Pillow Fight
(2020-02-17 - 2020-02-17)
Blast off and Goth acknowledge they have a friendship, then Vortex shows up and a pillow fight ensues.
Goth      Goth was down in his pillow nest, trying to recover after that insanity was yesterday, keeping that cube clutched in his claws still.. he was curled into a rather well shaped ball there in the pillows, his ears twitching at any noise, for the moment now, he was paranoid.
Blast Off Blast Off still sits nearby, having followed the bat down earlier. He made a promise to Ravage to keep an eye on Goth and and he was going to keep it. He is still reading his datapad- having probably made it through one novel and maybe onto the second by now- when he looks up at Goth's ear twitch. He doesn't say anything, just looks.
Goth      Goth would eventually let out a squeaky yawn before lifting his helm and looked around spotting Blast Off, he was still there, that was a slight surprise, not a bad one but still one. "Ah.. Still down here I see." He'd say, clearing his voice box. "That or was I not in recharge long?" What time was it anyway?
Blast Off Blast Off lets out a soft huff, glancing back down to his datapad. "Half a cycle. You needed the recharge." He looks back up. "I made a promise to keep an optic on you, so... here I am."
Goth      Goth grunts at the mention of time, before settling himself back into the pillows, but in a manner where he's facing Blast Off, something in his helm was making both surprised and not, that Blast off would keep such a promise, he was grateful though, Last thing they needed Phantom just phasing in out of the blue during recovery like this, he'd chuff.

     Goth would be silent a moment before finally speaking. "...Thank you, for the response the other day, I.. cannot recall if I've said such."
Blast Off "You did," Blast Off answers quietly, his typical rather blank expression apparent as he gazes over at the bat. The shuttleformer nods. "You're welcome." He places the datapad on his lap and glances to the door. "Wouldn't do to have a good medic get captured by the Autobots, after all. Besides, I think it might distract Dustoff and then what would the rest of us do if we got damaged, right?" He lifts an optic ridge, just the slightest hint of good-natured humor now wafting through his tone.
Goth      Goth gives an amused grin. "You'd be left at the hands of Shockwave, which I'm sure no one wants." Goth chuckles, before he grunts, finally pushing himself up, and stretching lightly, attempting to /not/ break the welds, grunting.
Blast Off Blast Off seems to grin behind his faceplate. "Precisely. Why allow such horrors come to pass? Obviously, the only solution was to pull you out of there before I got stuck with being the one telling Dustoff you'd gone missing." He chuckles softly before glancing back to his datapad. He waves his spare hand, "Besides, I think this means you owe me now.~"
Goth      Goth chuffs. "Oh please, I'm sure you'd of loved to seen the disaster Dustoff would of unleashed on the bots." Goth chuckles as he starts limping his way over, and lets out a playful scoff. "Oh, not discount do to being friends?" He asks with a raised ridge, but still smiling.
Blast Off Blast Off finds himself grinning under the faceplate again. "Well, that *would* have been a sight to see, admittedly." He chuckles again, shaking his head, and gestures up towards the door. "Well, I mean, if you *want* the Autobots to take you prisoner so Dustoff will have to put on a grand rescue, I won't stop you. Smelt, I'll even film his fury for you to behold later." He chuckles softly again, then relaxes. "But it... might be a better idea just to wait for Dustoff here, and you can enjoy the whole reunited thing *without* as much pain involved."

He looks back at the bat, lifting an optic ridge. "No discounts." He looks away, then tilts his head and makes a "small" gesture with his fingers. "Ok, maybe a *small* discount."
Goth      Goth chuckles as he takes a seat beside Blast Off and shakes his helm. "I can agree to that, rather do that without all the fire." Goth huffs, still remembering the fact Jazz threatened him with a freaking /flamethrower/ of all things. "Evnen I wouldn't be as low to do such a thing to point a flamethrower at a highly flammable bot, unless it was greatly warranted, but /still/ the nerve." Goth says with a squint.

