IDStateOwnerTitleDescriptionDate Finished
1541FinishedKoinoniaNavigating the Warrens Pt 1Hoist goes on an adventure to a new planet called Pova through the portal to the Warrens, Ravage secretly tags along.2020-04-06 04:57:55
1540FinishedSideswipeDon't Do Drugs KidsSideswipe gives the energon recovered from Blurr to Starlock.2020-04-05 06:23:34
1539FinishedBlurrHonesty: The Best Policy?Vulnerable conversations are had.2020-04-05 04:47:03
1537FinishedSideswipeOn the BoozewagonWhile stealing components for booze, Starlock and Ratchet realize Sideswipe is as dumb as Hot Rod.2020-04-04 06:37:30
1536FinishedJurisHow To Impress A RotaryJuris and Impactor spar, and then have a lengthy, private conversation in the decontamination chambers.2020-04-05 00:04:18
1535FinishedSideswipeRelease the WormThe Autobots release the 'captive' Cyberworm and review data taken on it.2020-04-04 00:15:33
1534FinishedJazzWelcome WheeljackNo Description Set2020-04-04 01:23:42
1532FinishedSwivelDamage ControlSwivel interrupts Blast Off's carnage spree in Ibex2020-04-04 01:24:34
1531FinishedSideswipeDon't Make My Circuits SizzleIn which there is some shenanigans in the Medbay. And affection. And nothing Wheeljack touches explodes!2020-04-03 05:48:11
1530FinishedJurisJust Another NightBlast Off, Ramp, and several Autobots gather at Maccadam's after dark.2020-04-02 15:37:35
1529FinishedKoinoniaDirty Money?A group of Decepticons run into one of the cause's biggest financial supporters, who may harbour a dark secret.2020-04-01 16:37:25
1528FinishedBrawlSwindle R UsSwindle's Used Explosive Emporium Opens. Satisfaction (not) guaranteed.2020-03-31 07:26:43
1527FinishedRavageDecisions Made in DarknessRavage talks to Goth. Each remembers crimes and penance. Goth gives Ravage teh location of Eukaris. Just as Megatron wished.2020-03-31 02:04:00
1526FinishedImpactorMining and DrivingIn which an Autobot reconaissance in the Undergrid runs into a Dweller in the Depths.2020-03-31 01:29:55
1525FinishedSwivelTaste of Bad DecisionsAfter her drunken misadventures in Stanix, Swivel decides to head to medical to get checked out.2020-03-30 06:52:50
1523FinishedPhantomThe WaymakingProject Warrens has climaxed...2020-03-30 19:41:13
1522FinishedBlast OffReality BytesBlast Off tucks Swivel away somewhere safe so she can recover from a hangover... but it's not as safe as he thought. Onslaught is /always/ planning, always looking for an angle, and Brawl just *hates* turbo-rats. Or people who would hurt his bro.2020-03-29 07:01:55
1520FinishedHot RodHoles in NyonHot Rod, Sideswipe and Skyshredder go on an adventure underneath the ruins of Nyon.2020-03-29 04:46:39
1519FinishedSwivelSwivel Is a Bad IdeaSwivel gets drunk and Blast Off tries to talk sense into her.2020-03-28 07:55:42
1518FinishedRavageGiant Purple GriffinIn which Decepticon Command talks about super secret SUPERWEAPONS.2020-03-27 07:05:54
1517FinishedPetroglyphDatelessWhy is the wine gone?2020-03-28 02:48:24
1516FinishedEDIMedical Bay InvestigationAutobots begin to investigate a medical lab theft.2020-03-27 07:59:56
1515FinishedProwlGetting OutProwl and Juris have another talk.2020-03-27 07:22:47
1514FinishedProwlThe DivisionProwl invites Impactor and Swivel to join Division 6.2020-03-26 08:04:53
1513FinishedUltra MagnusThe DebriefingUltra Magnus debriefs Starlock and Juris. Let's just say not everyone was cooperative.2020-03-26 06:17:08
1512FinishedJurisThe PromiseJuris and Impactor discuss what Impactor overhead at the graveyard.2020-03-27 04:03:59
1511FinishedShockwaveDrills and Other Refinements, Part 1Quickswitch, Sideswipe, and Hot Rod plan to infiltrate one of Shockwave's projects, from below.2020-03-26 02:59:58
1510FinishedJazzA Medical PerspectiveDiscussion of Bluur's demotion leads to the beginnings of the plan to Capture Pharma.2020-03-25 21:15:57
1509FinishedJurisGraveyard TalkProwl shows some more emotion when he runs into Juris at the graveyard. Impactor observes.2020-03-25 07:08:54
1508FinishedRavageCreature FeatureIn which Blast Off brings intelligence on Phantom to Ravage, and Ravage probes further.2020-03-25 01:18:13
1507FinishedSideswipeTraining in TrenchesIn which the Autobots do a training simulation of clearing trenches.2020-03-25 01:08:08
1506FinishedProwlUnder PressureJazz finds out that Prowl actually does get emotional sometimes...2020-03-24 05:43:56
1505FinishedSwivelKissing the Dirt of the HighroadSwivel meets Blast Off underground to unveil a secret or two.2020-03-23 07:57:02
1504FinishedBrawlJumping at ShadowsIn which Shadowstar has to handle Brawlsitting2020-03-23 01:30:48
1503FinishedPhantomA Visit from the CommanderOptimus, Prowl and Sideswipe pay Phantom a visit at the Rigel IV facility.2020-03-22 23:32:33
1502FinishedImpactorTag Team TrainingJazz, Impactor, and Skyshredder do a training mission of an old Wreckers assault on a space station.2020-03-22 22:02:59
1501FinishedHot RodSkirmish at ToraxxisAutobots attempt recon at the Decepticon base at Toraxxis, but Sideswipe and Hot Rod attend.2020-03-22 20:29:58
1500FinishedSwivelTetheredSwivel tries to talk Blurr out of making a hasty decision while maintaining her own boundaries.2020-03-21 08:12:11
1499FinishedJazzBlurr..Poor Blurr.No Description Set2020-03-21 05:16:03
1498FinishedJurisA Frank ConversationJuris and Magnus talk about the Enforcer's current investigation.2020-03-21 01:52:24
1497FinishedSideswipeIn the Army NowIn which Sunstreaker and Sideswipe brawl, and Blurr's attempt at coming out of his shell are aborted.2020-03-20 05:37:12
1496FinishedBrawlDungeons and DimwitsIn which Brawl and Blast Off avoid giant worms and are saved by Goth.2020-03-19 07:41:00
1495FinishedUltra MagnusA Mass of Red TapeProwl fills Ultra Magnus in about what happened with Pharma, and tries to convince him to abandon the investigation.2020-03-19 06:26:03
1494FinishedSideswipeThrow and GoIn which Ultra Magnus asks Sideswipe for his statements on recent events. And regrets it.2020-03-19 03:41:40
1493FinishedProwlThe Pursuit of LogicProwl debriefs Impactor after the failed assassination attempte on Black Shadow and informs him of future plans.2020-03-18 23:06:32
1492FinishedSwivelFestival at YussThe small town of Yuss celebrates purification through fire and the burning of regrets. Or just dance and play games in Skyshredder's case.2020-03-18 07:29:31
1491FinishedStarlockTogether In The DarkSometimes, a calm talk in private can help things seem less like they are only headed for oblivion.2020-03-16 08:07:16
1490FinishedPhantomProject WarrensSwivel and Prowl attempt to get Phantom to cooperate but all does not go to plan, especially after other Autobots show up unexpectedly.2020-03-16 07:06:29
1489FinishedSideswipeEnergon'y Raidess!A skirmish over in Harmonex as Autobots seek a Decepticon storehouse and Skyshredder takes a bite out of Deadlock. Again.2020-03-13 04:42:37
1488FinishedBlurrA Mysterious DerivativeBlurr is back, but everything is on fire.2020-03-12 06:34:06
1487FinishedQuickswitchWrecked and RagingNo Description Set2020-03-11 20:05:38
1486FinishedStarlockAn Ironic ExchangeKarma is a glitch, but Blurr and Ravage are returned to their respective factions.2020-03-11 06:01:25
1485FinishedShockwaveStudy of a SpeedsterShockwave studies the Properties of Blurr, while Blurr prods him about his affiliation with Megatron.2020-03-10 05:17:12
1484FinishedJazzHyper ReturnsJazz and Sideswipe try to get Hyperdrive back into the swing of things.2020-03-10 05:43:42
1483FinishedImpactorGetting WreckedImpactor and Jazz talk of death and war.2020-03-10 00:31:29
1482FinishedProwlNothing To HidePrime follows up with Prowl on Sideswipe's concerns, but Prowl insists he has nothing to hide.2020-03-09 22:15:51
1481FinishedBrawlWhere's BrawlIn which Brawl is left unsupervised.2020-03-09 05:43:00
1480FinishedStarlockQuestions of WhyStarlock questions why Sideswipe brought up Pharma while she gets herself back into the swing of Combat.2020-03-09 06:36:46
1479FinishedProwlBolt HolesRavage attempts to bait Prowl and Swivel during his interrogation.2020-03-09 22:41:24
1478FinishedSideswipePharma SeuticalsSideswipe and Starlock go to talk with Jazz on finding Pharma and bringing him to justice.2020-03-09 04:08:21
1477FinishedSideswipeAutobots and AutomatonsSideswipe and Skyshredder talk about the past2020-03-08 05:49:46
1476FinishedJurisSkirmishes for StudyingJuris, Sideswipe and Skyshredder spar in the training simulator.2020-03-08 03:05:34
1475FinishedRavageDecepticons Down UnderA Decepticon reconnaissance team in the tunnels underneath Iacon run into a fortified Autobot presence in the tunnels. Attempting to raid it goes badly awry, leaving the Decepticons with little intelligence and less dignity.2020-03-07 08:46:18
1474FinishedSideswipeSwiveling to the StorySwivel and Sideswipe talk about Prowl. And the paranoias theirein.2020-03-06 06:05:21
1473FinishedRavagePide & Tactical BenefitsRavage and Megatron scheme at the tactical benefits of a secret base that's a giant Decepticon symbol.2020-03-05 03:01:14
1472FinishedBlurrRace Day Part 3: Search For a SpeedsterThe Decepticons manage to catch Blurr, albeit the process is a lot messier than it likely had to be.2020-03-05 05:52:41
1471FinishedSideswipeTattlingsIn which Sideswipe goes to Optimus Prime to voice concerns about Prowl in lieu of recent events. A smattering of encounters built upon rumors and fears, legitimate or not, in the treatment of Phantom follow. Optimus promises to look into the matter.2020-03-04 22:15:43
1470FinishedProwlElevator InvestigationSkyshredder, Sideswipe, and Swivel jump down a gravlift shaft at the Decagon and discover a secret floor.2020-03-04 09:29:53
1469FinishedShockwaveEnergy Signatures - Part 1Shockwave has discovered something on a remote part of Cybertron, and begins working on recruiting some Combaticons to help him retrieve it.2020-03-03 05:53:20
1468FinishedSideswipeSharkticon SnacksIn which Sideswipe gives Skyshredder Goldfish Crackers and gets Hugs!2020-03-03 06:43:36
1467FinishedSideswipeRush or BustBlurr is shot at in training. Blurr has none of it.2020-03-01 23:11:18
1466FinishedKoinoniaThe Contractors Pt 2Healthpoint, Ratchet, and Jazz investigate a mysterious contractor's campus, in hopes of discovering where Phantom is being kept.2020-02-29 07:45:41
1465ActiveSkyshredderGathering up some GlitchmiceNo Description Set
1464FinishedBlurrA Run For Your ShanixSkyshredder tries racing Blurr.2020-02-27 06:28:09
1463FinishedBlurrRace Day Part 2: A Spy In Our MidstBlurr sneaks into the Decepticon-occupied base in South Ibex by hiding among civilians.2020-02-24 06:06:14
1462FinishedKoinoniaThe ContractorsThe Autobots and Decepticons run into a couple of seedy contractors who are involved in multiple schemes...2020-02-23 06:49:32
1461FinishedSkyshredderShredding Jazz in the SimsJazz and Skyshredder spar in the simulators.2020-02-23 01:16:22
1460FinishedBlurrRace DayThe Decepticons give in to political pressure and parade Blurr around their Ibex territory...2020-02-20 06:30:35
1459FinishedDeadlockUndergrid PatrolAutobots and Decepticons run into each other in the Undergrid.2020-02-19 02:30:53
1458FinishedRavageMaster and HoundRavage meets with Megatron and shares information which will no doubt lead to grand schemes in the future.2020-02-17 06:32:50
1457FinishedStarlockSwivel and SwipeAfter going form the medical bay from Sideswipe helping comfort Starlock, they run into Swivel2020-02-17 07:57:14
1456FinishedGothPillow FightBlast off and Goth acknowledge they have a friendship, then Vortex shows up and a pillow fight ensues.2020-02-17 07:37:23
1455FinishedProwlUnflattering RumorsProwl and Swivel have a serious talk.2020-02-16 08:37:13
1454FinishedHot RodA Conversation in the MedbayHot Rod, Starlock, and Sideswipe discuss recent events.2020-02-23 08:57:15
1453FinishedGothTrash RunSwindle comes to remove the trash, really everyone knows it's a cover though.2020-02-16 07:38:31
1452FinishedProwlRigel IV DebriefingHot Rod and Sideswipe report to Prowl on the Rigel IV operation, and the status of the chaosteros.2020-02-16 05:20:09
1451FinishedStarlockOtherwordly MusingsJazz, Sidewsipe, and Stalrock muse on the Info Jazz got form Goth, as Starlock repairs them2020-02-16 03:09:50
1450FinishedShockwaveBattles of Little ConsequenceShockwave repairs Goth in the aftermath of the failed defense in the Undergrid.2020-02-16 04:09:43
1449FinishedGothBattleground: Undergrid 6 - 5The Autobots take the Undergrid and almost take Goth as the aftermath becomes a hostage situation.2020-02-16 01:22:41
1448FinishedSideswipeStories Straight and SidewaysSideswipe and Starlock talk on keeping their stories straight about the mission to Rigel IV.2020-02-15 21:22:55
1447FinishedStarlockA Batty OddityAs Sideswipe gets patched up, Jazz wants to know about Goth's alien origins.2020-02-15 06:46:12
1446FinishedBlast OffAwkward MeetingNo Description Set2020-02-15 07:02:41
1445FinishedProwlBattleground: Zolanium Mountain 6 - 5The Decepticons seize territory on Varas Extrinsecus.2020-02-15 04:31:17
1444FinishedStarlockHit-And-RunThe Autobot's hit the Decepticon outpost and gank the wormhole data they have to complete Hot Rod and Sideswipe's mission, after releasing the Chaosteros.2020-02-13 07:16:14
1443FinishedEDITo Free a Chaosteros Part 2: Rigel IVSideswipe, Hot Rod, and Starlock send the chaosteros back through the portal from whence it came.2020-02-16 00:23:22
1442FinishedStarscreamA Private ReportBlast Off Reports about Phantom2020-02-12 02:55:45
1441FinishedPhantomThe TakingPhantom is 'taken' hostage by a strange seeker, while Blast Off, Sky Lynx, Starlock, Healthpoint and Sideswipe look on.2020-02-10 08:05:29
1440FinishedGothCats, Bats, and BirdsGoth, Ravage, Buzzsaw, and Blast off all talk in the medical bay.2020-02-09 04:18:10
1439FinishedBlurrVigil at SimanziConversations are had regarding the mystery surrounding the events at Simanzi.2020-02-09 04:22:01
1438FinishedBlast OffSpace TrainingNo Description Set2020-02-07 04:18:49
1437FinishedEDITo Free a Chaosteros Part 1Hot Rod and Sideswipe couldn't have pulled this off without Starlock and Healthpoint's help...2020-02-08 04:13:02
1436FinishedHot RodQuestionsHot Rod, Starlock and Sideswipe revisit the topic of the Simanzi massacre.2020-02-03 23:43:12
1435FinishedPhantomSomething is Not RightPhantom confides in Thundercracker his misgivings about recent events.2020-02-02 05:31:21
1434FinishedStarlockVictory and ShameCelebration and heated arguments plague the medical bay after a successful mission at Tyger Pax2020-02-02 03:23:41
1433FinishedStarscreamRepairs from Tyger PaxAfter returning front brutally getting their Afts kicked, Starscream is reminded how much the medical bay /loves/ him.2020-02-02 04:25:50
1432FinishedShockwaveBattleground: Tyger Pax 6 - 4Autobots successfully defend Tyger Pax.2020-02-01 23:49:59
1431FinishedSideswipeMedbay MeanderingsSideswipe annoys Starlock in the medbay.. More.2020-02-01 19:47:15
1430FinishedStarlockToraxxis AftermathStarlock and Sideswipe return for repairs, only now Starlock questions why Sideswipe is the way he is, as he tries to flirt with Juris.2020-02-01 06:36:53
1429FinishedGothAmicable RepairsAfter a successful defense, Sixshot and Deadlock come in for repairs, and end up having a chat about Phantom...2020-02-01 05:42:54
1428FinishedDeadlockBattleground: Toraxxis Plains 6 - 4Decepticons successfully defend the only base in the Toraxxis Plains.2020-02-01 03:20:20
1427FinishedGothA Data SlugGoth informs Megatron about the data slug Prowl dropped, perhaps purposefully.2020-01-31 09:11:16
1426ActiveBlurrShock JockConversations are had in the training simulator at the Decagon.
1425FinishedEDIMonster Hunter: InvestigationThe creature found on Rigel IV is identified, and Starlock manages to dissuade Prowl from euthanizing it. Sideswipe and Hot Rod are sent on a new mission.2020-01-31 04:01:01
1424FinishedGothGoth Has A ConjunxVortex is right for a change when he says Goth has a Conjunx! Goth and Blast off also show some of their romantic interests.2020-01-30 05:24:28
1423FinishedStarlockAbusedFirst Aid visits Starlock in her room, and offers some support that helps soothe some of the pain she's feeling.2020-01-26 07:10:01
1422FinishedEDIMonster Hunter: Rigel IVSky Lynx, Starlock, Roadbuster, and Skyshredder embark on a monster hunt! Blast Off watches.2020-01-25 06:44:42
1421FinishedPhantomCrossfire of Our VendettaGoth and Blast Off run into one of Penance's associates. Phantom discusses Pax's past with Healthpoint.2020-01-24 16:02:47
1420FinishedProwlIn Touch With Your SparkSkyshredder, Prowl, Jazz, and Juris have conversations in the training sim.2020-01-23 05:07:26
1419FinishedGothAn Assassination AttemptGoth shows Dustoff the poison that was used in his drink, Swindle also offers some help.2020-01-22 05:25:39
1418FinishedHot RodI Don't Need FriendsHot Rod ruds into Deadlock again.2020-01-20 06:26:58
1417FinishedProwlDecagon BriefingMembers of Autobot leadership discuss various matters of signficance.2020-01-19 05:59:55
1416FinishedBlurrBattleground: Thymesis 6 - 3Decepticons successfully defend Thymesis Mining Facility on Luna-2.2020-01-19 02:08:00
1415ActiveQuickswitchScouting PracticeQuickswitch teaches Jazz how to Scout.
