs, "Fine, so you femmes can go the route of -appreciating- me then if that's a good set of them." He goes over to flexing his pistons over like he was Sunstreaker, playing it up. He whispers, "Just don't tell Sunstreaker."
Swivel Swivel waves a hand dismissively, then points to one corner of her mouth and slowly traces along the contour of her lips to the other side, making a slight hissing sound. "My lips are sealed." She says with confidence. Just then Swivel finally takes a seat on the couch, one tucking her legs under and purposely nudging the hidden enersoda even further under. She places her hands on either side of her and looks up, smiling vapidly.
Starlock      Starlock shakes her head, grinning widely. "Of course~ I've yet to tell a secret." Starlock smiles, half-joking as she takes a seat and actually offers one the sodas to them both. "...This is nice." Starlock say with a smile.
Sideswipe Sideswipe grins at Swivel, making a show of it, "Why thank you. NIce to know my talents are appreciated." Sideswipe promises and takes the ener soda. Looking at Swivel curiously, "So.. What did you want to ask about?" HE inquires to the Scout.
Swivel Swivel puts a hand up in polite refusal when offered an enersoda. "It is nice."

She then looks over to Sideswipe. She folds one leg over the other and clasps her hands together, resting them atop her knee. "A private matter, as well as a few questions I'd hope a medic would know the answer to."
Starlock      "If they're those kinda questions, I'd certainly hope a medic and doctor would know them too." Starlock nods in agreement, smiling as she nods and opens said soda for herself. "But if you are feeling like it be better just between the two us, I can wait." She'd smile.
Sideswipe Sideswipe nods, "If it's private more than happy to leave. It's not particularly like I have any pressing need to stay around. She's feeling better, think I'm done here."
Swivel Swivel stands up again, putting out a hand to Sideswipe. "Well if you are leaving, let me say again it was nice to meet you. And give you fair warning. If we do end up on a mission together, I may seem very different. I keep things professional when on duty as much as possible, so do not take it to spark if I come across as cold or strict."
Starlock      "Fairly we're all just trying to live." Starlock says plainly in response to that... Cept Blurr and hot Rod, their personalities don't change on the field.
Sideswipe Sideswipe glances at Swivel, "PRimus, you can't be that bad. You're not Grimlock, you're not Maximus, and you're not Magnus."
Swivel Swivel claps and then points to Starlock. "Exactly."

Swivel studies Sideswipe for a moment or two. "I read reports." Swivel gives a meaningful pause there. "Just let me assure you, I will be in opposition to most dumbaft maverick schemes that prize gusto and half-forged heroics over strategy and discerning judgment, and any breach of protocol on the field will be included in my reports." Swivel then smiles sweetly. "With that said, have a nice cycle."
Starlock      Starlock just gives an amused grin and looks back to Sideswipe. "Good luck friend." Starlock chuckles to Sideswipe, considering what he and Hot Rod got her into.
Sideswipe Sideswipe glances over at Swivel, "So? I'd do that anyways. And it'd be reported anyways. And really, do you think at this point anyone is going to not do it when I'm out in a fight?" That's not gonig to help! He just takes it as encouragement. A wave over to STarlock. "Take care."
Swivel Swivel listens to Sideswipe and shrugs lightly. Once he's gone, she gives another shrug and looks over at Starlock. "Well, I just didn't want him to get the wrong impression. It's happened before where someone thought I was /mad/ at them because I was adhering to the rules." Swivel sits back down. "But that's neither here nor there..."
Starlock      Starlock nods at that. "...He's oddly reasonable, and mature for having the same level of self-control as Hot rod." Starlock would muse looking at the door, before looking back. "So.. s'up?"
Swivel Swivel nods her head. "You don't say. Well." Swivel isn't sure what more to say on the matter until she's had more opportunity to observe Sideswipe. She leans back a bit, her tires pressing against the back of the couch and stares at the ceiling for a moment or to.