     He'd glance back up to Blast off and smile. "...I can accept that." Goth smiles with a raised ridge, before falling into silence a moment, looking to be struggling with his words, after all it been how many vorns since he had friends?! Fact they came for him and not Phantom said a lot.
Blast Off "I know, right?" Blast off does NOT bring up the fact that he was ready to start using his own flamethrower to fight fire with fire. Hey- close quarters and more than one opponent- time to use the area-ranged weapon! He settles into his chair, looking over and seeing Goth on the verge of saying something. Indeed, there were quite different responses to Goth and Phantom's fates.

Not that Blast off is even quite sure *what* it was in Phantom's case... as far as he knows the Seeker could pop in any moment with another crazy plot to kill the medic. Yep, he's going to be here awhile more. He doesn't say anything, but he does lift an optic ridge in a questioning look.
Goth      Goth places a hand over his face plate and mutters in Eukarin, before he glances up at the shuttle and huffs, taking a moment to stand himself up and put Blast off in a one armed hug before letting go, after all he's /way/ more used to Vortex being the touchy one.. He'll let that gesture speak for itself though, before crossing his arms to sit on his haunches.
Blast Off Blast Off looks up and... oh. Oh no. Is he...? The shuttleformer's optics widen and pale as he gets enveloped in a one-armed bat hug. He sputters, a high-pitched surprise of a huff coming from his vents as he freezes in the embrace. When Goth pulls away he's still obviously flustered, wing elevons twitching once or twice, optics still wide, and he stares at Goth. Then... slowly, he starts to relax, even as a slight blush might be evident under that faceplate. He brings a hand up to awkwardly scratch at his helmet, looking away.

Blast Off is NOT used to displays of affection or how to deal with them except possibly with other Combaticons. And even *then* it's awkward. Not that he *dislikes* such things but.... admitting it is another matter. "Glad to-to help..." He stutters finally.
Goth      There was a stifled snicker from Goth at Blast Off's reaction, but it was mostly, to also deal with the matter that Goth was trying to suppress his own embarrassed response.. which mostly showed by his fur standing up, Goth doesn't look right at Blast Off, stead mostly just looking away with his own slight blush, and crossed arms, and nods. "Indeed... We never speak of this, I am.. not used to such outside of Dustoff, or the occasional private tacklings from Vortex." Goth says.
Blast Off Blast Off suddenly laughs- likely a release of tension- at the mention of Vortex. "Ahh, yes, that rotary is much more... um. Demonstrative. Usually enough for all the rest of us Combaticons." He grins under his faceplate and looks to Goth. "Agreed." He chuckles again, scratches at his helmet, then drops his hands down to rest in his lap with his datapad. "You and I likely both... have reputations to maintain, after all."
Goth      Goth is unable to hold is own expression and also breaks into laughter and shakes his helm. "It's not that it is appreciated just.. Yes, he is quite the affectionate one, and I have not had much time to adjust once more to contact." Goth chuckles, and nods. "Indeed... Would be unbefitting if they knew we where /that/ soft under all that gruff." He'd smile.
Blast Off Blast Off nods... Vortex is a handful, alright. "Things are never dull with him around, certainly." He chuckles- and then *huffs* and attempts to put on that hauhgty expression again, though it's softened with good-natured bemusement. "Speak for *yourself*!," he declares, his tone more amused than harsh. "I am a cold and fierce Combaticon warrior. Not soft at all! Hard as a forged diamond!" And those certainly haven't been *romance* novels he's been reading all night, either!
Goth      "He does keep things interesting to say the least." Goth nods in agreement, before grinning once more. "As much as I'd love to refute such claims, I'm quite sure, compared to me, you do look as cold steeled." Goth snorts, knowing he has a /slight/ reputation with how he gushes about Dustoff.