1414FinishedDeadlockBattleground: Rodion 6 - 3Autobots successfully defend Rodion against a Decepticon assault.2020-01-16 03:49:24
1413FinishedProwlThe Enemy Of My Enemy...Goth gets an unexpected meeting with Prowl near Stanix.2020-01-14 06:00:05
1412FinishedPhantomThe Quest for the Shapeshifter: EpilogueWho tried to poison Goth?2020-01-13 06:51:29
1411FinishedEDIRigel IV: A Mysterious PortalThe Decepticons investigate the anomaly on Rigel IV. Phantom causes trouble again...2020-01-12 02:19:57
1410FinishedStarlockFlight CheckStarlock and Lynx discuss doing Space things.2020-01-09 00:58:21
1409FinishedStarlockRarely Black and WhiteStarlock patches up Jazz, and gets a moment to speak her thoughts too him.2020-01-06 04:23:00
1408FinishedDeadlockBattleground: Uraya 6 - 2Decepticons successfully defend the Uraya region.2020-01-06 01:12:47
1407FinishedProwlBattleground: Protihex 6 - 2Decepticons capture Protihex.2020-01-05 03:12:42
1406FinishedSwindleHappy New Solar TransitSwindle and Sinntertwin socialize at Maccaddam's.2020-01-04 03:56:47
1405FinishedQuickswitchSparring PartnersWhirl and Quickswitch spar!2019-12-30 19:20:18
1404FinishedBlurrTarget Practice Challenge Level Alpha!Autobots try to shoot Blurr in the simulators.2019-12-30 05:34:17
1403FinishedPhantomCirclesThundercracker puzzles over the mystery that is Phantom's being and past.2019-12-24 04:11:16
1402FinishedKoinoniaQuest for the Shapeshifter: FinaleMimic led the way to Penance's super secret underwater bunker, where 'Bots and 'Cons sought to destroy the primary pylon and stop the mass mind wipe.2019-12-27 07:37:37
1401PausedBlast OffSome Time to ThemselvesNo Description Set
1400FinishedGothBattleground: Clemency 6 - 1The Decepticons successfully defend! But also question Dogfight's sanity.2019-12-22 01:04:05
1399FinishedJazzJazz teaches Situational MannersNo Description Set2020-01-08 22:33:53
1398FinishedSwivelSounds Like BlackmailSwivel vents to Blast Off and then states an ultimatum.2019-12-20 08:56:05
1397FinishedProwlMiscreants in IbexBlast Off, Vortex, and Goth chase down a group of Autobot sympathizers.2019-12-19 06:55:19
1396FinishedStarscreamDirecting the TriggerStarscream brings Megatron up to date on things, and does what Starscream des best, schemes.2019-12-19 06:20:11
1395FinishedProwlSituational MasterySwivel gets an assignment from Prowl before Juris invites herself in...2019-12-18 06:02:33
1394FinishedKoinoniaSpeakeasy ShenanigansMimic leads Blurr and a couple Decepticons to a secret speakeasy to learn more about Penance.2019-12-17 23:29:12
1393FinishedProwlDeep Space Recon: Rigel IVAutobots and Decepticons discover a strange wormhole on Rigel IV.2019-12-15 06:24:51
1392FinishedGothMimic MusingsThe science class gathers in their hideout to talk about their collective findings.2019-12-15 06:37:29
1391FinishedHot RodA Watery ReunionDeadlock runs into Hot Rod near the Mithril Sea.2019-12-12 07:02:46
1390FinishedKoinoniaThe Truth at TritonMimic reveals to Blurr and Nightlash the true mastermind behind the pylon tech, while the Decepticons keep watch nearby.2019-12-11 07:10:39
1389FinishedJazzReuniting with Big BerthaNo Description Set2019-12-10 06:30:04
1388FinishedJurisNo Title SetNo Description Set2019-12-09 06:44:34
1386FinishedGothAftermath of IbexGoth and Knock Out return for repairs and are greeted by the 'normal' medbay crew.2019-12-09 08:04:58
1385FinishedBlurrBattleground: Ibex Central 5 - 6Autobots capture central Ibex sectors.2019-12-09 02:42:50
1384FinishedGothComfort of MedicalGoth, after being pinned by a boulder, and nearly abandoned, takes time to relax in the medbay with Dustoff, Sixshot, and Vortex.2019-12-08 05:15:23
1383FinishedHot RodThis is Not A PartyHot Rod ventures to the Mithril Sea with Sky Lynx and Dogfight to search for space slugs, but runs into several Decepticons.2019-12-07 06:07:22
1382FinishedStarlockScouting the UndergridThe autobots try to sneakily scout their section of the undergrin, and it goes.. as well as one could hope.2019-12-08 23:39:32
1381FinishedStarscreamMessing with StarscreamStarscream sometimes just makes himself to easy of a target.2019-12-02 02:33:43
1380FinishedEDIInvestigation: The CradleThe Autobots discover valuable intel on Beta Orionis.2019-12-01 07:19:55
1379FinishedDarkstarCybertronian CommerceSwindle sells a pillow to those who need it most2019-12-01 06:48:31
1378FinishedBlast OffSpace Spar Round TwoNo Description Set2019-11-28 07:29:07
1377FinishedStarlockStar PatchesFirst Aid patches up Starlock after the mess on the orbital station.2019-11-28 07:08:34
1376FinishedGothClean up! Aisle Medbay!Knock out and Goth return from being covered in Dead End Sewage.2019-11-27 06:57:47
1375FinishedEDIDeep Space Recon II: The CradleAutobots and Decepticons attempt to get past the Omega Drones guarding the Cradle.2019-11-30 03:38:09
1374FinishedGothFollowing A Hintshenanigans ensue as Knock Out and Goth follow a hint form Blast off, later to be joined by Sixshot.2019-11-27 03:57:19
1373FinishedDarkstarTo Infinity And BeyondDecepticons consider the possibilities beyond their present reality...2019-11-26 07:55:09
1372FinishedPhantomPost Victory BluesDecepticons congregate in the medbay post winning the docks on Luna 2, but it's far from a happy celebration2019-11-26 03:09:53
1371FinishedGothRepairs After Luna 2Howlback and Shockwave are brought in for repairs, Soundwave joins!2019-11-25 01:42:31
1370FinishedShockwaveBattleground: Luna 2 Docks 5 - 5Decepticons seize control of the Luna 2 docks.2019-11-24 22:19:08
1369FinishedSwindleNo Title SetNo Description Set2019-11-24 09:23:05
1368FinishedSwivelSmell and TellBlast Off tracks down Swivel in a smelly part of Dead End.2019-11-24 04:22:55
1367FinishedSwivelOpening Pandora's BoxNo Description Set2019-11-25 04:57:21
1366FinishedKoinoniaPandora's OpeningAutobots and Decepticons ambush Mimic at his bunker near Maccadam's, and discover a hidden room in the walls...2019-11-21 07:14:20
1365FinishedStarlockRepairs After KalisNo Description Set2019-11-21 02:12:35
1364FinishedBlurrBattleground: Kalis 5 - 5Decepticons successfully defend Kalis.2019-11-20 03:59:16
1363FinishedOnslaughtDrinks and EspionageOnslaught and Blast Off take a moment to catch up with each other and maybe try and spot the Mimic.2019-11-20 04:32:26
1362FinishedJurisThe Private SortSpringer and Juris visit Maccadam's, and manage to extract a bit of intel about Mimic from Blast Off and Buzzsaw.2019-11-19 06:47:24
1361FinishedProwlTherapy at the Red GuardianAutobots congregate at the Red Guardian in Iacon.2019-11-17 23:26:01
1360ActiveNightlashNo Title SetNo Description Set
1359FinishedStarscreamSoundwave's AddressSoundwave takes a moment to speak with Megatron while Ravage and Starscream give each other the stink optic.2019-11-16 07:51:47
1358FinishedBlurrDeep Space Recon: Rigel SystemAutobots and Decepticons investigate a mysterious station left behind by an ancient civilization.2019-11-14 23:18:38
1357FinishedKnock OutWhat Was Learned And What Wasn'tKnock Out briefs Decepticons on what he's determined about the Mimic puzzle.2019-11-13 09:14:46
1356FinishedKnock OutKilling time at MaccsNo, not that kind of killing. Knock Out and Swivel act strangely inside Maccadams, and barely speak to each other.2019-11-13 07:32:44
1355FinishedPhantomSearch for the SparkeaterPhantom helps Overlord track down the sparkeater from the abandoned colony.2019-11-13 07:00:28
1354FinishedGothMedbay ActivityKnock Out, Scrapper, Dustoff, and Goth end up chattering in the medical bay, sorting a supply delivery.2019-11-13 03:25:38
1353FinishedGothCracking PrometheusKnock Out shows Sixshot and Goth how to crack a code.2019-11-12 23:45:03
1352FinishedSwindleOverlord and Swindle bargain martNo Description Set2019-11-12 09:15:04
1351FinishedProwlFor CybertronOptimus addresses the planet from Trion Square in Iacon.2019-11-10 23:47:26
1350FinishedPetroglyphMithril Sea AftermathGlyph relays what he discovered while being held captive by Mimic.2019-11-11 00:32:45
1349FinishedHot RodSeaside RescueGlyph's rescue mission goes sideways a bit sideways, despite Optimus' return.2019-11-10 01:14:37
1348FinishedStarlockSky, Meet SkySkyshredder meets Sky Lynx! As well as Swivel and Repugnus.2019-11-09 03:01:01
1347FinishedStarscreamA Mole and A DealStarscream makes a deal with Hookshot.2019-11-08 06:17:26
1346FinishedStarlockLate Night OutingStarlock and First aid Go out to Harmonex late in the night...2019-11-07 11:04:23
1345FinishedStarlockA Repugnant TestRepugnus tests out his modifications with Starlock.2019-11-07 04:14:39
1344FinishedDarkstarBrobotsDarkstar and Goth rekindle their...'friendship'?2019-11-07 07:54:13
1343FinishedPetroglyphGlyph's KidnappingSwivel, Glyph, Skyshredder and Starlock revisit the ruins of Mimic's bunker and are surprised visited by the shapeshifter himself, who kidnaps Glyph spontaneously.2019-11-06 06:46:10
1342FinishedGothScientific GrumblingsScrapper bonuses ideas about the pylons off Goth, who's still rattled from the whole Sparkeater event, which Sixshot is interested in.2019-11-05 23:39:25
1341FinishedGothA Temporary ExileBats, Bots, and Sparkeaters, Oh my!2019-11-05 07:59:25
1340FinishedKoinoniaInvasion of PrometheusA group of 'Bots return to inspect Mimic's bunker after Blurr sabotaged it, only to be ambushed by Decepticons and the renegade himself!2019-11-04 06:10:30
1339FinishedDeadlockIgnorance is BlissSkyshredder wins a physical fight against Deadlock, but loses the war of words.2019-11-03 06:43:31
1338FinishedSwivelRedirects and BoastsSwivel tries to get info about Darkstar from Blast Off. Then Darkstar and Blurr show up.2019-11-03 08:06:08
1337FinishedGothMedbay LullA lull in the Decepticon territories, leads to a cat in the medical bay between varying parties.2019-11-03 03:32:38
1336FinishedKoinoniaParallel OutliersBlurr pursues the shapeshifter into his lair, to find...?2019-11-11 02:31:43
1335FinishedGothA Bitter WinWhen Goth FINALLY defeats the bot he's been unable to beat for over a year, doesn't remember all the work he put in..2019-11-01 07:46:59
1334FinishedStarlockA Wound and A DealSpringer comes in with a head wounds and Pug asks Starlock a favour.2019-10-31 19:27:13
1333FinishedJurisLadies Night Out, Except...Darkstar! A group of female Autobots meet at Maccadams to discuss current events. Blast Off ends up joining Darkstar later.2019-10-31 07:34:34
1332FinishedSkyshredderSkyshredder noms a Sim-batNo Description Set2019-10-31 01:56:19
1331FinishedKoinoniaAn Uncanny Running IntoWhile patrolling Polyhex's border at nighttime, Blurr runs into a familiar face. The Decepticons observe until Goth breaks cover, a skirmish ensues.2019-10-30 06:31:35
1330FinishedStarscreamA Release And A ListDarkstar is released, and there is talks on how to.. Handle, Phantom.2019-10-29 07:35:41
1329FinishedTachyglossusBOOMAn explosion occurs in the armory.2019-10-29 17:19:38
1328FinishedDarkstarThe Times They Are A-ChangingPlausible theories herald the possible reinstatement of a long lost Decepticon Elite.2019-10-28 05:09:52
1327FinishedStarlockJazz Is MadJazz punches Repugnus!2019-10-27 23:18:05
1326FinishedStarlockNot as PlannedHealthpoint gets the troops from Ibex back to Deacon for repairs.2019-10-27 06:45:08
1325FinishedDeadlockBattleground: Ibex South 5 - 3Decepticons successfully defend the south Ibex sectors.2019-10-27 03:26:36
1324FinishedJazzFirst Aid -maybe- gets a promotion.No Description Set2019-10-26 07:29:30
1323FinishedGothOur Brand of DumbDustoff tends to those that come off the field from the siege at the plateau.2019-10-26 03:47:06
1322FinishedGothBattleground: Mitteous Plateau 5 - 3Autobot's defend the Mitteous Plateau.2019-10-26 01:57:51
1321FinishedStarlockRepugnant AdvancesAid tends to Starlock's injuries, and Repugnus returns causing work to need to be done.2019-10-26 00:16:04
1320FinishedGothExhausted But UndeterredMegatron and Sixshot are repaired.2019-10-25 02:56:09
1319FinishedStarlockBattleground: Polyhex 5 - 3Autobot's take Polyhex!2019-10-25 01:39:45
1318FinishedPhantomWhen the Safest Place is A Prison CellPhantom visits Darkstar at Kolkular. Vortex drops by, and Starscream lurks.2019-10-25 05:31:11
1317FinishedGothHis Tale, My TaleNo Description Set2019-10-26 06:01:42
1316FinishedSwivelNot a DateGlyph and Swivel do not go on a date, just have drinks and talk philosophy.2019-10-23 06:49:40
1315FinishedStarscreamSeeker PatrolStarscream gets some quality time with Skywarp and Shadowstar.2019-10-23 03:56:15
1314FinishedGothA Spacy ReturnDarkstar doesn't seem to remember anyone after being rescued from space, and thinks he is hallucinating.2019-10-23 07:42:44
1313FinishedGothStuck with MeDustoff manages to calm Goth down enough to start thinking clearly. Both also couldn't be more he more happy, to be stuck with the other.2019-10-22 03:30:25
1312FinishedBlurrNo Title SetNo Description Set2019-10-21 06:06:21
1311FinishedPhantomAccusationsThe tension between Phantom and Goth peaks. Overlord is tired of it, and wants answers about the red foam.2019-10-22 02:23:32
1310FinishedBlast OffShop TalkNo Description Set2019-10-20 05:44:01
1309FinishedBlurrIn Good ConscienceBlurr and Starlock have a spark-to-spark. Whirl gets untangled.2019-10-20 05:46:47
1308FinishedGothPuzzle SolvingScrapper, Buzzsaw and Goth go and look over Mimic's laier.2019-10-20 00:10:38
1307FinishedJazzJazz and Blurr. Alone.No Description Set2019-10-19 21:19:09
1306FinishedBlurrFamiliarity Breeds ContemptA 'new' recruit at the Decagon's medical bay isn't new to Healthpoint, First Aid or Starlock.2019-10-19 07:12:29
1305FinishedGothBat and a ShadowGoth and Shadowstar get a moment to chat, and Goth tells Shadowstar about Phantom.2019-10-18 01:26:19
1304FinishedBlurrIndefinite LanguageStarlock and Healthpoint tend to Blurr and Swivel.2019-10-20 00:25:04
1303FinishedBlurrMaybe His Ego RupturedStarlock makes Blurr throw up.2019-10-16 06:56:03
1302FinishedGothSlime RemovalGoth and Blast off get themselves patched up and cleaned up after their Undergrid adventure.2019-10-16 04:50:11
1301FinishedSwivelSomething Lurks BeneathAutobots and Decepticons get eaten by a hungry Cybertron, according to Nightlash.2019-10-15 08:34:07
1300FinishedStarscreamDisappointed But Not SurprisedMegatron questions Starscream's tactics during the sonic canyons siege.2019-10-15 00:27:46
1299FinishedStarlockMeeting in the Repair bayDogfight stumbles into the repair bay, and meets Nightlash, and Starlock propper.2019-10-13 22:57:34
1298FinishedGothEchoes of the CanyonsThose returning from the Sonic Canyons seek repairs, Shadowstar also learns why the medical bay is /Dustoff's/ domain.2019-10-13 07:43:05
1297FinishedStarlockAll Hands on DeckWith most the medical staff on hand, they get to work repairing those that came from the Sonic Canyons.2019-10-13 06:03:33
1296FinishedStarscreamBattleground: Sonic Canyons 5 - 2The Decepticons take the Sonic Canyons! (Megatron also learns why he can't say poetic things over the communlink)2019-10-13 03:23:48
1295FinishedStarscreamScouting a head.In which Megatron has to babysit Starscream and Onslaught... Mostly Starscream.2019-10-12 22:40:22
1294FinishedJazzBlurry SecretsNo Description Set2019-10-12 19:37:25
1293FinishedStarlockLittle Talks and RepairsAid tends to Starlock's injuries after Protihex, they also get to talking since what they decided...2019-10-12 08:26:33
1292FinishedGothRepair DeliveryScrapper and Sixshot are brought to the medical bay, and Swindle brings a delivery of supplies.2019-10-12 07:32:14
1291FinishedStarlockBattleground: Protihex 5 - 2The Autobots hold out against the Decepticons!2019-10-12 03:26:30
1290FinishedStarlockJust Not Fair...First Aid and Starlock realize a critical problem that will get in the way of their relationship... and are ultimately forced to accept the unfair reality. Ultimately leaving one wondering, what's the point of trying anymore.2019-10-11 10:53:55
1288FinishedStarlockToo FastBlurr's speed is sometimes a detriment, specially when injured. Healthpoint, First Aid and Starlock get him pinned down to repair him.2019-10-11 06:37:54
1287FinishedSwivelSave Your GoodbyesBlast Off and Swivel have a chance encounter at the Mithril Seas.2019-10-11 06:15:19
1286FinishedGothRotors and MedicsVortex visits Goth in the medical bay for a chat, Dustoff then appears, and He and Goth make Vortex 'Eeew'.2019-10-11 05:56:12
1285FinishedStarlockQuick RepairsImmediately after the battle at the mining facility, Starlock tends to Healthpoint's wounds.2019-10-10 05:37:33
1284FinishedGothBattleground: Thymesis Mining Facility 5 - 2The Decepticons keep a hold on the old mining facility!2019-10-10 03:22:53
1283FinishedStarlockNothing WrongStarlock reports to Jazzthat.. /nothing/ is out of the norm with Blurr, which maybe of real concern.2019-10-09 04:43:00
1282FinishedStarlockPhysical Exam: Sky LynxStarlock does Sky Lynx's physical, to which they get to chatting.2019-10-09 05:03:04
1281FinishedGothNerds Night OutA number of Con's decided to hang out around the Jump Joint.2019-10-08 04:41:35
1280FinishedStarlockPhysical Exam: Triple TakeSpringer, Roadbuster, and Swivel come in for their Physicals, and an interesting conversation with Healthpoint as they try to help her in finding her own path.2019-10-07 08:54:43
1279FinishedHealthpointCombat Medic Upgrade TestA routine combat sim leads to a possible coverup?2019-10-07 00:36:07
1278FinishedHealthpointPhysical Exam: BlurrNo Description Set2019-10-06 07:16:57
1277FinishedStarlockExamsJazz requests that routine Physical exams be started once more, even more so regarding Blurr... Starlock and Healthpoint also get the chance to talk proper to one another.2019-10-05 08:10:45
1276FinishedSwivelStirring the Intel PotSwivel decides to tell one of her many secrets to Jazz2019-10-05 04:25:41
1275FinishedStarlockBlurred LinesJazz gets a report regarding what happened to Gallo and his death, and asks Starlock about what she may know.2019-10-03 21:46:07
1274FinishedHealthpointAll Play and No Work...No Description Set2019-10-03 20:06:33
1273FinishedHealthpointBack at Maccadam's AgainNo Description Set2019-10-02 08:05:37
1272FinishedGothA Talk With A TerraconSinnertwin returns after the fight at Rodion, and chats a bit with Goth.2019-09-30 04:08:25
1271FinishedStarlockRomance in the Repair BayHealthpoint repairs those injured during the Rodion siege, Hot Rod doesn't know how to ask someone out on a date properly, and Starlock and First Aid get a moment.2019-09-30 07:54:54
1270FinishedStarlockBattleground: Rodion 5 - 1The Autobot's successfully take back Rodion despite the odds!2019-09-30 02:17:32
1269FinishedStarlockRepair and RefittingBots roll in for repairs, and Starlock rages at Healthpoints horrible armor.2019-09-29 06:19:59
1268FinishedStarscreamPoking the BearIn this case, Starscream is the very prickly bear who throws the medical bay into Chaos.2019-09-29 04:51:36
1267ActiveProwlBattleground: Nova Cronum 5 - 1No Description Set