"Well, let's get the light stuff over with. So. I tend to have issues with FIM chips, in that they don't respond well to my energon efficiency and conservation systems. So I tend to be a bit of a lightweight when it comes to engex. Which is... sometimes a bit of a hazard for me. I don't suppose there is any sort of powder or substance one could discreetly tap into a drink to bring down it's potency? I mean, maybe this is a question more for a chemist, but I figured you had a broad range of info at your disposal, you might be a good place to start."
Starlock      Starlock taps her hip metal and thinks. "Good question, it would mainly have to deal with the additive chemicals used that cause overcharging and intoxication, but there maybe a powder additive to bring it down, better question is, how /hard/ would it be to find, and know it's not a scam, or something like sodium silicate." Starlock says as she brings up her fingers as she spoke.
Swivel "So you wouldn't know anything on hand? Alas. Well, if you learn of anything, let me know. I'll just have to continue to be very careful. Did I ever tell you about the time when my drink was drugged? Took me a long time to even touch engex again." Swivel crosses her arms over her chest. "But sometimes, you need to be able to hold your own. Some folk get suspicious of light drinkers, you know?"
Starlock      Starlock pauses in thought a moment.. Wait, didn't Swindle say she didn't' like drinking, and squints a moment.. But this past drugging does add credence to that nd she nods in understanding. "Nah, you've not told me, only mentioned you didn't like drinking, which, fairly, I don't ether, but.. These bots sometimes." She sighs, remembering how She and Hoist where basically taking shots at her Flask BECAUSE of Hot Rod and Sideswipe. "They do?" She'd ask with a raised ridge.
Swivel Swivel nods her head, leaning forward a but. Her arms unfold and instead her forearms rest on her knees, hands lightly touching each other but not quite clasping. "Sure. If someone is drinking heavily, they feel someone who doesn't drink either looks down on them, or wants to try and hold them at a disadvantage. Some people don't like the inequal footing. Not to mention the etiquettes surrounding accepting or declining engex in various situations. But that is neither here nor there. I just... have my reasons for wanting to freely drink socially, but without the loss of my inhibitions."
Starlock      Starlock ahs. "Peer pressure, mmmm" She'd bite her lip. "I've had attempted to kick Darkstar in the face a few times for trying to pressure Aid into heavily drinking after he says no." She'd say with a bit of annoyance. ".... I mean I could suggest turning your chip off, or disabling it.. but that's a bit more dangerous since you wouldn't know when you've taken too much." She'd hem. "I'll need to do some research."
Swivel "Ah, peer pressure can be problematic. But that isn't it either. Not directly." Swivel leans forward even more, reaching a hand up to stroke her chin. "More understanding the way people think and how to be diplomatic - or at least the appearance..." Swivel sighs and raises a hand. "You knwo what? Nevermind. Probably a dumb idea. It'd be dishonest..."
Starlock      Starlock hems. "Well it's not totally dishonest... Though people would probably question why you're doctoring it." She'd hem putting her hand too her chin. "....Ask Ratchet, he might actually know more about this." Just don't call him the party ambulance!
Swivel Swivel nods slowly. "Ah, I see... maybe I will ask him. And I meant to add this without being noticed. But... I am just trying to build my arsenal so to speak, but hopefully, won't have to resort to such measures." Swivel sighs looking up at the ceiling. "Speaking of lining one's arsenal, say someone needed to pretend to be dead for a bit..."
Starlock      Starlock raises a ridge. "Well that escalated quickly." She'd note, but is listening, but at the same time, giving a questioning ridge raise as to why.
Swivel Swivel taps her fingers lightly on her thigh, pausing. "...well, how would one accomplish that?" Nope, no explanation is given. "I mean, for a short term, and able to come back from it. Just - you know - as a contigency."
Starlock      Starlock squints more, on one hand, she's not okay with drugging others or tricking people with death, on the ooother.. Prowl, that alone explains /a lot/ of things. "....There are.. a /few/ things that could drop a sparks frequency low enough to register as burned out." She'd hem. "and cause temporary color loss."
Swivel Swivel nods. "How risky and how difficult are these substances or methods to come by?" She has her hands clasped tightly together now, perhaps to keep herself from fidgeting. Yup. It's perfectly normal to discuss faking a death.
Starlock      Starlock taps her fingers against her lips. "...This seems like something Jazz may have, as well as something they'd a sign to wrecker units." She'd murmur in thought. "Their mostly just scary, as they could leave you incapacitated for a bit of time and thus leaving you at the mercy of those around you, so there's the danger in that, and taking too much as always." Starlock would frown. "You okay?"
Swivel Swivel nods her head. "Yeah... of course it would require a lot of trust in having someone who could keep me safe. I mean, there's the risk of being incinerated, recycled, flsuhed into space, dismantled, or just blasted a few times to make sure I am dead..." Swivel sighs and looks around. "Which is why it would likely be plan K."
Starlock      Ah, that... Starlock gives a understanding nod, and hems, looking down at her hands. "Hopefully the other plans wont fail before getting to that one." She'd nod.
Swivel "I know, I'm being horribly cryptic, but it's really better that way. See... sometimes you prepare for something that might not ever happen - and to get too many people expecting something or worrying themselves over a neurotic imagining, well, that just isn't fair. Or efficient. But if things get real, if the trouble escalates, I will tell you more then."
Starlock      Starlock gives a nod in understanding and takes a vent. "Alright, trust you on that." She'd smile. "I'll do my best to help."
Swivel Swivel nods and sighs. "I, uh, think I should go."
Starlock      "Alright, if thats all." Starlock says, trying to ensure there was nothing else.
Swivel Swivel nods her head. "That's all for now." Swivel says as she raises to her feet. "And I do hope you feel better." Swivel turns towards the door to see herself out.

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