Blast Off Blast Off nods, then clenches a fist and curls his arm. SO MACHO. So TOUGH. "Indeed.~" He finds himself chuckling again, settling in, then considering something. He takes a wine bottle out of subspace (he's always got one in there, naturally), then takes out two glasses. "Wine?" he asks Goth.
Goth      "I will gladly accept being the softer one, due to how much I adore Dusty." Goth smiles at Blast off with a tilted helm, before pausing. "I wouldn't be opposed.. I believe all the pain medications have filtered out of my system by now." He'd muse as he went over to his supply closet, and getting a pair of glasses out.
Blast Off Blast Off smiles quietly, nodding. He adores Onslaught, too, but... he's much more reserved about showing it. The Combaticons have that tough-guy image to maintain, after all. "Good." He pours the bat a glass, then one for himself, and lifts it in a toast. "To the long and continued ...happiness of... those we adore." Which hopefully includes the long and continued happiness of the ones *they* adore, too.
Goth      "Yes~" Goth says as he lifts to that toast and chuckles, finding himself /relaxed/ for a change. "...Hmph, know despite it all, I think this is the most relax I've been without Dustoff around, Phantom is likely to pop out of the walls at any moment to ruin it though, so I suggest enjoy, while it lasts."
Blast Off Blast Off clinks the glass and then takes a sip, nodding. "I'm pleased," he comments. Nice to be with someone you feel relaxed around. He finds he is fairly relaxed himself. He snorts softly, giving a sharper nod. "Oh, I understand completely. Well..." he swishes the wine in his glass, "Maybe. Did you know he's gone off with some unknown character who claimed to "have answers for him"? He's a traitor... was trying to get a meeting with Optimus Prime himself, then taken off to smelt knows where. I *hope* that's the last we ever see of him." HUFF.
Goth      "Oh lovely." Goth says dryly with a roll of his optics. "Or it's some haired brain scheme he didn't' get signed off on, much like Darkstar." Goth groans. "Please knowing Phantom, it won't be, much to our misery and my ill fated luck."
Vortex Vortex knocks on the door. "Goth are you in here? Feeling better? Um. I was wondering if I could borrow your pillows. I've so got a headache tonight."
Blast Off Blast Off sighs. "Indeed." He lifts the glass. "Yet another reason to stick around until you're at 100%, no? Just in case. I almost hope he does, I can finally *shoot* him." Then suddenly - there's Tex. The shuttleformer tilts his head, then goes back to sipping his wine. "WE are in here. I've been keeping watch since last cycle."
Vortex Vortex blinks "Oh.." he chirps. "Goth has a new conjunx?" there he goes.
Goth      "Which I greatly appreciate, I wouldn't put it passed him to attempt to kill me while injured." Goth huffs, before his ears twitch to the door, and presses a button, letting the chopper in. "Hello Vortex, we were just speaking of you." Goth chuckles, still looking rough from the other day... Goth gives him a look. "No."
Vortex Vortex grunts "Nothing good I hope?" he says, rubbing his head. "So who are we killin? Darkstar? Im in. But lets kill Phan Phan first hes annoying."
Blast Off Blast Off lifts an optic ridge to Vortex. "What? Of course not... we're just making sure he stays here for the one he has." Then he snorts. "Actually, it IS Phantom we're talking about. He's a traitor... wanted to go speak with optimus Prime himself, then got taken away somewhere with some strange mech claiming to have answers for him. Good *riddance*."
Goth      "I'm /quite/ glad we're on the same page. Goth laughs as Vortex pretty much agrees with their priorities.

     Also, the pillow nest is still freshly warm form Goth.
Vortex Vortex grunts. "Ew. He's gonna give all the intel to Prime. what he thinks hes an Autobot now? Im not sure if I should feel sorry for them or not really." he sees warm pillows and goes to flop in them.
Blast Off Blast Off nods to Goth, eyes Vortex with a slightly bemused expression, and sips some more wine. "Maybe he does. I'd be inclined to say- no, don't feel sorry for him. He was dangerous to have around anyway, tsk, and he may betray anything he knows to the Autobots, given the chance." He shakes his head, settles even more into his chair, and starts reading again.