1266FinishedStarlockA Promotion PartyThe bots have a quick bit of fun at Maccs to Celebrate Starlock getting promoted!2019-09-29 01:40:30
1265FinishedGothRepairs after ClemencyBlast Off and Goth are rolled in for repairs, Blast Off is just a talking head! and Shadowstar suggests the unthinkable to Goth.2019-09-28 08:29:59
1264FinishedGothBattleground: Clemency 5 - 1The Decepticons capture Clemency after a horrific turn-around.2019-09-28 03:29:32
1263FinishedStarscreamStars in the ShadowsShadowstar finally gets the recognition she deserves, and a bit of much needed help.2019-09-27 23:52:25
1262FinishedGothJump Joint SuspicionsA number of Cons gather at the jump joint for a mellow night (well most, Vortex is there) and Goth suspects Swindle wants something from him.2019-09-27 08:36:19
1261FinishedHot RodDestructoris Incident DebriefingAfter the incident involving the mysterious shapeshifter at the Grav-Haraan, the 'Bots regroup to discuss the intel Blurr stole from one of his bases of operation.2019-09-26 04:54:59
1260FinishedProwlV. Extrinsecus: Mountain FortHoist starts to show Hammerstrike a few things about building.2019-09-25 04:07:23
1259FinishedSwindleMedbay shenanigansNo Description Set2019-09-25 08:03:05
1258FinishedStarscreamA Slow RepairDecepticon C.O.C Decided to harass Scrapper at the Kolkular Prison.2019-09-24 04:56:30
1257FinishedStarlockLevels of ComfortTwo Giant Transformers and Mini-bot walk into the barracks....2019-09-21 06:44:47
1256FinishedStarlockGuns and GrowthA simple day in the barracks leads to talks about guns, and a long needed discussion.2019-09-20 08:42:00
1255FinishedSwindleMedbay DoldrumsNo Description Set2019-09-19 07:13:38
1254FinishedKoinoniaA Skirmish WithinNo Description Set2019-09-18 07:03:27
1251FinishedSwindleMedbay MadnessSwindle winds up in the Medbay for an unusual medical issue. Unpleasantness ensues.2019-09-16 06:47:35
1250FinishedSwivelA Fool and Her MoneySkywarp tries to fleece Swivel, but Blast Off does it better.2019-09-16 06:21:03
1249FinishedStarscreamBlack, black, Cheshire CatRavage is promoted, given his new position as Intel XO.2019-09-15 21:31:30
1248FinishedBlast OffPillows IncNo Description Set2019-09-15 05:26:38
1247FinishedStarscreamMithril MadnessMegatron and Starscream are out on the Beach... Nightlash doesn't start it.2019-09-15 02:34:40
1246FinishedGothMedbay MenagerieGoth, Dustoff, Vortex, Sixshot, and Swindle all gather in the medbay.2019-09-14 04:23:11
1245FinishedGothBlast Off ProtectionBlast Off get's new armor after all his old armor was blasted away during the Harmonex siege.2019-09-13 07:31:59
1244FinishedStarlockBattleground: Ruins of Harmonex 4 - 6In which Blast Off gets bullied by two femmes three sizes smaller than him.2019-09-13 02:51:00
1243FinishedGothVaras EmergencyGoth quickly tends to the serious injuries of MEgatron and Sixshot after the siege of Varas.2019-09-12 06:27:55
1242FinishedJazzOn Neutral GroundNo Description Set2020-01-08 22:33:48
1241FinishedProwlBattleground: Zolanium Mountain 4 - 6Autobots successfully defend a zolanium deposit on Varas Extrinsecus.2019-09-12 02:24:41
1240FinishedBlurrWorst Nightmares and Deepest RegretsBlurr comes clean about...a lot of things.2019-09-11 05:39:58
1239FinishedStarlockBest Foot ForwardIn which Both Autobots and Decepticons enjoy hysterical karaoke antics.2019-09-11 06:13:34
1238FinishedStarlockReturn to DutySwivel returns from a mission for repairs, and ends up talking with Starlock about the concept of kindness.2019-09-10 20:47:37
1237FinishedStarlockSprings and StarsSpringer chats with Starlock, after waking up from his nap, and Juris gets that inventory done.2019-09-10 05:35:12
1236FinishedStarlockUgly FlirtingSpringer and Roadbuster get themselves and those recused from Ibex Central to the repair bay for repairs.2019-09-09 06:10:40
1235FinishedStarscreamBattleground: Ibex - Central 4 - 6Overlord, Starscream, and Megatron Show up to take Ibex Central.2019-09-09 04:08:15
1234FinishedStarlockThoughts and TinksersJazz, Sky Lynx, and Starlock meet up in the barracks to chat.2019-09-08 20:42:27
1233FinishedStarscreamBehind the ScreenValour and Goth receive their due diligence from Megatron.2019-09-08 05:39:30
1232FinishedStarscreamA Deceptive MeetingThe Decepticons hold a meeting with their now returned leaders... In which some soldiers are rewarded for their efforts.2019-09-08 03:48:36
1231FinishedStarlockCardsStarlock plays a game of cards with Roadbuster, and both learn a bit about each other... First Aid and Starlock then get to know eachother better.2019-09-07 09:44:22
1230FinishedStarscreamRoll CallStarscream assess some of the soldiers.. And everyone's made confused by Valour.2019-09-06 04:23:34
1229FinishedGothA Proper IntroductionGoth gets a proper somewhat, of a proper introduction from his leader.2019-09-05 06:59:55
1228FinishedStarscreamPrecursorStarscream gets Megatron caught up-to-date on things that had been going on in their absence.2019-09-04 22:38:29
1227FinishedStarlockTo Protect, or Be ProtectedFirst Aid and Starlock talk late into the night.2019-09-07 08:25:21
1226FinishedGothWeighing the PriceGoth tends to Overlord and Megatron after the victory at Ibex Central.2019-09-09 06:10:58
1225FinishedHot RodThe Quest for the Shapeshifter, Pt 2Autobots and Decepticons have "snow" much fun going up against Mimic's icy defense mechanism in the Grav-Haraan Glacier.2019-09-02 05:37:15
1224FinishedStarlockDown But not OutFirst Aid revives and tends to Starlock, and tends to Juris for the first time since she became a bot.2019-09-01 07:00:36
1223FinishedGothVictory and PhantomsThe cons return from a successful run at Varas Extrinsecus for repairs, which PHantom shows up to Phantom.2019-09-01 06:44:46
1222FinishedBlurrVaras Extrinsecus: Heart of the MountainThe Decepticons take a stab at capturing a new mining spot from the Autobots, but are ultimately driven off.2019-09-01 02:07:11
1221FinishedOverlordSeeing RedOverlord approaches the medical staff about the mysterious red foam. They know nothing. Phantom also does what Phantom does best and knocks things over like a problematic cat.2019-08-31 22:34:02
1220FinishedStarlockSpringing into ActionSpringer trains with Starlock, Roadbuster and First Aid are subjected to bad puns.2019-08-29 22:28:05
1219FinishedStarscreamSomething known as Red FoamPhantom attempts to manipulate his way with Decepticon Command, informing them of something known, as Red Foam.2019-08-29 05:53:30
1218FinishedHot RodThe Quest for the Shapeshifter, Pt 1No Description Set2019-08-28 04:51:01
1217FinishedGothRE-RepairsSixshot, Blast Off, and Vortex are brought in for repairs after the siege at the plateau.2019-08-28 04:37:24
1216FinishedDeadlockBattleground: Mitteous Plateau 4 - 5Autobots defend the Mitteous Plateau airbase.2019-08-27 03:00:34
1215FinishedGothA lazy CycleGoth wakes to find Vorex and Onslaught in the medical bay, needing repairs.2019-08-31 22:33:03
1214FinishedGothProtihex Aftermath RepairsDustoff repairs Goth and Sixshot cycles after the battle of Portihex.2019-08-26 04:49:43
1213FinishedProwlBattleground: Protihex 4 -5Autobots capture Protihex.2019-08-26 03:52:46
1212FinishedJuris"Small Talk"Prowl runs into Juris in the training simulators, and the SIC admits to guilt over Epitaph's death.2019-08-25 07:04:19
1211FinishedGothViruses and ElectrocutionDustoff returns to the medical bay and learns of Vortex's latest ventures.2019-08-25 02:59:40
1210FinishedBlurrJust Some Friendly BanterWhirl and Blurr spar in the training simulator. Some sensitive topics of the past come up, including Whirl's failed attempt to assassinate Megatron.2019-08-25 01:34:48
1209FinishedOverlordCommand and ControlOnslaught and Starscream discuss strategy. Mostly Onslaught's strategy. For the glorly of the Cause.2019-08-24 03:08:57
1208FinishedJurisA Good Night For A DrinkBlast Off visits Maccadam's by himself and runs into a group of Autobots as well Rodion's former district attorney.2019-08-23 06:24:31
1207FinishedGothMorning AfterSixshot comes in for repairs a night after the events of Varas.2019-08-23 02:34:03
1206FinishedStarlockAidFirsT aid quickly tends to Starlock after being injured on Varas Extrinsecus.2019-08-22 08:27:59
1205FinishedGothRebarVortex is rushed in for emergency surgery after a rebar nearly pierces his spark, and Goth is the only one on call.2019-08-22 08:39:51
1204FinishedBlurrScouting Varas ExtrinsecusAutobots and Decepticons run afoul of each other while scouting Varas Extrinsecus.2019-08-23 01:30:41
1203FinishedGothBlades and BatsGoth and Vortex have one of their odd bonding moments.2019-08-21 07:46:22
1202FinishedStarlockOne Step At A TimeTap-Out and Starlock get to talking, and end up reigniting a hopeful flame.2019-08-20 19:02:27
1201FinishedPhantom"Gaslight" SquareIn which, Phantom tells Vortex a multitude of lies.2019-08-18 06:30:22
1200FinishedJazzNighlash DebriefJazz debriefs Nightlash after the ordeal with Soundwave.2019-08-17 20:27:30
1199FinishedGothTest tubesGoth and Dustoff discuss the fate of the infected energon test tubes they have.2019-08-17 05:57:07
1198ActiveBlast OffSpa DayNo Description Set
1197FinishedGothField TestedScrapper excitedly returns from the field to tell Goth about how well his bombs worked.2019-08-15 02:17:45
1196FinishedGothOverloadedDustoff comes down to find a slightly overcharged Goth, who's cranky about the events that happened with Phantom in the medical bay.2019-08-14 03:28:51
1195FinishedBlurrBorder Skirmish: IbexAutobots and Decepticons trade blows at the divided city of Ibex.2019-08-14 04:11:17
1194FinishedGothAll CylindersA normal chat turns into a dangerous came of hot-potato as Phantom retrieves the Cylinder he'd brought to Goth before, and is injected with whatever is inside.2019-08-13 07:01:10
1193FinishedStarlockFright of FireflightFireflight gets a fright after realizing who stabbed him.2019-08-12 05:15:40
1192FinishedGothEmbers of AftermathOverlord and Sixshot get repaired by a more than agitated Goth after taking the Toraxxis Plains.2019-08-12 05:20:55
1191FinishedProwlBattleground: Toraxxis Plains 4 - 4Decepticons capture the Toraxxis Plains outpost.2019-08-12 04:54:30
1190FinishedGothCursed or KarmaSixshot and Goth get repaired after Praxus, and goth is still rather bitter about his poor luck.2019-08-11 05:48:17
1189FinishedStarlockAftermath of PraxusFirst Aid and Starlock get Nightlash and Prowl up in working order, while they away for Ratchet to wake.2019-08-11 05:52:31
1188FinishedProwlBattleground: Praxus 4 - 4Autobots capture Praxus.2019-08-11 02:57:22
1187FinishedGothDeceit and DismantlementWhat is the best topic to talk about to pass the time and bond over? Dismantlement of course!2019-08-10 04:51:30
1186FinishedStarlockNo Such JusticeIdle chatter in the Barracks leads to some interesting topics.2019-08-10 21:55:23
1185FinishedPetroglyphBeneath the RugPharma's dirty deeds are finally unveiled publicly.2019-08-10 21:59:39
1184FinishedStarlockWake Up NightlashNightlash is finally woken up, and free of foreign transmissions.2019-08-07 04:21:44
1183FinishedBlast OffDirty Work for a Clean EndingNo Description Set2019-08-06 05:29:09
1182ActiveFirst AidA day in Repair BayNo Description Set
1181FinishedGothConsolingGoth helps consol Vortex.2019-08-04 07:24:07
1180FinishedGothRegenerative PossibilitiesDarkstar suggests something Goth isn't too sure about.2019-08-03 08:40:42
1179FinishedHot RodReliving the PastHot Rod and Starlock stumble across a deleted training sim.2019-08-06 06:02:42
1178FinishedQuickswitchTo Feed A BeastQuickswitch reports to medical for an attack upgrade2019-07-31 22:54:06
1177FinishedBlast OffInterventionNo Description Set2019-07-31 06:22:05
1176FinishedJurisThe Good One That Got Away?Vortex and Juris have an honest spark to spark over choosing a faction in the back of an old antique shop.2019-07-31 05:06:48
1175FinishedGothFinding A PurposeA strange gather of meches report to the medical bay for repairs and get into philosophical conversation.2019-07-31 06:33:53
1174FinishedGothLate Night RepairDarkstar wakes Goth up way-late in the night for petty repairs.2019-07-30 07:42:27
1173FinishedNightbeatCatching the CulpritThe Autobots finally lure out and confront Soundwave - consequently ending his reign as puppet master over Nightlash.2019-07-30 06:15:31
1172FinishedStarlockTwo Steps forwardFirst Aid checks on Starlock.2019-07-29 21:41:33
1171FinishedBlurrSo Easy To HateThe Decepticons almost catch Blurr after a failed attempt at doing something to the fuel systems at the Rodion base.2019-07-29 05:09:26
1170FinishedProwlAlways RightJuris will probably be embarrassed about this later.2019-07-30 02:20:44
1169FinishedGothClean up: Aisle Medical BayDustoff arrives to tend to Goth's injuries.2019-07-28 22:58:07
1168FinishedStarlockTraining SessionWhirl and Starlock train together, but then Repugnus appears.2019-07-29 00:40:34
1167FinishedGothClemency Aftermath - Decepticons (4-3)The immediate aftermath of Clemency, Sixshot gets repaired while Goth must wait.2019-07-28 06:34:42
1166FinishedStarlockClemency Aftermath (4-3)Prowl, Sky Lynx, and Repugnus go int for Repairs after Clemency.2019-07-28 02:57:37
1165FinishedDarkstarSass-Is-FactionDarkstar is joined by Blast Off and Goth in Dead End2019-07-27 06:39:32
1164FinishedStarlockBack Into itTap-out and Starlock have a sparring session to help Tap-out get back into the swing of things.2019-07-24 22:36:51
1163FinishedDarkstarThe Hills Have OpticsGoth assists Darkstar, and the two talk of Mimic concerns.2019-07-24 08:32:17
1162FinishedGothOf Monsters and BotsGoth meets blot, and a number of others peek into his lab.2019-07-24 05:01:21
1161FinishedNightbeatSearch for the Signal SourceNo Description Set2019-07-23 06:52:16
1160FinishedWhirlNo Title SetMaccadams Chat2019-07-21 23:49:59
1159FinishedDarkstarDEFC: Double TroubleThe Dead End Fight Club is crashed by a familiar foe!2019-07-22 07:44:20
1158FinishedDarkstarHow the Heli Hath FallenGoth and Vortex help Darkstar with a project, while they address Vortex's transformation2019-07-21 05:49:22
1157FinishedPetroglyphThe Pieces That Don't FitGlyph, Starlock and Blades take a tour of Gallo's ship to find clues that could invalidate Pharma's testimony.2019-07-21 05:33:07
1156FinishedBlurrCollateral DamageStarlock discusses the situation surrounding Quartz's death with Blurr.2019-07-20 23:21:47
1155FinishedPharmaA New Institute WelcomeGlyph learns about the techniques used at the New Institute.2019-07-20 22:54:57
1154FinishedGothThe Strange ContainerPhantom brings a strange container into the medical bay, that shouldn't be open without him.2019-07-20 06:48:31
1153FinishedGothUndergrid AftermathDustoff gets Goth and Sixshot repaired after the Undergrid siege.2019-07-19 06:03:04
1152FinishedDarkstarA Full Moon It Must BeDecepticons talk upgrades, and Phantom and Vortex's recent issues2019-07-18 07:53:29
1151FinishedGothBattleground: Undergrid-4-2The Decepticons take the Undergrid!2019-07-18 04:22:13
1150FinishedJurisRosy's DemiseWhat began as a private meeting between Quartz and Epitaph ends in a corpse.. or possibly two.2019-07-17 06:38:40
1149FinishedStarlockCrossing PathsMany paths cross in the medical bay to meet.2019-07-16 06:11:59
1148FinishedGothRadion Aftermath: DecepticonsSixshot and Ravage get repaired by Goth after Rodion.2019-07-15 05:19:02
1147FinishedStarlockBattleground: Rodion-4-2After many fights, and one epic struggle from Ravage and Sixshot, the decepticons finally, capture Rodion.2019-07-15 04:08:37
1146FinishedFireflightCrashing into the SceneNo Description Set2019-07-15 00:53:33
1145FinishedStarlockJust call me "Sir"Starlock kicks Repugnus's faceplate in, littraly.2019-07-14 22:28:02
1144FinishedGothBarracks BreakGoth attempts to rest in the barracks, only to run into a few missed faces.2019-07-14 06:45:26
1143FinishedStarlockAftermath of PolyhexBlades and Repugnus return form their failed mission to defend Polyhex.2019-07-14 01:14:39
1142FinishedProwlBattleground: Polyhex 4-2Decepticons capture Polyhex.2019-07-13 23:04:34
1141FinishedGothCool JazzTwo Beast-formers, a shuttle, and Jazz walk into a bar.2019-08-21 03:22:49
1140FinishedBlast OffTransmitters and Bargaining ChipsNo Description Set2019-07-13 03:58:53
1139FinishedWhirlNightlash needs repairs!Nightlash needs repairs!2019-07-12 04:38:23
1138FinishedBlast OffData and DatingNo Description Set2019-07-12 05:47:59
1137FinishedNightbeatPharma, Please!Nightlash finally finds her way back to Deltaran, but upon arrival demands Pharma fix her. Shortly afterwards she attempts to blow up him and the rest of Autobot medical staff. Boom!2019-07-10 06:12:18
1136FinishedStarlockA Solar-Cycle in the MedbayQuickswitch gets a taste of a days work in the Medbay.2019-07-09 07:11:27
1135FinishedGothCouples TrainingDustoff and Goth defeat Sixshot in combat training! Phantom then tries to kill Goth.2019-07-08 07:36:07
1134FinishedStarlockScheduled RepairsAfter the mess at Ibex's borders, Ratchet gets repaired and Starlock reveals she may know something.2019-07-07 05:59:29
1133FinishedGothScheduled PracticeGoth and Vortex go a round in practicing combat together.2019-07-07 06:04:28
1132FinishedJazzJazz is finally mad.No Description Set2019-07-07 17:30:14
1131FinishedNightbeatWreck the Doctors and NightlashWhat begins as Nightbeat simply wanting to ask a question escalates into a skirmish that turns the Autobot medics into Decepticon target practice.2019-07-06 06:38:36
1130FinishedQuickswitchAftermath of Uraya: AutobotsThe aftermath of the Battle of Uraya, Botside.2019-07-06 00:32:28
1129FinishedGothAftermath of UrayaAfter returning from the siege of Uraya, Goth tends to his own, and Sixshot's injuries.2019-07-06 00:14:52
1128FinishedGothHanging outA small group of Con's have a chat in the medical bay.2019-07-04 06:42:58
1127FinishedWhirlBar Scene!Bar Scene!2019-07-03 03:33:59
1126FinishedBlurrBattleground: Uraya 4 - 1Decepticons capture Uraya.2019-07-05 22:12:02
1125FinishedBlurrFull CircleEveryone always gets what's coming to them eventually, right?2019-07-01 06:12:14
1124FinishedPhantomFacadesA group of Bots and Cons gather at Maccadams for what appears to be a simple social occasion.2019-07-02 02:18:56
1123FinishedNightlashHave We Been Here beforeNightlash stops into the Medbay to talk some confusing things over with Starlock, and she's just as cryptically confused as always.2019-06-30 05:30:49
1122FinishedDarkstarLaw and DisorderThe Dead End Fight Club garners interest...including that of Rodion's DA2019-07-21 02:12:22
1121FinishedRungInvestigating a small QuickswitchuationNo Description Set2019-07-03 20:23:14
1120FinishedKoinoniaNo Title SetNo Description Set2019-06-28 05:45:35
1119FinishedDarkstarOf Monsters And MechsDarkstar meets Starlock for a drink.2019-06-27 07:43:46
1118FinishedProwlUnsettledOptimus discusses the outcome of the crises on Clemency as well as the corruption at Deltaran with Prowl.2019-06-27 05:39:46
1117ActiveQuickswitchSixshotSixshot visits Maccadams Oil House. So do Quickswitch and Starlock. What could possibly happen?
1116FinishedWhirlBlast it, Whirl!Whirl's on the border of Decepticon territory, what could go wrong?2019-06-26 05:46:12
1114FinishedBlast OffMoonlightingNo Description Set2019-06-25 07:34:00
1113FinishedDarkstarVirtual Top ShotDarkstar shows Goth a new training method2019-06-25 08:25:54
1112FinishedGothA Second MeetingGoth has a chance meeting with one of the first autobots he ever faced, Quickswitch.2019-06-25 02:54:06
1111FinishedGothA visit.Goth grouses and Blast Off and Onslaught get a moment.2019-06-24 07:43:10
1110FinishedSwivelDark CorridorsSwivel reveals to Starlock the convoluted truth between her and Blurr.2019-06-24 03:40:30
1109FinishedGothMangledThe sonic canyons once more prove to be a near deadly opponent.2019-06-23 07:14:42
1108FinishedKoinoniaPharma Can't Stop MeRosy gives Ratchet the data necessary to make the cure for sanguinolentus.2019-06-23 02:57:16
1107FinishedProwlBattleground: Sonic Canyons 3 - 5Autobots successfully defend the Sonic Canyons base.2019-06-22 04:48:15
1106ActiveQuickswitchA Chance MeetingQuickswitch and Sixshot meet after a long parting.
1105FinishedRatchetRecruiting the ShrinkRatchet offers Rung a position in the Autobot Medical Division.2019-06-21 22:50:06
1104ActivePetroglyphNo Title SetNo Description Set
1103FinishedRatchetAiding the RecruitmentsRatchet recruits First Aid to the Autobots new Medical Team2019-06-21 02:01:23
1102FinishedStarlockSmall TalksFirst Aid and Starlock talk to each other, and Aid tries to reach out to Quickswitch.2019-06-21 01:23:53
1101FinishedStarlockConvince Me NotRatchet recruits the first of his new Medical Division.2019-06-20 21:48:32
1100FinishedJazzNew DivisionsNo Description Set2019-06-20 20:20:09
1099FinishedDarkstarClean-up Aisle Clemency! (Battleground Clemency-10 1.5)Darkstar sifts through the wreckage of Clemency Mining Facility2019-06-20 03:53:24
1098FinishedDarkstarClean-up Aisle Thymesis! (Battleground: Thymesis Mining Facility 3 - 1.5)Darkstar raids the Thymesis Mining Facility after a victorious battle2019-06-20 03:51:52
1097FinishedDarkstarDeep Space Mining Operation of YawnDarkstar Logs A Deep Space Mining Operation2019-06-20 03:48:31
1096FinishedDarkstarClean-up Aisle Kolkular! (Sherlocks and Shenanigans 1.5)Darkstar sifts through the wreckage of Kolkular Prison2019-06-20 03:45:43
1095FinishedPharmaRegretful Yet ResignedRatchet investigates Pharma's assistant, Triage.2019-06-20 07:31:02
1094FinishedOnslaughtUndergrid InvestigationsA group of Cons have been sent to the Undergrid; while there, they run into Sixshot and investigate a base2019-06-20 06:54:03
1093FinishedStarlockRetrievalStarlock leads a Search-and-Rescue team to retrieve Quickswitch.2019-06-18 20:56:19
1092FinishedPharmaNostalgic I GuessRatchet tries to distract Pharma, but doesn't have much success.2019-06-17 05:36:53
1091FinishedKoinoniaDirty MoneyNightbeat convinces Nightlash and the medical staff at Deltaran to rob Pharma and use the shanix to bribe information out of Monte's shill.2019-06-17 07:30:51
1090FinishedGothPraxus RepairsBrawl gets repaired, and Vortex is weird.2019-06-16 06:25:11
1089FinishedDeadlockBattleground: Praxus 3 - 5Decepticons capture Praxus.2019-06-16 02:50:36
1088FinishedStarlockPractice.Starlock attempts some practice with her new weapons, only to get insults.2019-06-15 06:24:23
1087FinishedOnslaughtHomework with the BossOnslaught and Brawl work on a report2019-06-14 05:22:34
1086FinishedSwivelMistaken Identities at MacsSwivel is gloomy and Whirl can't get anyone's name right.2019-10-03 10:02:33
1085FinishedGothA GreetingDustoff returns to find that the Repair bay has in fact, not been burned down.2019-06-14 02:52:03
1084FinishedJazzQuickswitch SwitchNo Description Set2019-06-13 20:10:24
1083FinishedHot RodGala at the ASTThe gala at the AST goes sideways when a shapeshifting doppelganger assumes Hot Rod's form and starts asking strange questions.2019-06-13 06:57:01
1082FinishedQuickswitchSixchanger RouletteAn upgrade roleplay where Quickswitch practices his news method of attack.2019-06-12 18:58:49
1081FinishedJurisInsecticons in the Dead End: Part 3Darkstar and Goth meet Juris, Onslaught, and Vortex in the Dead End to finish bug hunting.2019-06-12 09:05:16
1080FinishedSwivelThe Lonely RoadBlast Off and Swivel comiserate over the loneliness of the lofty roads they traverse.2019-06-12 08:18:29
1079FinishedWhirlBarracks RPFolks hanging around the Barracks.2019-06-12 08:25:14
1078FinishedFirst AidHanging in the barracksNo Description Set2019-06-11 22:01:52
1077FinishedBlurrTo OptimusAutobots and Darkstar toast to Optimus' return.2019-06-11 17:28:51
1076FinishedWhirlFisticuff TherapyStarlock and First Aid work out some aggressions; Whirl helps! Well, "helps"...2019-06-11 00:50:08
1075FinishedJurisInsecticons in the Dead End: Part 2 (A Trilogy?)Vortex, Blast Off, and Whirl run into Juris while she searches for two feral Insecticons in the Dead End.2019-06-10 06:15:57
1074FinishedPharmaThe Search Continues...First Aid and Starlock continue the search for Blurr.2019-06-10 06:07:20
1073FinishedWhirlAnatomy LessonsFirst Aid and Whirl discuss anatomy2019-06-09 00:55:29
1072FinishedStarlockMedivac from Tyger PaxFirst aid tends to those medevaced from Tyger Pax.2019-06-08 08:05:59
1071FinishedProwlBattleground: Tyger Pax 3 - 4The Autobots capture Tyger Pax.2019-06-08 04:29:59
1070FinishedStarlockFacing the MusicIn which Starlock gives Optimus the first very, very, very long debrief of many to come.2019-06-08 23:18:39
1069FinishedPhantomAll the Wrong QuestionsPhantom discusses his troubled existence with Vortex, Goth, Brawl and Hookshot2019-06-07 17:28:22
1067FinishedOptimus PrimeOptimus Pursues Optimal FunctionDespite his power, even the Autobot Commander in Chief seeks ways to further improve efficiency.2019-06-07 05:35:14
1066FinishedWhirlMedbay RP!What it says on the tin!2019-06-07 01:14:56
1065FinishedDarkstarCreativity and ConversationDarkstar and Goth chat while the former tests his new prototypes.2019-06-07 01:19:32
1064FinishedJurisUncanny CoincidencesVortex runs into his vice, Juris, and the leader of the Autobots, Optimus. Starlock and Darkstar also appear, exchanging banter.2019-06-06 18:24:42
1063FinishedWhirlPost-Harmonex Victory Medbay Celebration!Post-Harmonex Victory Medbay Celebration!2019-06-06 05:23:18
1062FinishedStarlockBattleground: Ruins of Harmonex 3 - 4The autobots continue to hold the ruined city of Harmonex.2019-06-06 03:02:42
1061FinishedBlast OffInventoryNo Description Set2019-06-07 02:13:56
1060FinishedOptimus PrimeA Prime.. ConcernNo Description Set2019-06-06 01:03:33
1059FinishedDustoffGoods and ServicesEveryone is broken, Goth is happy he lit Prowl on fire, and really nothing else matters beyond that. Combaticons pay in booze for fixin's.2019-07-01 06:29:38
1058FinishedStarlockIbex Aftermath RepairsStarlock repairs those injured from the assault on Ibex.2019-06-05 07:31:25
1057FinishedProwlBattleground: Ibex South 3 - 4Decepticons are victorious in Ibex's south district.2019-06-05 02:49:12
1056FinishedStarlockChaos in the RepairbayStarlock learns in the most unfortunate way, that Quickswitch fears Whirl.2019-08-01 07:33:41
1055FinishedDarkstarDoctored ResultsGoth services Darkstar's Ramscoops & FTL drive, and Vortex's rotors return!2019-06-09 09:05:42
1054FinishedPharmaWhat Happened To The Fastest Mech Alive?Misunderstanding...or mystery?2019-06-05 00:01:37
1053FinishedStarlockIn The Training RoomNo Description Set2019-06-04 05:10:28
1052FinishedOptimus PrimeThe Return of PrimeOrbital sensors over Cybertron have spurned into activity, as a vessel bearing identification tied to Optimus Prime was detected. After a short time of maintaining orbit, it descened towards the Iacon Region. Has Prime truly returned?

OOC: Autobots Only
2019-06-03 20:52:58
1051FinishedHot RodFending Off Feral InsecticonsCosmos the Attaccing Snacc2019-06-03 06:02:23
1050FinishedKoinoniaMeeting Monte & ShillStarlock, Nightlash, and Nightbeat gather at the Red Guardian Inn to see if an optic witness of the warehouse explosion will talk. Whirl drops in unexpectedly.2019-06-02 06:54:45
1049FinishedStarlockQuick SwitchesQuickswitch finds Starlock at the Mithril sea, and a small talk ensues.2019-06-01 04:08:58
1048FinishedWhirlAppointmentsNo Description Set2019-06-03 01:18:23
1047FinishedSwivelMoxie and NegotiationsDarkstar and Soundwave head into Dead End to sniff out info on Howl.2019-05-31 06:59:32
1046FinishedBlurrBenefit of the DoubtBlurr decides the wipe the slate of his life clean, despite Glyph's protests.2019-05-30 06:30:38
1045FinishedNightlashWho's Afraid of Heights?Starlock finds out just how crazy some of the Autobot fliers are. Or...maybe they're the normal ones and everyone else is just strange.2019-05-30 12:53:23
1044FinishedGothCombaticon Training Session - R2The Combaticons gather to train in the Training Arena once more, with onlookers.2019-05-30 09:40:03
1043FinishedWhirlWhirl Walks Into a BarNo Description Set2019-05-29 05:16:33
1042FinishedVortexLittle talksGoth and Vortex have a long talk in a short alley2019-05-28 08:46:31
1041FinishedStarlockWhirl, no!Whirl comes to the medical bay and Meets Nightlash... Beginning a.. Interesting, friendship.2019-05-28 05:49:04
1040FinishedBlast OffThe Truth is RevealedNo Description Set2019-05-28 07:10:25
1039FinishedGothWords Not Often Said.Dustoff and Goth get a moment to themselves, and say something that normally goes unsaid.2019-05-29 01:36:02
1038FinishedStarlockAftercareStarlock consoles First Aid after the event at the Dead End, and offers some advice.2019-05-27 10:13:58
1037FinishedDarkstarPapa's Got A Brand New JamGoth and Darkstar train, and Goth shows off some new abilities2019-05-28 05:11:11
1036FinishedBlurrWrong Things QuotaSwivel tries to do what Hot Rod couldn't. It doesn't really work.2019-05-27 17:22:59
1035FinishedGothBrawl at the BarBrawl hangs out at the Jump Joint and socializes with a few of the not-so-regulars.2019-05-27 02:31:03
1034FinishedDarkstarDead End Fight ClubDead End Fight Club2019-05-27 08:05:10
1033FinishedDarkstarThe Institute of Lower LearningDarkstar is 'intrigued' as Goth and Vortex talk about Pharma and The Institute...2019-05-25 08:39:38
1032FinishedGothProper RepairsDustoff arrives in the medbay to repair Goth properly while Vortex watches.2019-05-25 05:40:51
1031FinishedGothAftermath of Nova CronumIn which Vortex shows off his collective medical knowledge and Tends to the wounded.2019-05-24 07:58:28
1030FinishedProwlBattleground: Nova Cronum 3 - 3The Autobots seize control of Nova Cronum.2019-05-24 04:43:24
1029FinishedGothA SetGoth gets some input from Onslaught about the new set of Rotor blades he's designing for Vortex, and Schematics for a new Ionic Blaster for Blast Off.2019-05-24 01:32:41
1028FinishedHot RodBar BluesHot Rod, Swivel, Hound, Starlock, and First Aid are hanging out at the Red Guardian Inn, trying to find something to celebrate, but Blurr is really not in the mood. Quickswitch makes a guest appearance.2019-06-02 07:06:32
1027FinishedOnslaughtCon Medbay SocialNo Description Set2019-05-23 07:38:13
1026FinishedBlast OffJailbreakNo Description Set2019-05-22 08:46:29
1025FinishedHammerstrikeFrustrations and ApologiesStarlock and Hammerstrike talk while heading back to Cybertron.2019-05-22 04:20:07
1024FinishedDarkstarChaos, Order, and the In-BetweenDarkstar and Goth chat about keeping the peace.2019-05-21 08:09:04
1023FinishedBlurrLet Me Live, Or Let Me DieFirst Aid and Starlock track down a severely injured Blurr.2019-06-11 17:50:06
1022FinishedStarlockClemency Repairs: The Rest...Ratchet's repairs are seen to, and First Aid is calmed down.2019-05-21 02:45:40
1021FinishedStarlockOne RepairStarlock is the only one to come into the medbay of her own volition after the skirmish at Ibex Central.2019-05-20 07:50:11
1020FinishedDarkstarSame PageDustoff makes Darkstar a deal, while Goth stands intrigued.2019-05-20 06:14:10
1019FinishedPharmaThe Good Doc's True ColorsBlast Off, Vortex, and Ravage get to bear witness to the -real- Pharma...2019-05-20 06:25:12
1018FinishedBlurrBattleground: Ibex Central 3 - 3The Autobots push toward Ibex's central sectors and capture the region successfully.2019-05-20 04:19:15
1017FinishedDustoffWith Friends Like These...Goth gets patched up after success on Clemency. Darkstar makes friends in the worst possible way...2019-05-19 16:41:52
1016FinishedStarlockClemency Repairs: First AidStarlock tends to First Aid first.2019-05-19 08:47:44
1015FinishedPharmaPrison ExperimentsVortex and Blast Off are unexpectedly attacked by a fellow prisoner. Ravage makes a risky move.2019-05-19 06:21:24
1014FinishedDeadlockBattleground: Clemency 3 - 3The Decepticons successfully defend the Clemency outpost.2019-05-19 04:09:05
1013FinishedGothA DatapadOnslaught brings the Datapad he found to Dustoff and Goth.2019-05-19 00:10:03
1012FinishedStarlockWorking at RodionFirst Aid and Starlock hang around Rodion, and end up chatting with Rung, then Darkstar shows up.2019-05-18 08:02:31
1011FinishedStarlockA Favour OwedOnslaught get's a hint.2019-05-18 00:32:22
1010FinishedStarlockKindnessAfter escaping the Dead End Fight club, Starlock and First Aid hideout behind Ratchet's clinic to talk and calm down.2019-05-17 09:53:54
1009FinishedBlast OffMedics, Guards, and Prisoners of War.No Description Set2019-05-17 05:57:57
1008FinishedDarkstarFIGHT CLUBFirst Aid and Starlock stumble upon Darkstar and the Dead End Fight Club2019-05-17 08:00:08
1007FinishedKoinoniaInvestigation at the Leveled WarehouseHound, Starlock, Hyperdrive, and Nightlash run into Nightbeat while attempting to find out more about the latest explosion in Iacon.2019-05-16 05:26:39
1006ActiveBlast OffQuestionsNo Description Set
1005FinishedGothMoment of RespiteGoth wonders in after the skirmish at the Plar Rig.2019-05-16 06:01:35
1004FinishedHammerstrikeTeasing RotorsVortex got his rotors back. Then got them confiscated.2019-05-15 08:11:44
1003FinishedKoinoniaHow the Chopper Got His Blades BackVortex now owes Juris for having his rotors brought to him while in prison.2019-05-15 05:55:01
1002FinishedDarkstarPolar PossibilitiesAutobot and Decepticon scouting parties clash over Simanzi!2019-05-15 08:38:36
1001FinishedStarlockOverchargedAid has to deal with a overcharged Starlock and Darkstar being.. Darkstar.2019-05-14 10:22:37
1000FinishedEDI1K Scenes Celebration: TF UniversityOnce upon a happier universe, the war never happened...2019-05-26 03:41:07
998FinishedStarlockPatientsStarlock moves to tend to those at Garrus-1.2019-05-14 06:06:44
997FinishedStarlockAn OpticHyperdrive is brought in for repairs after His and Swivel's tussle with Vortex and Blast off.2019-05-13 21:10:19
996FinishedStarlockSmall VictoriesSometimes stories are a good way to get through grief...2019-05-13 09:30:58
995FinishedGothPreparationsGoth, Dustoff, and Darkstar report in to Soundwave.2019-05-13 05:16:31
994FinishedSwivelA Series of GlitchesBlast Off and Vortex attempt to escape via underground tunnels. Everyone is messed up by the end.2019-05-13 07:29:59
993FinishedJurisTo be Freed, Or Not to be FreedNo Description Set2019-05-12 06:36:11
992FinishedPhantomSuicide PreventionRung stops Phantom from making an attempt on his own life.2019-05-12 05:02:24
991FinishedGothAggravated IntelGoth passes along some Information to Onslaught and Dustoff.2019-05-12 02:59:49
990FinishedDarkstarCyber-lemons to Cyber-lemonadeDarkstar conscripts Goth for training, and the two talk of retrieving POW's2019-05-11 08:40:40
989FinishedBlast OffJailbirdsNo Description Set2019-05-11 05:54:16
988FinishedRungHyperdrive Faces his FearsIt's not as bad as it sounds. Hyperdrive is only having a chat with Rung.2019-05-11 04:33:43
987FinishedGothPacing...Goth tries to lie to himself about the recent Rodion news.2019-05-10 09:05:09
986FinishedNightlashGood TalkNightlash breaks a thing. First Aid tries to help. The big question is...did he? And what did he help with?2019-05-10 06:11:32
985FinishedStarlockBattleground: Rodion 3 - 2The Autobot's defend Rodion and end up with a decision to make.2019-05-10 06:13:29
984FinishedSky LynxUplifting VisitationLynx visits a recovering Starlock in the medbay in the wake of the Stanix battle. The two have a pleasant conversation in spite of the circumstances.2019-05-09 06:58:17
983FinishedPharmaBattleground: Stanix 3 - 2The Decepticons defend Stanix.2019-05-09 03:21:22
982ActiveHyperdriveNo Title SetNo Description Set
981FinishedBlast OffCombaticon Training SessionNo Description Set2019-05-08 09:40:36
980FinishedGothForshameVortex does the walk of shame into the medbay, and Goth helps Darkstar.2019-05-07 07:15:57
979FinishedStarlockTeasingThey just wanted time to relax, sadly, that is not what they got.2019-05-07 05:16:33
978FinishedDarkstarAnatomy of WarDarkstar hits the books hard, Goth wakes up from a recharge, and Vortex has a trophy!2019-05-06 08:59:34
977FinishedRavageKalis CleanupWhile Ravage is hunting for sport, Vortex and Blast Off are tasked with gathering up the remaining survivors. There are none.2019-05-06 13:55:36
976FinishedDustoffIrons in the FireGoth comes in for repairs following the battle for Kalis, and Shadowstar stops by to discuss some future plans.2019-05-06 04:38:02
975FinishedDeadlockBattleground: Kalis 3 - 2The Decepticons win Kalis by a hair.2019-05-06 01:06:52
974FinishedGothThe Bat Meets The CatWhile walking through Kaon, Goth meet's Ravage...2019-05-05 21:19:00
973FinishedDarkstarYou Get A Car, You Get A Car!Darkstar brings gifts to his comrades. So begins the end2019-05-05 07:22:50
972FinishedProwlStraight AnswersJuris convinces Prowl to walk into a bar, which he isn't happy about.2019-05-05 05:18:05
971FinishedKoinoniaPower Plant WreckageHound, First Aid, Nightlash, Hyperdrive, Starlock and Swivel head to the southern region of Iacon to inspect the ruins of the power plant that had blown up recently...2019-05-05 05:49:39
970FinishedRungNightlash Meets the PsychiatristNightlash has a session with Rung, and Rung learns some discomforting details.2019-05-04 22:48:51
969FinishedSwivelTales of MonstersHyperdrive and Swivel talk about his experiences in the arena.2019-05-04 05:32:27
968FinishedBlast OffSonic Canyon SearchNo Description Set2019-05-04 06:30:17