Goth      "I believe Vortex is saying he feels bad for the Autobots now that the seeker is /their/ problem." Goth chuckles as he glances at Blast Off's datapad, before heading back over to the pillow nest.
Vortex Vortex nods "Thats what I mean. I kinda do. I mean him joining their forces is our best weapon against them."
Blast Off "Oh." Blast Off blinks, "Well then. Agreed," he chuckles. "Let the Autobots deal with him. Good luck," he adds sarcastically, lifting his glass, then drinking from it.
Goth      "I'm a little sad we can't watch all if iacon burn down from trying to deal with Phantoms antics." Goth chuckles as he gets back into the pillow nest, and plops right beside Vortex as he sips on his wine... Yes Vortex, get to touch the bat fur.
Vortex Vortex tucks his rotors down and curls next to Goth, trying not to jab him with them. Those out of control rotors have a mind of their own and need to be contained. "Blast Off. Come join us?" he says. "You guys got an extra glass?"
Blast Off Blast Off eyes the two over there cuddling, and for a moment has a twinge of regret that he's not more comfortable asking for cuddles himself. But- he's not, and he just starts to read when Vortex seems to read his mind. He looks up, optics flickering, and sputters, "Of c-course not. You go ahead," he waves them off, entrenching further into his seat. Then... Oh. He glances up again. I don't have a third glass, no.... Goth? You have any down here?"
Vortex Vortex sighs "Thats okay, I've got my own bottle to drink out of thanks." he pulls a bottle of something in a lead-lined container from subspace. Whatever it is its already eating through the bottom. "This is the good stuff."
Goth      Goth gives pause and actually burrows under the pillows to check, before popping back out, and shakes his helm, and moves to the closet, getting a third, speaking too just what Dustoff and him sometimes due in that pillow nest. "No, but I have a few in my supply closet." He'd say before seeing the flask and.. squints. "...You're ah.. corroding there."
Blast Off Blast Off just shakes his head and goes back to reading his book!
Vortex Vortex blinks "I am arnet I? sorry I should drink this faster. It gets that way if set out." He lowers his mask, knowing Blast Off and Goth have seen him maskless before. "Well. down the hatch." hes not going to /drink/ that is he?
Goth      Goth squints. "What /is/ that?" Part of him wants to know, and the other is scared to find out as the bat approaches and gets into the nest once more. "..And you've been fermenting it?"
Vortex Vortex nods "I have no clue. Got it from some backalley a while b ack said it was good stuff, better if I kept it in subspace for a while."
Goth      Goth sighs. "Vortex, are you sure that stuff is safe?! Do we /have/ to have another repeat of sinnertwin eating a prophex grenade." Goth grones, he still in the pillow nest by Vortex though.
Vortex Vortex chuckles, not yet drinking it yet. "No Im not sure. Whats life without a little risk?"
Blast Off Blast Off lifts his head to just give Vortex a *look* before dipping back down to read.
Goth      Goth gives Vortex that long-suffering, half-lidded pleading look. "Please don't." Goth sighs. "Besides Blast Off has offered some nice wine that likely /won't/ kill you."
Vortex Vortex pauses. "Okay." he puts it back in subspace. "Later." he whispers. "I dont really need to be drinking right now. Im pretty good." he says, sounding content just to be here.
Goth      Goth huffs. "Thank you." he says to Vortex as he gets comfortable there with the rotary, a content rotary, is a happy rotary, and not indulging in masochism rotary.... Besides all the soft and warm pillows are probably doing that. "Just make sure it doesn't leak out on me or the pillows." Goth huffs as he gets himself comfortable there, yawning.
Vortex Vortex likes any sensation he can get and right now hes happy with soft fur and warm pillows. Soft seems to be his thig right now. "Jus tbecuase I like you two okay?" He asks.