967FinishedDustoffAll's Quiet in the MedbayGoth and Dustoff decompress in the Medbay during a rare moment of calm before Vortex pops in to...partake in a drink. No chaos ensues for once.2019-05-04 05:42:28
966FinishedDarkstarArena Fighter TurboDecepticons train without projectile weaponry, one goes batty, and now the chase is on!2019-05-04 05:46:32
965FinishedStarlockA FlowerSiegebreaker decides to adopt a flower.2019-05-03 01:17:46
964FinishedNightlashEdge of SanityNightlash and Hyperdrive have a's possible both are a bit broken, though.2019-05-02 23:10:52
963FinishedBlast OffWine Shop TourNo Description Set2019-05-03 01:33:45
962FinishedKoinoniaGlory and Gore Go Hand in HandStarlock, Hound, and First Aid tag along as Sky Lynx brings the two refugees hiding at the Mithril Sea to Rodion. Upon arrival, it's discovered that they're K Class...2019-05-03 18:43:21
961FinishedStarlockRest and RepairStarlock works to repair Hyperdrive and put some worries to rest.2019-08-01 07:30:31
960FinishedDustoffWhoops, We're Broken AgainThe Decepticons banded together to stop the Autobot escapees from the Power Base. Dustoff and Goth spend the rest of the night fixing them all.2019-05-01 12:23:02
959FinishedSwivelPower Base Blast Pt 2Escapees make the perilous journey to the Autobot Outpost in the Sonic Canyons with Decepticons on the hunt.2019-05-01 04:31:34
958FinishedGothBurn OutDustoff ends up with a full medbay after the prison break.2019-04-30 06:32:50
957FinishedNightlashPower Base Blast IntermissionThe escaped prisoners from the Power Base find themselves camping out in the Sonic Canyons while they recover, and a broken Nightlash is found by Starlock.2019-04-30 04:24:27
956FinishedTachyglossusPower Base Blast Part 1A death match takes a turn for the worse and the gladiators rebel.2019-04-30 02:41:05
955FinishedGothMeeting the OnslaughtOnslaught meets Vortex and Blast Off's... Friends?2019-05-05 03:03:45
954FinishedStarlockSea Side MelodyStarlock gives Vortex and Darkstar the cold pauldron.2019-04-29 09:56:06
953FinishedVortexVisiting HyperdriveNo Description Set2019-04-29 03:42:33
952FinishedKoinoniaA Night at the PenthouseGlyph invites himself over to Blurr's residence, and refuses to leave until the speedster tells him what's on his mind.2019-04-29 05:07:55
951FinishedStarlockA Doctor Is InStarlock arrives in the medical bay to repair Hound.2019-04-28 04:09:52
950FinishedBlurrRunning From ProblemsSky Lynx, First Aid, and Glyph try to talk to Blurr. It doesn't go well.2019-04-28 04:08:54
949FinishedKoinoniaThat Time Ratchet Got His Clinic BackRatchet has a surprise visitor at his quarantined free clinic.2019-04-28 04:19:01
948FinishedDustoffWhere To Go From HereGoth and Dustoff have the Jump Joint to themselves and have a good long talk about things.2019-04-28 03:00:03
947FinishedSky LynxTraining DayStarlock runs into Lynx during a training session, training turns into conversation and sharing of ideas to address some problems.2019-04-27 07:13:36
946FinishedBrawlPower Base Team-UpAnother fight at the Power Base! Decepticons vs Autobots with a twist.2019-04-27 18:59:40
945FinishedDarkstarWhat's Love Got To Do With It?The Decepticons booze it up and talk relationships in the aftermath of their victory at Thymesis.2019-04-26 09:04:53
944FinishedGothBattleground: Thymesis Mining Facility 3 - 1The Decepticons capture the Thymesis Mining Facility.2019-04-26 05:32:56
943FinishedHot RodNyonian FoundStarlock and First Aid return to the Mithril Sea to look for Hot Rod - only to discover he's ran into his old friend, Deadlock.2019-04-25 06:50:51
942FinishedGothA Reversal of RolesGoth ends up having to repair a severely wounded Dustoff after the capture of the Undergrid.2019-04-25 06:49:15
941FinishedTap-OutNew GuyNo Description Set2019-04-25 05:18:03
940FinishedDeadlockBattleground: Undergrid Base 3 - 1The Decepticons capture a base in the Undergrid.2019-04-25 03:09:46
939FinishedStarlockConfidentialityStarlock finally confides in First aid about the mess with Gallo.2019-04-25 00:16:32
938FinishedDarkstarThe Good Thing About Refugees...Darkstar and Goth go loot-...salvaging in the aftermath of the Ibex refugee exodus.2019-04-24 08:47:38
937FinishedJurisNo Title SetNo Description Set2019-04-24 06:23:01
936FinishedVortexI Love RotariesVortex goes looking for trouble in Stanix.2019-12-09 18:35:05
934FinishedGothFirstsDarkstar ends up offline for a change! And Vortex get's to poke him.2019-04-23 06:56:24
933FinishedTap-OutFriends RejoinedNo Description Set2019-04-23 04:45:48
932FinishedQuakeHunting AutobotsNo Description Set2019-04-23 04:38:29
931FinishedBlast OffAll For the ShowNo Description Set2019-04-23 02:08:11
930FinishedSwivelMedibay Revolving DoorFirst Aid and Starlock tend to Swivel and Nightlash.2019-06-11 18:13:38
929FinishedBlurrAlways the Worst ThingsBlurr slams the door in yet another person's face.2019-04-23 00:42:57
928FinishedBlurrWar of WordsLots of posturing occurs while the Autobots attempt to help civilian refugee escape Decepticon-occupied territory.2019-04-22 18:50:01
927FinishedGothA FixDustoff finds and fixes the Bat's latest problem.2019-04-21 23:34:13
926FinishedGothFollowedVortex does the weird thing, and follows Goth down to his lab.2019-04-21 10:14:59
925FinishedDarkstarLet's Get Ready To Rumble: Spacer EditionBlast Off VS Darkstar! In the sims this time. Goth receives comfort from Dustoff, Vortex roots for his bro.2019-04-21 07:27:10
924FinishedPharmaBest Bedside MannerPharma fixes up Sky Lynx after the victory at Polyhex.2019-04-21 01:20:38
923FinishedGothThe Hex of PolyhexWhat starts in the medbay, ends in the training simulators.2019-04-21 04:35:55
922FinishedPharmaBattleground: Polyhex 3 - 1Polyhex flips, again.2019-04-20 23:57:01
921FinishedTachyglossusPower Base Power UpThe Power Base is back in action with a Battle Royale between Decepticon warriors. Who will be victorious?2019-04-21 15:55:22
920FinishedGothA Walk In The Past.A walk in Tesarus allows for Goth and Dustoff to talk without the madness of the medbay for a change.2019-04-20 00:39:27
919FinishedDarkstarAmicable When SubduedGoth brings Darkstar back from quarantine. The two talk weapons R&D, and Goth opens up about the possibility of capture.2019-04-19 09:10:15
918FinishedSwivelEchoing HowlsFollowing up on "Howl", Darkstar and Soundwave set their sights on X-El COurier's Head Office.2019-04-19 05:53:45
917FinishedHot RodLost at SeaHot Rod attempts to set off fireworks over the Mithril Sea. Dustoff watches, Starlock tags along, but Hot Rod goes MIA shortly after Dustoff puts a hole in their boat.2019-04-19 06:25:40
916FinishedPhantomMasochism at MaccadamsDarkstar: haha Phantom: yessssss First Aid: noooooo Starlock: ugh2019-04-18 17:51:26
915FinishedStarlockNot lost, or ForgottenA normal patrol, offers something a bit more...2019-04-18 03:31:32
914FinishedDarkstarManaging MedbayThe Decepticons except for Vortex make sure that the medbay remains clean and orderly, and Phantom rescues Vortex from his sobriety. Darkstar has a secret, and Goth's confidence is on the rise.2019-04-17 07:00:20
913FinishedDarkstarLabor UnionDarkstar, Goth, and Vortex hang out in the medbay as Darkstar and Goth showcase their latest projects.2019-04-16 08:21:05
912FinishedSwivelLingerStarlock and Swivel share intel and feelings.2019-04-16 05:56:55
911FinishedGothBomb TestingGoth and Scrapper play with explosives.2019-04-16 02:03:48
910FinishedBlast OffNightmare FuelNo Description Set2019-04-15 07:59:57
909FinishedHealthpointBlurry Target PracticeNo Description Set2019-04-15 06:14:36
908FinishedGothLazy WakingsDustoff and Goth wake up from recharge to find they've slept in, but take the time to enjoy their quiet moment together.2019-04-15 04:18:55
907FinishedStarlockHelping HyperdriveHyperdrive is rolled into the repairbay to be tended to.2019-04-14 08:34:47
906FinishedSky LynxReconciliationsBlast Off crosses paths with Sky Lynx for the first time since the Kokular Prison Breakout. It goes about as well as anyone might expect.2019-04-14 02:38:14
905FinishedGothMech MedleyWhat starts off as just Dustoff and Goth, turns into a long line of visits from various meches, being Scrapper, Darkstar, Blast off, and Vortex.2019-04-14 09:02:50
904FinishedStarlockRepairs from Ibex CentralHealthpoint and Hoist repair Blurr and Starlock after their failed attempt to take Ibex Central.2019-04-13 08:41:08
903FinishedGothA Full MedbayScrapper, Vortex, and Shadowstar come in for repairs after their success at Ibex Central, Shadowstar has to deal with being repaired by Goth, Dustoff returns from another assignment, and Goth and Scrapper talk more Science.2019-04-13 08:51:50
902FinishedProwlBattleground: Ibex Central 11Decepticons barely managed to defend Ibex's central sectors.2019-04-13 05:03:04
901FinishedKoinoniaRosy's PropositionRosy reveals her true name, Quartz, and makes Soundwave an offer regarding the thinning plague that he can't refuse.2019-04-12 07:51:29
900FinishedBlurrA Healthy BalanceSwivel tries to reconcile with Blurr. It doesn't go well.2019-04-11 05:34:32
899FinishedStarlockSouth RepairsStarlock tends to Healthpoint's injuries after their run in Ibex south, Starlock also agrees to teach Healthpoint about refueling and reclibrations!2019-04-11 06:22:23
898FinishedGothStrange ScienceScrapper comes to check out Goth's lab, Darkstar follows, Phantom has a moment, and they end up trashing the poor bat's lab! Well, except Scrapper, he goes into one of his Mad Scientist moments.2019-04-11 07:47:35
897FinishedBlurrBattleground: Ibex South 11Autobots capture Ibex's southern sectors.2019-04-11 03:30:43
896FinishedDarkstarWhere Every Con Knows Your NameDecepticons gather for drinks! Darkstar congratulates a victorious Goth, while Phantom wrestles with the inevitible, and Vortex boots sobriety.2019-04-11 02:54:18
895FinishedHot RodA Late Night in the MedbayHot Rod harasses Starlock and Healthpoint in the medbay while they're repairing Warpath. Glyph drops by.2019-04-10 07:58:14
894FinishedSwivelConscience Check UpWhile scouting Ibex Swivel sees a conscience in need of tuning.2019-04-10 07:22:32
893FinishedProwlBattleground: Nova Cronum 11The Decepticons defend Nova Cronum.2019-04-10 03:49:20
892FinishedDarkstarA Spoonful of SugarThe Decepticons converge in the barracks. Darkstar is unwell, Vortex is..Vortex, Blast Off gets a bit jealous, and Goth knows a thing or two about medicine!2019-04-15 01:53:39
891FinishedStarlockA Medics Training SessionStarlock and Healthpoint have a long training session where Starlock tries to help Heathpoint learn to aim, and grow her confidence, Swivel and Hound eventually join in on for a 2-VS-2 Training match!2019-04-09 06:48:53
890FinishedBlast OffStairs, Stomps, and FlamethrowersNo Description Set2019-04-08 06:05:18
889FinishedHealthpointCleaning up PraxusNo Description Set2019-04-08 08:16:38
888FinishedDarkstarBlood and ChromeA whole lotta training takes place among the Decepticons, Goth tests out his new abilities, and bonds of camaraderie tighten as a result.2019-04-08 06:18:42
887FinishedKoinoniaGallo's DemiseGallo escapes the Decepticon HQ, but only to be arrested by Juris, who brings Rosy to offer a cure to the 'Cons in return for custody of Gallo.2019-04-07 05:38:05
886FinishedStarlockAftermath of PraxusHeathpoint flies in after the events of getting slagged by Megatron at Praxus, and is scolded by Prowl, as well as getting a proper talk with Starlock.2019-04-07 06:19:33
885FinishedGothRepairs and UpgradesGoth wanders into the medbay after getting slagged at Praxus, to find that Dustoff has a bit of a surprise for him.2019-07-27 22:16:04
884FinishedProwlBattleground: Praxus 11Autobots seize the city of Praxus from Decepticon occupation.2019-04-07 00:47:19
883FinishedDarkstarShop TalkA trio of Decepticons in the medbay talk R&R, femmes, schemes and get a visit from a tiny new 'friend'.2019-04-07 06:17:13
882FinishedStarlockSmall StepsRung makes some progress in helping Starlock and her mental state, getting her to take the first few steps to trusting, enough to start talking to him propper.2019-04-06 06:10:43
881FinishedDarkstarFrenemiesDecepticon and Autobots square off without a single shot fired. Darkstar makes a new friend2019-04-06 05:36:45
880FinishedStarlockA Return to NormalityStarlock and Sky Lynx finally reunite after the events of her capture, and Lynx being sent adrift, the small talk they have, resulting in some sense of Normality returning to Starlock.2019-04-05 02:24:11
879FinishedGothJumping at the Jump JointWhat happens when Blast off and Darkstar get drunk at the same place? Well Bar fights, that's what!2019-04-04 09:03:35
878FinishedProwlOrder of PriorityProwl kind of lectures Starlock.2019-04-04 06:42:12
877FinishedPhantomVortex's InterventionJuris has a lengthy discussion with Vortex about what he wants out of life, Gallo, and getting clean.2019-04-05 06:33:41
876FinishedDarkstarQuid Pro QuoDarkstar and Goth squre off yet again in the training room while Blast Off observes. Darkstar makes a tempting offer...2019-04-03 08:46:47
875FinishedStarlockPyro-MedicalsHot Rod wanders into the medbay damaged, and promptly sets it on fire... Again.2019-04-03 07:31:32
874FinishedKoinoniaHeartbreak at a LibrarySwivel presents Glyph with the artifact Phantom gave her - Blurr stops by and ruins the mood.2019-04-03 06:24:42
873FinishedStarlockA unseen StruggleStarlock struggles in trying to confide in Siegebreaker, but in the end, realizes his presence is really more than enough.2019-04-03 02:57:01
872FinishedSwivelMisdirected AngerSwivel apologizes to First Aid for her outburst.2019-04-02 23:52:25
871FinishedDarkstarSherlocks and ShenanigansThe Decepticons come together at the ruins of Kolkular Prison to ask the important questions...before they descend into the usual madness.2019-04-02 08:41:56
870FinishedStarlockRespite for the RescuedHealthpoint and First Aid tend to those rescued from Kolkular Prison, and Aid has issues with putting his pede in his mouth.2019-04-02 07:44:35
869FinishedStarlockLost StarsThe Autobots launch a full, all out assault on Kaon, and the Kolkular Prison in a bid to rescue Starlock! Sky Lynx leaving a path of pure destruction in his wake, and delivering a good dose of karma to Darkstar! and Sinnertwin does the unthinkable: He gets Prowl to laugh.2019-04-01 06:23:55
868FinishedGothRecoveryOr at least that is what Dustoff wishes he was doing, The medic ends up further overworked and unable to tend to his own wounds as his medical bay ends up busy once more.2019-03-31 07:15:59
867FinishedSky LynxThe Final FrontierAutobots follow a breadcrumb trail of radio signals and leaked navigational coordinates to find and recover the stranded Sky Lynx, who has been totally enjoying the view during his little forced vacation.2019-03-31 04:25:36
866FinishedShockwaveThe Cost of VictoryThe Decepticons barely won at the mining outpost on Clemency...and it nearly cost them their lives.2019-03-30 07:47:21
865FinishedGothBattleground: Clemency-10The Decepticons manage to capture Clemency by a sliver! Unforntally Darkstar abandons his teammates as fast as he came in.2019-03-30 05:36:04
864FinishedPhantomDrugs, Drugs, DrugsVortex and Phantom experiment with various drugs in the medbay. Blast Off and Goth are forced to protosit them.2019-03-29 07:52:12
863FinishedStarlockPrologue to a DialogueSoundwave is the latest in a line of Decepticons who have come to poke Starlock, only he proves to be a much better...Thoughtful, conversation partner.2019-03-29 06:55:37
862FinishedDarkstarAlliances and ArtifactsDarkstar meets a new fan looking for answers in the form of Howl(Swivel). They strike a bargain, and look forward to a prosperous future...2019-03-28 06:45:46
861FinishedDustoffMedbay PsychologyDustoff and Goth enjoy some peace and quiet for all of a nanosecond. The Blast Off puzzle is put back together, Sinnertwin gets some dents knocked out of him, and Phantom decides to break reality while Vortex fails to drink.2019-03-28 22:30:06
860FinishedBlurrBattleground: Tyger Pax-10The Decepticons defend Tyger Pax.2019-04-02 17:40:22
859FinishedHot RodDon't Get FriendzonedHot Rod and Hyperdrive discuss relationships.2019-03-27 08:48:26
858FinishedDarkstarCell MatesDarkstar, Phantom, and Vortex visit Starlock in her cell. It's about what you'd expect...2019-03-27 08:40:47
857FinishedBrawlBattleground: Polyhex 10Decepticons take on Polyhex and it turns into (un)friendly fire and tank on tank action.2019-03-27 04:31:13
856FinishedHot RodGlyphHot Rod and Swivel reunite with another Nyonian who has recently returned to Cybertron.2019-03-27 02:52:30
855FinishedGothTell Me About YourselfDarkstar askes Goth a question he didn't expect to ever get.2019-03-26 17:05:51
854FinishedBlast OffPrison ReconnaissanceNo Description Set2019-03-26 06:30:59
853FinishedDarkstarThe Boast and The BrushDarkstar gloats to Goth about his latest victory, while Goth decides to scoff and a bit of his 'other side' begins to show2019-03-25 08:05:14
852FinishedBuzzsawIgnorance is BlissBuzzsaw finally has the talk he's always wanted to have with Starlock. It goes about as well as could be expected.2019-03-25 06:25:55
851FinishedDarkstarSpecial DeliveryDarkstar and Blast Off deliver Starlock to Kolkular Prison, and the little bot is defiant as ever!2019-03-25 06:47:49
850FinishedDarkstarWhen Darkness FallsBlast Off, Darkstar, Sky Lynx and Starlock run into each other in deep space while investigating a strange anomaly only for the unspeakable to happen to one of the most magnificent mechs of all of Cybertron2019-03-24 08:24:36
849FinishedGothAdmittanceDustoff and Goth both need a break, and end up spending it with each other.2019-03-24 03:50:27
848FinishedStarlockMedics at Macc'sWhat starts out as a not-date? Turns sideways as Starlock starts a bar fight between Brawl and Darkstar to escape Darkstar attempting to grill them about Blast Off.2019-03-23 07:34:30
847FinishedGothAft-erburnersGoth, Dustoff, Vortex, and Darkstar are all in a bar, and at least two get smashed, Vortex also sets his aft on fire.2019-03-21 06:27:44
846FinishedSwivelLooking For SomethingLooking for heat shields, Blast Off gets a heated discussion instead.2019-03-21 08:15:17
845FinishedDarkstarAll's Fair in Love of WarPost battle, Goth greets the victorious squad of Darkstar, Vortex, and a sleepy Blast Off in the medical bay for some after action chit chat.2019-03-20 08:22:06
844FinishedSwivelStupid But Awesome tmSkirmish at the Mithril Sea. Darkstar gains respect for Nightlash, Swivel makes Vortex cry, and Starlock and Blast Off are long-suffering.2019-03-20 06:46:24
843FinishedGothBattlemech Beatdown! - R3Darkstar and Goth meet for another training session, only it turns into a free-for-all when Vortex joins in!2019-03-19 07:54:05
842FinishedGothBattlemech Beatdown! - R2Darkstar and Goth meet for another training session, to which Goth actually lands some hits!2019-03-18 09:15:15
841FinishedHoistConstruct Additional PylonsNo Description Set2019-03-18 04:35:32
840FinishedDustoffWhat the Slag Just Happened?Goth gets repaired, again, by Dustoff, Darkstar can't hold his drinks, and Vortex is an Iaconian model.2019-03-17 08:18:54
839FinishedSky LynxRude InterruptionsVortex and Darkstar rudely interrupt Starlock and Sky Lynx. Hookshot lingers in the background judgingly.2019-03-17 06:45:08
838FinishedGothA Postponed Talk.Buzzsaw gets his chance to talk with Goth after being unable to the Night before.2019-03-16 22:11:09
837FinishedBuzzsawSans CamaraderieIn the aftermath of the Sonic Canyons defeat, some friendly conversation and banter takes place between the Decepticon fighters.2019-03-16 17:37:30
836FinishedGothBattleground: Sonic Canyons-9The Autobot's defend the base by a sliver!2019-03-16 04:30:42
835FinishedDeadlockUndergrid Base-9The Autobots defend a base in the Undergrid.2019-03-15 05:53:27
834FinishedDarkstarBattlemech Beatdown!Darkstar and Goth square off in a 1v1 training session!2019-03-15 00:53:31
833FinishedDarkstarVerbal KombatDarkstar and Goth exchange friendly fire at the Jump Joint in a verbal battle for the ages!2019-03-14 09:36:24
832FinishedPhantomSomewhere UnknownRung jogs Phantom's memory of the Simanzi massacre and the events prior to it.2019-03-14 05:46:03
831FinishedHoistBuilding A Future PlanNo Description Set2019-03-14 01:05:55
830FinishedGothSonic Canyons Hide and SneakBlast off, Vortex, Goth, and Darkstar scout out the Sonic Canyons, only to get tricked by Swivel.2019-03-13 08:06:02
829FinishedStarlockBattleground: Ruins of Harmonex-9The Autobots Hammerstrike and Starlock lead an offensive in the ruins of Harmonex.2019-03-13 03:43:01
828FinishedStarlockConfidingSwivel is finally able to meet up with Starlock, who's struggling to understand her own thoughts.2019-03-13 00:15:17
827FinishedGothA DarkstarGoth gets the unfortunate pleasure of meeting the newest Decepticon recruit, Darkstar.2019-03-12 08:58:53
826FinishedPharmaThe Long GamePharma corners Starlock.2019-03-13 04:51:08
825FinishedDustoffIt's Hot In HereA gathering happens in the medbay. It's really just business as usual with a lot of drinking and posturing.2019-03-11 07:31:08
824FinishedStarlockHoist it UpHoist finds himself helping a injured soldier into the medbay, and meeting the odd Medibot's that normally hang around there.2019-03-11 02:47:07
823FinishedGothSmolderingScrapper gets himself and Goth to the medical bay after the battle of Kalis.2019-03-10 07:12:10
822FinishedProwlBattleground: Kalis-9The Autobots capture Kalis.2019-03-10 04:20:17
821FinishedSky LynxA Moment of RespiteStarlock and Lynx finally take some time to relax as the Viral situation settles into a holding pattern.2019-03-09 05:20:48
820FinishedKoinoniaA Visit from SoundwaveSoundwave and Buzzsaw further question Gallo. Phantom suggests Deadlock's relationship with Ratchet could be useful.2019-03-08 07:27:07
819FinishedGothMedical Bay DrinksBlast off and Vortex god to Medical bay, looking for Booze, only to get a video of young Blast off's cute face.2019-03-07 07:06:16
818FinishedKoinoniaProwl Hates FeelsJuris' confronting Prowl about Gallo's kidnapping turns into a bitter argument about their past together.2019-03-06 07:13:39
817FinishedSky LynxConspiracy TheoriesThere's a lot happening behind closed doors as Swivel and Ratchet meet up with Sky Lynx to figure out how best to deal with the viral situation.2019-03-06 05:16:25
816FinishedBuzzsawMeet Me At MidnightBuzzsaw has a planned meeting with Starlock and Phantom stops by with an unexpected visitor.2019-03-07 01:38:18
815FinishedStarlockRevelationsStarlock finally gets a hold of Ratchet, and shares what she has on Pharma...2019-03-05 08:06:19
814FinishedBlast OffWine Shop RespiteNo Description Set2019-03-05 07:06:55
813FinishedBlurrA Promotional PartyBlurr throws a party to congratulate Swivel on her promotion to the rank of Ensign.2019-03-05 06:54:23
812FinishedHot RodBrooding in NyonHyperdrive finds Hot Rod moping in the ruins of Nyon and updates him on recent events.2019-03-04 08:22:50
811FinishedPhantomGallo's InterrogationPhantom, Vortex, and Goth interrogate Gallo. Brawl makes a brief guest appearance.2019-03-04 08:18:36
810FinishedSky LynxThe Gallo PrincipleBlast Off joins Starlock and Sky Lynx to plan how best to handle the Gallo Affair. Some nostalgia sets in for Blast Off.2019-03-04 08:30:50
809FinishedPharmaQuite a TestimonyPharma testifies against Gallo. Juris doesn't believe a word of it.2019-03-04 04:44:29
808FinishedSwivelComparing NotesSwivel and Starlock meet up to discuss this whole Gallo mess - and lend support as two femmes in over their heads.2019-03-04 00:56:31
807FinishedKoinoniaOne Step Closer to The TruthPharma is revealed to be the mastermind behind Gallo's shady behavior. Gallo is kidnapped by the Decepticons.2019-03-03 08:08:00
806FinishedSwivelKaraoke WoesDrunk Starlock and Swivel end up singing Karaoke. Oh and Blast Off is there.2019-03-02 07:33:13
805FinishedProwlA Thing Or Two About LeadershipSwivel receives praise from the last person in the world she wants it from...2019-02-28 05:43:34
804FinishedBlurrWhat Is LoveBlurr talks to Rung and finds out he is very confused about his feelings for Swivel.2019-02-28 06:09:12
803FinishedStarlockApologizing, and meaning it.Siegebreaker and Starlock cross paths again in the barracks, only this time things are not as awkward.2019-02-27 04:33:29
802FinishedDeadlockBattleground: Ruins of Nyon 8Autobots defend an outpost in the ruins of Nyon.2019-02-26 06:02:58
801FinishedPhantomWhat Have You Lost?Phantom has a mental breakdown when he runs into Swivel at Maccadam's. Rung manages to snap him out of it.2019-02-24 06:35:14
800FinishedGothYet again...Goth once more wakes up in the repair bay, after a fail attempt at Luna-2, at least Dustoff's there.2019-02-24 04:06:09
799FinishedBlurrBattleground: Luna-2 Docks 8Blurr and Grimlock defend the docks on Luna-2.2019-02-23 05:22:17
798FinishedPharmaDoctor to DoctorPharma, Starlock, and Rung enjoy some free time. Ratchet is mostly discussed.2019-02-20 06:58:10
797FinishedSky LynxBeside the Mithril SeaSeeking a bit of quiet contemplation, Lynx ventures off to the most popular spot in the Mithril Seas. Conversation ensues between Starlock, Blurr, First Aid, and himself.2019-02-17 09:54:46
796FinishedSwivelIntactBlast Off's conscience sounds a lot like Swivel.2019-02-17 06:54:33
795FinishedBlurrBattleground: Clemency 4 - 3The Autobots seize control of the Clemency outpost.2019-07-28 00:35:42
794FinishedPhantomInterrogation at the Jump JointPhantom, Blast Off, and Vortex bully Goth, and ask Deadlock why he didn't report his escape.2019-02-16 08:23:39
793FinishedSky LynxMedbay R&RLynx gets some care and attention from Starlock following an admittedly uncharacteristic defeat in Protihex. The plants are very nice to look at.2019-02-16 02:59:39
792FinishedBlast OffCombaticons in IbexNo Description Set2019-02-15 05:36:03
791FinishedStarlockBarracks TalkSiegebreaker and Starlock get a moment to speak in the Barracks, it's awkward.2019-02-15 04:54:18
790FinishedGothBurns of ProtihexAfter being buried, slashed by Sky Lynx, and then blasted, shot at, heavily burned and finely knocked out at Protihex, Goth finally gets tended to by Dustoff.2019-02-15 02:24:26
789FinishedBlurrConfessionsBlurr and Swivel come clean about some deep feelings.2019-02-14 06:51:15
788FinishedProwlWar Games: Protihex 7-2The Autobots don't quite capture Protihex. Goth isn't having a good day.2019-02-14 04:56:08
787FinishedBlurrImpatient InpatientSwivel's got the touch...when it comes to Blurr.2019-02-13 06:46:34
786FinishedScrapperProtihex MaintenanceNo Description Set2019-02-13 07:29:28
785FinishedBlurrWar Games: Protihex 7-1Decepticons defend Protihex.2019-02-12 04:52:28
784FinishedStarlockWar Games: Rodion 7-1Swivel, Nightlash, and Starlock successfully work together to defend Rodion from Soundwave and Sinnertwin.2019-02-11 03:36:14
783FinishedDeadlockNo Good At GoodbyesRatchet learns the truth about Deadlock.2019-02-10 06:41:24
782FinishedBlurrThe Perfect GiftWhen you know you're walking into a trap but you still go in anyway.2019-02-12 05:28:48
781FinishedDeadlockAn Honest-to-Primus GlitcheadHot Rod somehow manages to get Ratchet to help him free Deadlock from Garrus-1.2019-02-09 00:36:27
780FinishedStarlockMithril Sea StarsBlast Off finds Starlock to ask her about what she found in Maccs, and things go off in a slight, but pleasant tangent.2019-02-07 06:21:10
779FinishedHot RodHyperdrive Moves InNo Description Set2019-02-19 01:29:02
778FinishedPhantomInfiltrating DeltaranPhantom, Vortex, and Blast Off sneak into Deltaran, hoping to glean useful intel.2019-02-06 07:59:30
777FinishedGothDown TimeScrapper, and Goth get caught up with Soundwave about their latest work, and their new shared hatred of fire.2019-02-05 06:06:13
776FinishedStarlockTwo of a KindWhat happens when Swivel and Starlock end up in the same room?2019-02-05 05:02:07
775FinishedStarlockHidden ConversationsStarlock finely get's to talk to Ratchet about what she had been dealing with in the safety of his office.2019-02-04 02:12:04
774FinishedStarlockBroken...Starlock ends up dealing with the fall out of the control fight over Clemency, on top of suffering through her own issues.2019-02-03 09:19:31
773FinishedDeadlockClemency: Mine, Mine, MineAutobots seize control of an abandoned mine on Clemency.2019-02-03 06:37:21
772FinishedProwlEffective ScapegoatsTwo scapegoats are very good at being scapegoats. Especially Cosmos.2019-02-03 05:43:34
768FinishedStarlockRecountingsAfter a brief talk with Quickswitch, Starlock ends up explaining her side of the story of what happened on Clemency, to Sky Lynx.2019-02-03 00:00:42
767FinishedGothSonic Canyons AftermathDustoff and Goth return to the repair bay after the Sonic Canyons.2019-02-02 07:28:21
766FinishedKoinoniaMaccadam's New Location Grand Opening!Starlock and Vortex investigate what Gallo may be up to, while Siegebreaker pwns a hopelessly humiliated Blast Off in a drinking game.2019-02-02 08:18:38
765FinishedStarlockNo clemency, for Clemency.Starlock talks to Hot Rod about what happened at Clemency, and what Buzzsaw showed her at Ibex.2019-02-02 00:26:13
764FinishedProwlWar Games: Sonic Canyons 6-3The Autobots prevail at the Sonic Canyons.2019-02-01 05:35:50
763FinishedBlast OffWarGames Central Ibex 6-1No Description Set2019-02-01 03:14:46
762FinishedHot RodSome NightsHot Rod and Hyperdrive have a late night talk about the Autobot cause.2019-01-31 09:57:52
761FinishedDustoffPost-Battle WorkDustoff has to fix up everyone from a day of fighting and such. Oh, and Vortex gets a root-canal.2019-01-31 05:04:41
760FinishedPhantomWar Games: Sonic Canyons 6-2Jazz tries to take on Sonic Canyons with Scrapper and Phantom defending it. Scrapper ends up hating Phantom 75% less.2019-01-31 04:35:06
759FinishedStarlockRepair Bay EmergencyRatchet ends up with a full clinic while he attempts to repair Starlock's damaged spark chamber.2019-01-31 06:24:57
758FinishedGothWar Games: Tyger Pax 6-2The decepticons Sinnertwin and Goth seize Tygre Pax.2019-01-31 02:27:59
757FinishedScrapperSonic Canyon ReconstructionSonic Canyon guard and reconstruction duty.2019-01-30 19:55:11
756ActiveBlast OffScores to SettleNo Description Set
755FinishedProwlClemency: Second CybertronShockwave's plans to terraform Clemency don't pan out as expected.2019-01-30 08:25:06
754FinishedGothWargame RepairsDustoff ends up witha full clinic.2019-01-30 01:57:13
753FinishedProwlWar Games: Sonic Canyons 6-1Autobots push against a Decepticon base in the Sonic Canyons.2019-01-29 06:10:44
752FinishedGothWar Games: Tyger Pax 6-1Megatron and Goth attempt to take Tyger Pax, and end up facing off against Nightlash!2019-01-28 03:43:43
751FinishedGothA long awaited talkGoth finelly speaks with his commanding officer about his place.2019-01-27 06:14:12
750FinishedBlast OffSparring SessionNo Description Set2019-01-25 05:18:09
749FinishedHot RodSparring at the Decagon!Hot Rod, Starlock, and First Aid practice sparring in the simulators at the Decagon.2019-01-30 01:55:48
748FinishedPhantomA Fearless Leader's Pep TalkMegatron gives the 'Cons a little.. talk. Soundwave calls Phantom disloyal, and Goth eats afterburner grease on accident.2019-01-24 06:15:34
747FinishedStarlockTaking AdviceStarlock ends up taking Hot Rod's advice on taking to Rung.2019-01-24 01:41:10
746FinishedHot RodA Psychoanalysis of the Good DoctorRatchet is summoned to the Rodion police station to be questioned by the DA. Hot Rod, Prowl, and Starlock intrude.2019-01-21 06:49:30
745FinishedNightlashRusty ConversationHyperdrive and Nightlash banter back and forth, it's pretty spectacular.2019-01-20 19:28:58
744FinishedStarlockChance Encounters...Starlock and Blast Off have a chance encounter, where the medic gets to ask something that has been on her mind for sometime...2019-01-20 08:08:47
743FinishedStarlockClemency Aftermath RepairsAfter returning from the second fight on Clemency, Starlock tends to Sky Lynx's injurys, and Sky Lynx unknowing helps in starting the healing of one of hers.2019-01-18 07:30:18
742FinishedKoinoniaWarehouse Wars 2Autobots are trying to move the ununtrium to a new and more secure location. The Decepticons and native Clemencians intervene.2019-01-17 05:49:43
741FinishedHot RodAnother Conversation at Maccadam'sHot Rod and Starlock run into Juris and Rosy in Rodion.2019-01-17 01:17:48
740FinishedSky LynxThe Battle of Hufferton HillStarlock does training and gets some pointers from Sky Lynx, and he gets much the same in return.2019-01-16 22:48:55
739FinishedCosmosSnacks, IN SPACE!Cosmos gets interrupted sneaking snacks.2019-01-14 05:01:34
738FinishedBlast OffJust a Little RedecoratingNo Description Set2019-01-13 06:38:48
737FinishedStarlockDisbeliefNo Description Set2019-03-11 02:47:56
736FinishedSiegebreakerWorst beach day. Ever.Beachside beatdowns.2019-01-13 00:44:13
735FinishedGothRepairs After MitteousDustoff has too much work, and Goth learns a bit about his new faction mates.2019-01-11 07:10:55
734FinishedProwlWar Games: Mitteous Plateau 5-2Autobots capture Mitteous Plateau.2019-01-11 05:00:43
733FinishedBlurrA Need To HateSwivel and Blurr discuss Blast Off, Ibex, and Blurr's past.2019-01-10 06:26:24
732FinishedBlurrWar Games: Ibex South 5-1Decepticons capture Ibex's southern sectors.2019-01-10 04:51:31
731FinishedStarlockPlateau AftermathFirst Aid repairs Siegebreaker after the stand at the Mitteous Plateau, only to be put into a uncomfortable situation.2019-01-10 05:44:38
730FinishedDustoffMitteous Plateau AftermathPost-Battle Repairs courtesy Dustoff2019-01-09 06:48:14
729FinishedHot RodFull Body AutopsyProwl gets set up on a blind date with Rodion's DA at the morgue. Hot Rod third wheels.2019-01-09 07:49:52
728FinishedPhantomWar Games: Mitteous Plateau 5-1The war rages on between Decepticon-controlled Nova Cronum and Autobot-controlled Polyhex.2019-01-09 04:15:47
727FinishedStarlockTraining Session with StarlockStarlock teaches First Aid about some of the things she's learned on the field.2019-01-14 10:50:28
726FinishedPharmaFriendly ConsolationPharma tries to cheer Ratchet up, then Starlock shows up.2019-01-11 02:49:07
725FinishedDeadlockWar Games: Rodion 5-1Decepticons assault Rodion but the Autobots' defense pushes them back.2019-01-08 05:43:23
724FinishedStarlockThe Clemency AftermathNo Description Set2019-01-07 08:51:59
723FinishedBlast OffAftermath of EpicnessNo Description Set2019-01-07 06:17:20
722FinishedHot RodA Conversation in the AtriumHot Rod, Starlock and Hyperdrive discuss recent events concerning the incident in Rodion.2019-01-06 06:36:43
721FinishedProwlWarehouse WarsAutobots and Decepticons battle over the ununtrium payload at the crash site on Clemency.2019-01-06 06:32:34
720FinishedStarlockQuestionsNo Description Set2019-01-05 06:19:06
719FinishedKoinoniaThe Murdering MedicA couple of Decepticons going for a walk-in at the free clinic in Rodion end up having their appointment go sideways when the head of medical records is apparently murdered by Ratchet.2019-01-04 05:27:46
718FinishedBlast OffBurdensNo Description Set2019-01-03 05:58:00
717FinishedHot RodEscape from Gallo's ShipWith the help of Blurr and Quickswitch, Hot Rod and Starlock escape from Gallo's ship, but not before discovering one of Gallo's secrets.2019-01-03 07:16:44
716FinishedValourHoliday ShoppingNo Description Set2018-12-24 21:35:52
715FinishedHot RodFunhouse HellHot Rod, Blast Off, Deadlock and Starlock get trapped aboard Gallo's ship.2018-12-24 09:30:29
714FinishedHot RodGreymatter ManipulationAn ordinary visit to Deltaran for a routine check up and an injured finger turns sour when Greymatter drops in unexpectedly.2018-12-22 07:24:03
713FinishedSiegebreakerNothing creates conversation like target practiceNo Description Set2018-12-21 03:27:06
712FinishedStarlockA few Cycles LaterNo Description Set2018-12-20 11:36:01
711FinishedBlast OffTime for a TalkNo Description Set2018-12-20 05:17:33
710FinishedJazzA Plan?Autobout Command Plots2018-12-18 06:46:25
709FinishedBlurrThe House That Blurr and Blast Off BuiltBlurr makes some interesting confessions to Swivel.2018-12-18 06:26:32
708FinishedSwivelStay the CourseSwivel ambushes Blast Off in an alleyway.2018-12-17 07:28:32
707FinishedStarlockPraxus Aftermath: Autobot MedbayNo Description Set2018-12-16 08:16:43
706FinishedProwlWar Games: Praxus 4-1The Decepticons capture Praxus, but at the cost of the Helix Gardens2018-12-16 05:31:45
705FinishedStarlockMedbay Spruce UpNo Description Set2018-12-15 06:37:25
704PausedQuickswitchFriend or Foe?No Description Set