Goth      Goth just lets out a content huff and extends a wing over Vortex, yes, they are like this Blast Off, and settles his helm down, he was going to attempt to recharge once more. "Alright." He'd chuckle.
Blast Off Blast Off can just *sense* all this *cuddling* fluff and UGH. The shuttleformer huffs softly, determined NOT to look at the other two. Read read read.
Vortex Vortex just makes happy burbles for a while. "Hes so soft you should feel him."
Goth      Goth chuckles lightly at Vortex, it's hard for him to be angry at the rotary some days, and this was one of them.
Blast Off "NO." Blast Off HUFFs at Vortex, clamping down even more firmly into his chair. NEVARRRR.
Vortex Vortex grunts 'Fine fine. I'll keep the soft batness to myself." he chuckles. "Dustoff's gonna beat the slag outt ame but its worth it."
Goth      "..Maybe sedate and sit on you, but I don't think he'd go /that/ far." Goth chuckles as he yawns again, starting to fall into recharge.
Blast Off Blast Off lifts an optic ridge at Tex. Then, the shuttleformer stands up, turns and strides towards the other two. He looms over them a moment, then sloooowly reaches out towards them......

And snatches a pillow from the pile. With a triumphant flourish he turns around and stuffs it into his chair so he can nestle down and continue reading. Bliss.
Vortex Vortex chuckles. "You know what its time for?" he murmurs. "Pillowfight!" oh theres the rotor. He grabs a pillow and throws it at Blast Off!
Goth      Goth opens his optics and looks over, oh, oh heeelll no. "Ack! hey!" Goth says as he hunkers down more into the pillows, ears falling back.
Blast Off Blast Off gets pelted with a pillow. He snaps his head up and *stares* at Tex, letting out a *hufff* "Oh no you *did NOT* just do that." The sniper states, then raises his own pillow.... hesitating since it's the only one he has but.... *smack*
Vortex Vortex chuckles. "I did!" he bops Goth softly with another pillow to instigate him as well and then baps Blast off with it. "We got all the ammo! If you want more you'll have to join us."
Goth      Goth lets out and amused 'oof' Now, he was tempted, veeery tempted, but he also glances down to his welds and back up at the combaticons, shooould he join in on this silliness and risk breaking something?
Blast Off Blast Off grumbles.... giving Vortex a sour look. There's some hesitation before he lunges forward and grabs another pillow, jerking back and trying to evade Tex as he takes another swing with his 'weapon'!
Goth      Goth lets out a high pitched chirp as he quickly moves to ensure he doesn't get stepped on, but is chuckling. "You're helping put this all back together!" Goth calls to them.
Vortex Vortex is smacked back down into pillows, falling over into the pile chuckling. He tries to grab Blast Off's ankle and drag him in "Ack! Stop winning!"
Blast Off Blast Off huffs at Goth, then gets grabbed by Tex and pulled in. "Ack!! No fair!!" he pounds on Tex with the pillow even as he's dragged in. "I'm not GOOD at this, you know that!!!" Smack smack smack! "I can't help it, I HAVE to win!"
Goth      Goth goes over to the two while their down, with two pillows in hand, annnd.. Well he lightly smacks them both, letting out a slight chuckle.
Vortex Vortex giggles. "You're punching me and you're in the pillows. I think Im winning." Oh dear.
Blast Off Blast Off flails more, smacking them both back with that pillow, then huffs and curls around a pillow to sulk. But... not actually get away.
Vortex Vortex giggles and falls back into the pillows more comfortable then fighting. "Ok ok you both win. We're all winners." he chuckles. "I love these pillows."
Blast Off Blast Off squeezes the pillow tighter, then sighs and relaxes some, rolling into and succumbing to the fluffiness. "....Me too."
Goth      Goth huffs at them both and smiles, he'd collect the pillows back into their collective nest prior and plop down with the both of them, getting comfortable, and attempting to recharge once more. "Hmph.. Yes." He'd chuckle.

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