703FinishedSwivelDevoted FriendsSwivel and Hyperdrive catch up and Swivel is reminded what loyalty looks like.2018-12-12 07:38:26
702FinishedSwivelFriendly WarningVortex swoops down on Swivel for a little chat.2018-12-12 07:36:32
701FinishedBlurrNyon Region ReconSwivel?s Nyon hideout is threatened when it is discovered by Buzzsaw. Blast Off doesn?t like it one bit.2018-12-11 21:29:49
700FinishedStarlockTurbulentNo Description Set2018-12-11 04:01:15
699FinishedSoundwaveLooking In On ThingsNo Description Set2018-12-10 06:32:08
698FinishedBlast OffMission AccomplishedNo Description Set2018-12-07 07:46:57
697FinishedPharmaMedics at Maccaddam'sPharma and Ratchet enjoy some time off in Rodion. Starlock is upset over the death of POWs on Luna-2.2018-12-08 00:40:48
696FinishedStarlockLuna-2 Reconnaissance.No Description Set2018-12-07 05:06:08
695FinishedBlurrWar of WordsWhen Bots and Cons aren't fighting with weapons, they're fighting with words.2018-12-07 06:53:07
694ActiveHarbingerRunaway BugNo Description Set
693FinishedProwlWar Games: Polyhex 3-1Polyhex is captured by the Autobots.2018-12-04 04:39:55
692FinishedSwivelWar Games: Ruins of Nyon 3-1Swivel, Hound, Sky Lynx and Blurr take on the Decepticon base in the Ruins of Nyon.2018-12-02 05:48:54
691FinishedStarlockLunar-2 AftermathNo Description Set2018-12-02 02:06:48
690FinishedBlast OffCybertron War Games: Luna 2 Docks 3-1No Description Set2018-12-01 06:28:57
689FinishedStarlockIacon ShenanigansNo Description Set2018-11-29 09:04:22
688FinishedSwivelAwarenessWith Decepticon threat looking in the Ruins of Nyon, Blast Off drops in on a certain scout.2018-11-29 07:35:58
687ActiveHyperdriveNo Title SetNo Description Set
686FinishedSoundwaveCleaning UpNo Description Set2018-11-27 06:40:00
685FinishedStarlockA Small SurpiseNo Description Set2018-11-26 11:41:11
684FinishedProwlAccolades for a MedicStarlock is rewarded for her persistence at Toraxxis.2018-11-26 04:00:52
683FinishedBlast OffAnother Day in the Repair BayNo Description Set2018-11-25 03:10:07
682FinishedQuickswitchJust Another Ordinary DayNo Description Set2018-11-25 17:36:53
681FinishedHyperdriveWhen Ratchet's away...No Description Set2018-11-24 10:37:59
680FinishedProwlCybertron War Games: Stanix 2-1The Decepticons prevail at Stanix.2018-11-24 06:12:45
679FinishedStarlockRepair Bay WoesNo Description Set2018-11-23 11:47:38
678FinishedPhantomGreymatter's InterrogationSomehow Vortex and Phantom manage to interrogate Greymatter about Gallo, despite being completely inebriated and having run into a Terrorcon digging through a dumpster.2018-11-22 08:14:04
677FinishedDeadlockCybertron War Games: Toraxxis Plains 2-3Toraxxis Plains falls to Autobot control.2018-11-22 18:38:05
676FinishedFirst AidMore fun in the medbayNo Description Set2018-11-21 20:53:50
675FinishedStarlockToraxxis Plains Aftermath 2 The SequelNo Description Set2018-11-21 06:07:56
674FinishedDeadlockCybertron War Games - Toraxxis Plains 2-2The Decepticons hold the line at Toraxxis...for the time being.2018-11-21 02:48:13
673FinishedPhantomGallo's Intentions Pt 2Some uncanny events involving Gallo and his cohorts unfold at Maccadams.2018-11-20 07:02:32
672FinishedStarlockAutobots - Toraxxis Plains AftermathNo Description Set2018-11-18 08:20:14
671FinishedDustoffCybertron War Games: Toraxxis Plains 2-1Since they can't exactly heal one another to death, Autobot and Decepticon Medical forces stare down one another while having amicable discourse regarding the future of medical sciences .... naw, they totally shoot one another.2018-11-18 04:02:53
670FinishedSwivelSpacer ObservationsCosmos gets drinks with Swivel. The additions of Blast Off, Nightlash, and Blurr promise much awkwardness.2018-11-17 06:48:05
669FinishedSiegebreakerTraining Simulator Talk, Round 2Hyperdrive, Siegebreaker, Sky Lynx, and Starlock in the training simulator, with a surprise (literally) appearance from Quickswitch. There's more talking than training going on.2018-11-17 15:14:16
668FinishedPharmaMedical ReferralSiegebreaker gets a referral from Pharma.2018-11-16 05:42:42
667FinishedStarlockA Quite PlaceNo Description Set2018-11-15 06:33:23
666FinishedSky LynxMedbay MishapsSomething wicked happens and sedatives don't work as intended following Siegebreaker's emergency extraction and the follow-on work by Ratchet and Starlock. Also, Hound, Hyperdrive, and Sky Lynx do things. Fantastic things. But in the background.2018-11-15 00:14:29
665FinishedBlast OffUnscheduled FlightNo Description Set2018-11-13 06:42:47
664FinishedSky LynxA Stroll Through TownSky Lynx crosses paths with Starlock in the Iacon Commercial District. A lot of talking ensues...but in a good way.2018-11-13 05:21:54
663ActiveHyperdriveNo Title SetNo Description Set
662FinishedRatchetThe Dreaded TalkStarlock gets interrogated about the 'Siegebreaker incident'.2018-11-12 04:09:38
661FinishedBlast OffRepairing a RotaryNo Description Set2018-11-11 22:28:00
660FinishedPharmaOld Cargo ShuttleDecagon medical is busy as ever, and Ratchet is cranky as ever.2018-11-11 22:40:24
659FinishedDeadlockNot Gonna Die This TimeDeadlock is a better patient than Blast Off.2018-11-11 01:21:04
658FinishedHammerstrikeRescues and Public RelationsBoth Autobots and Decepticons go to the surface of Clemency to recover Hammerstrike and Vortex. They also meet some natives.2018-11-11 03:45:31
657FinishedRatchetRounds with the DoctorRatchet shows he cares by making Siegebreaker do his heavy lifting.2018-11-10 22:07:33
656FinishedBlast OffBlasted AwayNo Description Set2018-11-10 00:34:01
655FinishedStarlockRelease the Siege!No Description Set2018-11-10 10:28:22
654FinishedDeadlockCybertron War Games: Tyger Pax 1-1Tyger Pax control point battle round 1!2018-11-09 05:46:30
653FinishedHyperdriveconfessionsHyperdrive explains2018-11-08 09:38:56
652FinishedStarlockFixing SiegeNo Description Set2018-11-09 03:13:19
651FinishedFlatlineBar MonstersNeither Flatline nor Hun-Gar expect to see each other in this dive bar, but really, they should have.2018-11-08 01:33:08
650FinishedStarlockAutobot Medbay RepairsHound and Rotorstorm are in need of some long needed repairs2018-11-07 04:14:10
649FinishedBlast OffBuggedBlast Off meets Harbinger.2018-11-08 01:34:06
648FinishedGrooveMithril Sea MelancholyAn unusual visitor helps Groove out of some post-battle moping.2018-11-06 20:06:10
647FinishedProwlThe FallAutobots defend an orbital storage facility in Clemency orbit against Decepticons.2018-11-06 05:10:11
646FinishedSiegebreakerInquiries and InvitationsHyperdrive stops a conversation from getting even more awkward!2018-11-06 09:38:00
645FinishedCosmosOnly the Stars KnowBlast Off gets his gun back, and makes a new.... friend? Enemy? He makes a bad decision for sure.2018-11-05 05:06:20
644FinishedKnock OutThymesis AftermathPost-battle banter.2018-11-04 04:21:36
643FinishedStarlockAutobots Repair Bay Aftermath.After the failed attempt at Thymesis Mining Facility, Rotorstorm, Hyperdrive, and Starlock are in need of serious repair.2018-11-04 09:02:16
642FinishedDeadlockCybertron War Games: Thymesis Mining Facility 1-1Autobots and Decepticons battle for control of Thymesis Mining Facility on Luna-2.2018-11-04 02:46:29
641FinishedProwlPut Your Past Behind YouProwl debriefs Lieutenant after his special assignment in the Kol System.2018-11-04 01:21:49
640FinishedSiegebreakerRun and GunJust the topics of conversation. Not what actually happens.2018-11-03 06:29:07
639FinishedEDIInvestigating ClemencyBlast Off and Vortex move to investigate the lead extracted from Concordance member Nitro. Lieutenant has a special assignment from Prowl.2018-11-02 21:47:10
638FinishedSiegebreakerTraining Simulator TalkExactly what it sounds like.2018-11-01 20:48:05
637FinishedHun-GarUnderground and HungryLieutenant encounters a ravenous dragon down in the Undergrid. Spooky!2018-11-01 04:16:48
636FinishedPhon7 Days To Drone: Horde Night Is HereThe drone hordes gather for an assault on Iacon. The valiant Autobots stand against them.2018-11-01 15:24:28
635FinishedPhantomBlast Off Freaks OutIn lieu of discovering that Phantom is actually alive, Blast Off starts throwing around decapitated heads.2018-10-31 07:22:58
634FinishedAdagioFour At The AcademyHyperdrive is trying to leave, Adagio, Siegebreaker and Starlock are trying to join.2018-11-01 00:04:00
633FinishedSiegebreakerA Roadside ChatNo Description Set2018-10-31 01:38:20
632FinishedSwivelWater Cooler GossipVarious Autobots converge at an energon dispenser. Conversation happens.2018-10-30 06:18:36
631FinishedProwlLast Mech StandingAnother training simulation.2018-10-31 04:24:38
630FinishedScavengerWork of ArtVortex gets to see inside the constructicon's warehouse, specfically the disaster that is Scavenger's room.2018-10-27 06:07:21
629FinishedPhonAlone in the DarkThe power goes out in a hospital in Uraya. Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to investigate, with explosive results.2018-10-29 13:58:02
628FinishedHot RodHaunted HideoutHot Rod convinces Cosmos to skip out on patrol and accompany him and Hyperdrive to investigate a run down factory. Vortex tries to trap them with his glue gun, but is unsuccessful.2018-10-26 06:16:41
627FinishedCosmosSpacer ChaserBlast Off discovered a new spacer! Oh my!2018-10-25 06:42:45
626FinishedOptimus PrimeHalloween Interlude: Drone InvestigationOptimus Prime leads a small team of Autobots to investigate the damaged factories outside of Kalis. Soundwave gets curious.2018-10-25 02:43:26
625FinishedSwivelTrash FemmeBlast Off, Scavenger, Groove and Swivel have an interesting encounter in Dead End - full of tiny revelations.2018-10-24 06:33:23
624FinishedBlurrParty Gone WrongAdagio accidentally knocks Blurr out with a baton. Swivel takes care of the situation.2018-10-23 05:02:07
623FinishedEDIData DeliveryDecepticons defeat the Concordance and interrogate NItro.2018-10-23 06:37:49
622FinishedAdagioYou TooRotorstorm encounters a naive young MTO and gives some advice to the little (big) guy.2018-10-23 00:12:37
621FinishedPhantomReappearance of a GhostWhile on a house call to Macadams, Healthpoint runs into Phantom, who is supposedly dead.2018-10-21 09:06:19
620FinishedSwivelPieces of the PuzzleSwivel and Hot Rod conspire. Hyperdrive eventually joins in.2018-10-21 09:19:34
619FinishedFlatlineDoctor? Doctor. Doctor...DoctorFollowing the altercation with some errant drones, both Autobot and Decepticon medics arrive on the scene to bolster the main Tagan Heights clinic.2018-10-21 02:13:45
618FinishedSwivelDumpster ParadiseScavenger and Swivel have a chance encounter... amidst trash.2018-10-21 01:47:37
617FinishedPhonA Factory of FunThe Autobots and Decepticons investigate reports of drones going berserk in the factories outside of Kalis. There are lasers. So many lasers.2018-10-20 04:21:24
616FinishedEDITop Secret TransactionThe Decepticons make a deal with a mercenary group called The Concordance.2018-10-18 06:45:50
615FinishedNightlashSickbay SmalltalkHyperdrive proves to be a mech of few words and doesn't disagree to buy drinks.2018-10-18 01:43:53
614FinishedHookshotRose Tinted CrystalsAdagio encounters two reminiscers who also happen to be Decepticons.2018-10-17 02:11:51
613FinishedProwlTesarus Border SkirmishAutobots and Decepticons are locked in combat over Tesarus border territories.2018-10-17 05:55:38
612FinishedVortexTable TalkNo Description Set2018-10-15 07:20:35
611FinishedKoinoniaA Terrible Night For a DrinkAn Autobot social at Maccadams goes terribly wrong when the serving drones start attacking the patrons.2018-10-14 18:07:03
610FinishedHot RodHyperdrive's GraduationHyperdrive graduates and gives a speech! So does Optimus! And Hot Rod tries to as well, but fails epicly.2018-10-13 06:33:48
609FinishedRotorstormBar ConnectionsVortex wants to celebrate his bank heist success, but maybe doesn't think through where that celebration should happen.2018-10-13 02:47:18
608FinishedLieutenantAt the BorderLieutenant stops in Polyhex for a few things before leaving on Prowl's mission. Unfortunately, he can't take the security heli back to Iacon with him.2018-10-12 21:00:12
607FinishedHot RodThe Unwanted NightshiftHyperdrive confronts Hot Rod about subbing in his name for night patrol without telling him. Then he vents to Scavenger, and surprisingly, the Construction sympathizes.2018-10-13 06:36:16
606FinishedJazzIt Didn't Hurt That MuchNo Description Set2018-10-11 04:25:26
605FinishedBlast OffBank Heist!No Description Set2018-10-11 04:22:47
604FinishedBlurrHelex ExtractionDecepticons defend Helex against an Autobot incursion. Well, for the most part.2018-10-10 06:51:05
603FinishedProwlStrictly ConfidentialProwl assigns Lieutenant to a special off-world mission.2018-10-09 03:01:23
602FinishedShockwaveCan't You People Stay FixedShockwave and Knockout repair the troops. Deadlock decides to give them more work.2018-10-09 14:28:57
601FinishedScavengerHoe-DownTwo backhoes have a throwdown!2018-10-08 06:51:23
600FinishedBlast OffConflict in PraxusNo Description Set2018-10-08 04:52:31
599FinishedHyperdriveBully bad timingHyperdrive's bullies find out that Lieutenant is in liege with the almighty Prowl...mwahahaha2018-10-08 00:13:04
598FinishedBlurrPractice Makes PerfectHound leads a training session in the simulator at the Decagon.2018-10-07 05:36:22
597FinishedPhantomGallo's IntentionsGallo has a private conversation with the owner of Maccadams. Vortex eavesdrops, while Harbinger gets drunk and picks a fight with Phantom.2018-11-15 07:48:37
596FinishedQuantumVisions of the PastPhantom is haunted by his violent past.2018-10-07 04:05:17
595FinishedProwlAttempting DiplomacyA meeting with Wreck-Gar and Rum-Maj goes surprisingly well despite Hot Rod's rash behavior.2018-10-06 04:47:09
594FinishedBlast OffCombaticon Wine TimeNo Description Set2018-10-03 05:47:59
593FinishedSwivelIndiscretions AplentyEgos collide and enemies collude when Autobots and Combaticons patronize the same bar.2018-10-02 08:08:37
592FinishedHoundScouting TripNo Description Set2018-09-30 06:37:55
591FinishedOptimus PrimeTraining BluesOptimus Prime conducts a training session. Hot Rod shows why they can't have nice things.2018-09-29 03:55:38
590FinishedShockwaveWeird ScienceShockwave repairs and revives Phantom.2018-09-27 00:04:39
589FinishedPhantomSearching For ScienceShockwave locates and retrieves Phantom.2018-09-27 00:01:58
588FinishedProwlUntouchableHot Rod reluctantly reliquishes information on Phantom's whereabouts to Prowl.2018-09-16 06:02:33
587FinishedProwlAbove All ElseProwl makes a deal with Shockwave. Healthpoint doesn't like it.2018-09-15 05:27:37
586FinishedHot RodSearching for A Ghost in the FireBlast Off returns to the Crucible to help Hot Rod look for Phantom, but Optimus also tags along, much to his surprise.2018-09-13 04:46:29
585FinishedShockwaveInterrogative RepairsShadowstar receives repairs from Shockwave. Blast Off squirms.2018-09-08 00:45:52
584FinishedProwlA "Second Chance"The Autobots attempt to send Trypticon away from Cybertron.2018-09-05 05:14:53
583FinishedBlurrThe GrinderEntertainment turns into a gruesome scene when the unexpected happens.2018-09-04 06:14:58
582FinishedOptimus PrimeProwl in the Principal's OfficeOptimus Prime confronts Prowl over Hot Rod's report.2018-09-03 23:19:44
581FinishedSwivelHeroes and VillainsAfter falling deep into the undergrid, Blast Off and Swivel need to rely on each other to find their way again.2018-09-03 09:36:51
580FinishedDeadlockPortal Tech Recovery 2Another portal facility has finally shut down, this time in the undergrid.2018-09-01 06:50:08
579FinishedShockwaveKeeping An Eye On ThingsSwivel and Nightlash do some underground recon. Literally.2018-08-31 03:38:25
578FinishedOptimus PrimeThe Sound of SilenceOptimus Prime seeks out the still missing Hot Rod, and the pair discuss some hard truths in the ruins of Nyon.2018-08-28 04:02:49
577FinishedHot Rodan unusual nightHealthpoint possibly glimpses a ghost, and afterwards, Hot Rod flirts with her over a drink.2018-08-26 08:14:13
576FinishedOptimus PrimeCan She Fix Him? Yes She Can!Optimus Prime visits Healthpoint in the Repair Bay for some overdue minor repairs.2018-08-25 03:35:30
575FinishedProwlA Prime's CounselProwl pacifies Optimus' suspicions of his recent activities.2018-08-22 02:29:54
574FinishedOptimus PrimeKing of the Sonic HillAutobots and Decepticons fight over dimensional portal technology and energon in the Sonic Canyons. Prime saves the day for the Autobots when Deadlock activates a failsafe plan.2018-08-21 05:26:22
573FinishedHot RodA Roadside Spark to SparkHot Rod and Grimlock have some real talk at a rustic joint off of the Pancontinental Expressway.2018-08-20 04:00:23
572FinishedProwlTo Banish a MonstrosityCommand has a plan to test new technology and 'help' Trypticon, but not everyone likes it.2018-08-17 06:05:14
571FinishedDeadlockThe Rite of DeceptibrandHookshot is formally inducted into the Decepticons.2018-08-17 06:09:00
570FinishedBlurrThe Energon TrailMoving the payload, let's party up!2018-08-11 04:30:49
569FinishedBlurrThe Double EdgeSwivel visits a restless Blurr.2018-08-09 05:03:12
568FinishedHot RodA Discussion in the Med BayHot Rod asks Healthpoint about Blurr's recent shenanigans, while Nightlash and Hyperdrive seek medical advice and repairs.2018-08-04 18:42:17
567FinishedBlurrHospital HistrionicsBlurr gives Healthpoint a hard time. Hound and Swivel try to reassure her.2018-08-03 06:20:02
566FinishedBlurrHe's Playin' You, Son!An attempt to rescue a surviving YX unit from the ruins of Harmonex goes terribly sideways.2018-08-02 07:33:45
565FinishedDeadlockCombaticons Plus OneOnslaught plans with his team until an outsider shows up.2018-08-10 00:23:56
564FinishedBlurrComing CleanSwivel and Healthpoint tell Blurr the truth about the salvage operation in the ruins of Harmonex.2018-07-29 05:20:09
563FinishedBlurrRemnants in HarmonexThe Autobots are scavenging in the ruins of Harmonex when Swivel's past comes back to haunt her.2018-07-27 07:47:26
562FinishedProwlThe Fate of Junkion Pt 2The fate of Junkion hangs in balance as the final confrontation over the ununtrium core comes to a conclusion.2018-07-26 06:15:44
561FinishedDeadlockDeadlock In a HeadlockBlaster must get an important message out to the Autobots before Deadlock silences him for good.2018-07-19 18:32:10
560FinishedBlurrThe Fate of Junkion Pt 1Autobots and Decepticons fight over resources again, but discover that Junkion's fate may be at risk.2018-07-17 04:32:37
559FinishedProwlAn Unexpected VisitProwl gets a visit from someone rather unexpected.2018-07-16 06:07:53
558FinishedProwlFishing For Blast OffBlast Off makes an attempt on Prowl's life and almost succeeds, but Imager comes to the rescue.2018-07-14 04:17:38
557FinishedSwivelTroubletsSpringer does his darndest to rally Swivel's spirits.2018-07-08 09:58:20
556FinishedWreck-GarWhat Rhymes with Junkion?No Description Set2018-07-08 05:21:25
555FinishedSwivelBusy FriendsHyperdrive and Swivel catch up after both being very busy.2018-07-06 10:19:04
554FinishedBlurrSomething GoodBlurr and Swivel discuss hope, friendship, and the end of the world.2018-07-06 01:29:29
553FinishedBlast OffMeeting at the Jump JointNo Description Set2018-06-27 06:21:47
552FinishedBlurrThe Race for UnuntriumAutobots and Decepticons journey to Junkion again in an attempt to extract ununtrium, but run into a native this time.2018-06-27 02:53:53
551FinishedHealthpointNo Title SetNo Description Set2018-06-25 05:24:23
550FinishedBlast OffWHIP IT GOODNo Description Set2018-06-23 09:01:22
549FinishedGrimlockGrimlock's School of Hard KnocksGrimlock is a fine teacher.2018-06-22 03:43:57
548FinishedBlurrNot All JunkAutobots and Decepticons investigate the presence of a rare material on Junkion.2018-06-21 03:47:37
547FinishedProwlLove Me For MeWhat does Nightlash -really- want? Prowl wants to know.2018-06-18 03:17:11
546FinishedBlurrAn Evening On the Rust SeasBlurr, Swivel, Hot Rod and Nightlash run into each other unexpectedly.2018-06-10 06:30:27
545FinishedProwlEncouragement of the Worst KindSwivel bears witness to some very distressing things.2018-06-07 06:24:04
544FinishedProwlThe Forced FloodAutobots and Decepticons disagree on how to save the world.2018-06-01 05:03:55
543FinishedHyperdrivePlaying DeadJazz helps Hyperdrive practice hiding.2018-06-05 03:47:35
542FinishedMegatronCanceling the ApocalypseNo Description Set2018-05-31 03:00:51
541FinishedBlurrPlateau EvacThe Autobots are trying to save a town near the Sonic Canyons. Blast Off helps them...but if anyone asks, he was shooting at Springer.2018-05-26 04:55:51
540FinishedBlurrRegenesisBlurr and Shockwave encounter a sea monster on LV-212.2018-05-24 03:47:34
539FinishedProwlThe InfernoShockwave runs into Prime and Prowl at the Crucible.2018-05-20 05:11:53
538FinishedSwivelMurky MoodsHyperdrive makes a valiant effort to cheer up Swivel.2018-05-14 22:40:18
537FinishedHot RodSmall Talk & Conspiracy Theories...Hot Rod interviews Blast Off in an attempt to learn as much of the truth about Simanzi as he can.2018-05-13 06:12:40
536FinishedSky LynxReflections of CybertronSky Lynx and Blast Off cross paths in space and discuss the state of things from their perspective high above the troubles of Cybertron.2018-05-12 05:41:29
535FinishedHookshotCashing in FavoursBlast Off has an uninvited house guest.2018-05-13 03:55:17
534FinishedBlurrThe Good In YouBlurr and Swivel have the sort of chat that hasn't been had between them for a while.2018-05-08 05:16:41
533FinishedSwivelNo Arm DoneSwivel and Hyperdrive talk while waiting for her arm to be ready for reattachment.2018-05-08 21:05:54
532FinishedSwivelBoundary IssuesBorder skirmishing where Hyperdrive finally gets to confront Quake, Blast Off shows he TOTALLY doesn't care about Swivel, and other fun carnage.2018-05-06 08:19:51
531FinishedDeadlockIn Memoriam: Simanzi AftermathA memorial for the many who fell at Simanzi is held at The Forge.2018-05-04 06:28:07
530FinishedSwivelWhat Friends Are ForSwivel and Hyperdrive apologise to each other.2018-05-03 12:19:57
529FinishedSwivelComfortableBlast Off and Swivel have one last spark to spark before ending their own ceasefire.2018-05-03 07:43:37
528FinishedSwivelThe ReasonSwivel visits Hyperdrive while he's recovering and their conversation is less than comforting.2018-05-01 12:05:15
527FinishedBlurrA World of ChaosThe southern hemisphere is on fire, and the Bots and Cons are scrambling to recover as much energon as possible.2018-05-01 20:56:15
526FinishedProwlOld FriendsProwl and Prime don't get along very well.2018-05-01 05:51:55
525FinishedSwivelBusy Repair BaySwivel checks on Hyperdrive during a long wait for nonessential repairs.2018-06-05 03:45:27
524FinishedHammerstrikeInterview RE SimanziOptimus Prime interviews Hammerstrike about what transpired in Simanzi2018-04-26 03:58:21
523FinishedSwivelRising TemperaturesSwivel gets in trouble while trying to evacuate Dead End. Blast Off comes to her rescue.2018-04-25 07:00:56
522FinishedEclipseOf Stars & PoemsNo Description Set2018-04-24 22:44:57
521FinishedBlast OffRhyme and ReasonBrawl is the worst literature critic.2018-04-24 23:04:43
520FinishedHyperdriveSimanzi Aftermath in RodionDuring the dissolution of the ceasefire Swivel's job is complicated by an injured Hyperdrive.2018-04-22 09:02:30
519FinishedQuantumThe Beginning of the EndThe world is on fire, and Phantom had everything to do with it.2018-04-22 05:40:38
518FinishedSwivelTea and ConfessionsReigning champion of denial is more honest than he's ever been before. Maybe because he's hungover.2018-04-19 03:32:56
517FinishedBlurrFor Once in a Thousand VornsMaccaddam's is kind of a wild place, with everyone making use of the temporary peacetime...2018-04-18 03:45:00
516PausedEclipseGrumblingsNo Description Set
515FinishedBlurrThe Good Old DaysBlast Off actually agrees with Blurr on something for once.2018-04-16 05:56:55
514FinishedHyperdriveDeltaran VisitationSwivel visits Hyperdrive while he is recovering at Deltaran.2018-04-16 20:47:25
513FinishedPhantomThe Other CybertronA group of Decepticons venture into an alternate dimension.2018-10-17 05:55:14
512FinishedQuantumClassic Tantrum StyleJust because there's a ceasefire between Autobots and Decepticons, doesn't mean there's a ceasefire between Decepticons and Decepticons. Especially if Brawl is involved.2018-04-08 17:35:22
511FinishedHookshotSkulkersHookshot sizes up Eclipse during a game of darts.2018-04-07 09:36:19
510FinishedBlurrCeasefire PastimeFolly embarrasses Blurr. Swivel gets a kick out of it.2018-04-07 04:19:44
509FinishedBlurrAppreciation Day at the DMFAutobots and neutrals socialize at Deltaran.2018-04-06 23:16:22
508FinishedPhantomA Foray Into PsybertronA group of Autobots and Decepticons lead some expeditions into Psybertron.2018-04-12 06:28:02
507FinishedSwivelDifficulties of the CeasefireThe construction of a new portal serves as the backdrop for interfactional bickering.2018-03-29 06:14:25
506FinishedSwivelCollaborators and Their OppressorsPolitics aren't the best choice of topic during a ceasefire.2018-03-27 04:29:26
505FinishedSwivelGreater OffensesHyperdrive will have to do more than be a blabbermouth to offend Swivel.2018-03-21 10:39:48
504FinishedSwivelPerfect MomentsBlast Off and Swivel finally get a moment to relax.2018-03-16 06:00:50
503FinishedSwivelAwkwardness in StereoSwivel and Hyperdrive have a brief brush with Blast Off shaped awkwardness.2018-03-12 08:52:17
502FinishedSwivelA Whole New WorldAutobots and Decepticons assemble Coldrun's portal.2018-03-12 03:03:55
501FinishedOptimus PrimeAn End In Sight?Optimus and Megatron meet at Raskol Arena to negotiate a temporary ceasefire.2018-03-10 03:37:58
500FinishedProwlFrom the ShadowsRavage has a target in Polyhex.2018-03-06 05:57:33
499FinishedBlurrAnother Night At MaccaddamsThe popular bar in Rodion holds another talent show.2018-03-04 07:30:08
498FinishedHyperdriveHatred FailHyperdrive encounters Blast Off in Rodion. The outcome is unexpected.2018-03-06 01:53:35
497FinishedSwivelCentrifical ForcesPlenty of self pity to go around2018-02-20 11:01:15
496FinishedTachyglossusDelving DeeperBuzzsaw and Blurr both go for the same objective: the resonance harmonizer!2018-02-20 06:14:04
495FinishedBlurrWords Cut Deeper Than MissilesValour and Dustoff steal weapons confiscated from Garrus-1 prisoners.2018-02-18 07:29:42
494FinishedSwivelConfusedAddled Old Timers are confusing, but so is life.2018-02-13 11:29:01
493FinishedHookshotNot UngraciousBlast Off hires Hookshot to help him bring down the Institute.2018-02-13 06:56:21
492FinishedSwivelState of MindHot Rod shows up after a prolonged absence - seriously in denial.2018-02-11 08:23:46
491FinishedTachyglossusDigging DeeperDecepticons and Autobots race to get the Power Converter from Coldrun's hidden vault.2018-02-06 07:48:04
490FinishedProwlPriority TargetThe Autobots attempt to rescue a civilian supporter during a prisoner transfer, but only manage to get him killed.2018-02-03 07:48:28
488FinishedBlurrInsuranceBlurr and Hyperdrive investigate VinTech just for the sake of a bit of insurance...2018-02-10 06:44:08
487FinishedTachyglossusCore Assembly IN SPACEBlast Off and Sky Lynx head into the Blatteus Nebula to retrieve the Core Assembly.2018-01-29 06:56:16
486FinishedHyperdriveNo Title SetNo Description Set2018-01-25 18:40:22
485FinishedHyperdriveThoughts of the future...Swivel and Hyperdrive speak of their future after the war and talk of how things are now.2018-01-22 09:22:39
484FinishedSwivelStalling TacticsSky Lynx brings back Hyperdrive in poor condition after his encounter with Blast Off.2018-01-21 07:30:15
483FinishedBrawlPiecesBlast Off lives! Brawl helped. Sort of.2018-01-21 06:36:33
482FinishedTachyglossusPressure PointsBlast Off tests Autobot response times.2018-01-21 04:34:05
481FinishedSwivelMonsters and PranksSwivel asks Hyperdrive about a monster. Somehow they end up discussing pranks.2019-10-03 10:06:15
480FinishedTachyglossusLog RaceProwl and Buzzsaw both appeal to VinTech for access to the Coldrun Logs.2018-01-16 04:06:18
479FinishedSwivelPalliative CareSwivel shares a story about her time in Dead End.2018-01-16 00:48:33
478FinishedBlurrElevator AdventuresBrawl and Buzzsaw get into a scuffle with Blurr and Warpath in the ruints of an ancient refinery near Tesarus.2018-01-15 03:23:49
477FinishedSwivelUnusual BehaviourBlast Off and Swivel are both full of surprises.2018-01-14 07:13:38
476FinishedHammerstrikeSpeak For YourselfHyperdrive is very chatty. Hammerstrike isn't.2018-01-11 10:58:21
475FinishedBrawlWhat a GasBlast Off is minding his own business when things get VERY strange.2018-01-07 06:13:19
474FinishedSky LynxMysteries of Deep SpaceSky Lynx returns from a long forray in space, bringing a mysterious chunk of metal with him. Healthpoint makes sure everyone's healthy and safe while Hyperdrive admires Lynx, and Hammerstrike disapprovingly unloads everything else.2018-01-06 05:11:05
473FinishedSwivelCreditYet another conversation between Hyperdrive and a slightly overenergized Swivel.2019-10-03 09:58:35
472FinishedSwivelIt Isn't Flattery If It's TrueSwivel's social graces are put to the test when Prowl introduces Springer and her to a colleague.2018-01-03 07:30:04
471FinishedSwivelConfounding VariablesHyperdrive doesn't appreciate the rumours going around about Swivel.2018-01-02 22:09:11
470FinishedSwivelDisappearing ActHot Rod is misbehaving even MORE than usual.2017-12-29 09:10:20
469FinishedSwivelSeeds of DoubtFrustrated with dead ends, Swivel seeks out Blurr for advice.2017-12-28 07:08:37
468FinishedSwivelGood FriendsHyperdrive deals with a drunk Swivel. This is somehow Springer's fault.2017-12-27 12:17:24
467ActiveHyperdriveNo Title SetNo Description Set
466FinishedEDIUndergrid Recon 2Blast Off and Brawl return to investigate an underground facility further.2017-12-22 16:32:30
465FinishedSwivelRules of Common SenseSwivel fetches a blinded Hyperdrive from the Sonic Canyons.2017-12-21 11:27:25
464FinishedHyperdriveHe Lives!Hot Rod wakes up and Hyperdrive tries talking sense. What a nightmare!2017-12-21 09:05:46
463FinishedSwivelParagon of CorruptionSwivel approaches Blast Off about his recent presence in the undergrid.2017-12-21 08:16:11
462FinishedNightlashRust-Seas RendezvousNightlash is doing something over the Rust Seas. Blurr and Swivel are doing something else. Neither party trusts the other enough to really say what, but it's clear there's a storm brewing.2017-12-20 06:18:44
461FinishedHyperdriveLights OutHyperdrive and Swivel are still recovering from their recent excursion to another world.2017-12-20 18:06:47
460FinishedSwivelAnticipated AwakeningSwivel finally wakes up from her psychosonorum induced coma, to Blurr and Hyperdrive's relief.2017-12-18 07:06:51
459FinishedEDIUndergrid ReconBlast Off, Brawl, Swindle and Coil search for leads on the continued existence of the Institute.2017-12-12 06:06:31
458FinishedHyperdriveYou are sooooo dead.Hyperdrive gives prowl a brief synopsis of what happened beyond the portal.2017-12-11 03:58:21
457FinishedHot RodA Score to SettleHot Rod and Swivel are assigned to investigate the other dimension with Phantom as their guide. Hyperdrive tags along secretly.2017-12-10 10:35:12
456FinishedProwlEspecially On Her OwnSwivel overhears a suspicious conversation while scouting in the Undergrid.2017-12-09 05:39:29
455FinishedSwivelHide and SeekSwivel and Hyperdrive match their cunning in the training room.2017-12-05 16:06:37
454FinishedBlast OffHideawayNo Description Set2017-12-05 05:07:30
453FinishedHyperdriveCheck in and Check upSwivel runs into Hyperdrive in the medical bay.2017-12-04 12:01:52
452FinishedSwivelRecovery Takes TimeSwivel visits an ailing Blurr in the repair bay.2017-12-04 08:05:37
451FinishedBlurrHow Monsters React to ExplosionsBlurr and Hyperdrive encounter Nightlash, then fight a monster in the Undergrid.2017-12-03 04:41:23
450FinishedSwivelF-Bomb UpgradeBlast Off gets his gun back, but also more than he bargained for. WARNING: Content may be too sappy for some audiences.2017-12-03 07:14:30
449FinishedSwivelCross BaitDespite refusing his help before, Swivel attempts to negotiate with Doublecross.2017-11-30 11:02:03
448FinishedHyperdriveMake-up JazzHyperdrive is given homework...lots of it.2017-11-29 11:30:41
447FinishedSwivelA Friend IndeedSwivel reassures Hyperdrive that they are still friends despite SOMEONE'S interference.2017-11-27 10:17:45
446FinishedBlurrDon't shoot at me and my teammate that other guy is fine thoAutobots and Decepticons fight over an abandoned outpost in the ruins of Harmonex.2017-11-26 08:04:16
445FinishedProwlTransitionSwivel's transition into the 'real' ranks of the Autobots is nearly complete.2017-11-25 05:02:01
444FinishedSwivelHelp NeededSwivel bids Hyperdrive to seek professional help.2017-11-24 11:55:11
443FinishedPhantomDecepticons Are CheatersPhantom cheats at a drinking contest with Warpath.2017-11-21 08:10:08
442FinishedSwivelBack Off RoddySwivel tries to get Hot Rod to be reasonable. It fails.2019-10-03 09:57:34
441FinishedHot RodBusting Doors and ConfidencesHot Rod decides to have a 'chat' with Hyperdrive. It doesn't end well for anyone.2017-11-20 23:41:45
440FinishedSwivelTime and Hard WorkSwivel tries to work on making things right with Blurr.2017-11-20 00:14:14
439FinishedSwivelAttitude 180Swivel makes up with Hot Rod.2017-11-18 04:40:35
438FinishedProwlRagequitPhantom attempts to steal intel from the wreckage of the Assembler VI, but ends up striking a deal with Prowl instead. Brawl ragequits.2017-11-16 05:35:52
437FinishedHyperdriveNo Title SetNo Description Set2017-11-17 11:25:47
436FinishedSwivelDefine Your Own LuckSwivel and Hyperdrive talk about what being lucky means, among other things.2017-11-14 11:10:02
435FinishedSwivelAutobot Grad PartyCelebration for the next batch of graduating cadets. Blurr is sullen, Healthpoint is awkward, and Swivel's good at pinning the tail on the turborat.2017-11-14 07:35:49
434FinishedBlurrThe Fall of TesarusDuring the battle for Tesarus, Autobots deploy MTO's out of an aerial assembly compound. Decepticons are having none of that.2017-11-11 23:10:14
433FinishedProwlFinal: Imager & SwivelImager and Swivel take their final exam at the academy.2017-11-11 05:55:49
432FinishedSwivelFriendly Neighbourhood KidnappersBlast Off gets kidnapped by minibots, and Swivel steals his gun.2017-11-12 09:32:44
431FinishedHyperdrivePlots and TacklesHyperdrive is training to beat Quake. Swivel tries to be supportive.2017-11-10 02:54:43
430FinishedHookshotHelex Marksmech CompetitionSomehow Blast Off doesn't win a shooting competition.2017-11-09 06:24:19
429FinishedQuakeArena CombatNo Description Set2017-11-08 04:44:13
428FinishedSwivelJustice Bides Its TimeHyperdrive gets his turn to comfort Swivel. They also discuss how to get justice for Tap-Out and Barreler.2017-11-07 11:17:11
427FinishedSwivelWe're All Bastards HereLots of arguing, but Hot Rod and Blurr can agree Swivel is an ingrate.2017-11-07 07:11:11
426ActiveProwlNo Title SetNo Description Set
425FinishedHammerstrikeUneven TidesEveryone is working hard and taking risks to get more samples of the coveted psychosonorum.2017-11-06 07:04:08
424FinishedBrawlBreak It You Buy ItBlast Off tries to get Zenith Fine Enerwines ready for opening. Brawl takes advantage of Blast Off's hospitality.2017-11-02 06:52:09
423FinishedSwivelZombies Aren't Real!Swivel is not a zombie. Hyperdrive is a hero, though.2017-11-01 20:06:16
422FinishedProwlMade To OrderHealthpoint is born into a cruel world of war.2017-10-31 07:01:14
421FinishedBlurrBleeding SparksAutobots and Decepticons are helping refugees in Harmonex. Surprisingly, only verbal fights occur.2017-10-31 07:34:46
420FinishedHyperdriveThe issue with roommates or Roommates with issues...Swivel finds it hard to worry about her troubles when she's distracted.2017-10-30 11:52:01
419FinishedSwivelStep On No PetsBlast Off has a weird encounter with Swivel.2017-10-30 07:20:47
418FinishedSwivelTried So HardSwivel continues to try and help Hyperdrive through his grief.2017-10-30 22:00:39
417FinishedSwivelSurvivor's GuiltHyperdrive is distraught over being unable to protect his friends.2017-10-28 09:34:31
416FinishedTap-OutOut with His MatesThree Autobot cadets go out to party. Only Hyperdrive returns. Barely.2017-10-28 06:41:31
415FinishedSwivelMonster Hunt IIMini Autobots work together to track the nest of the rift monsters - but their efforts are obstructed by wily Shadowstar.2017-10-27 04:40:35
414FinishedTachyglossusCyberama - Iacon Forever!Autobots socialise at a fundraiser. Blurr is a bad litter monkey.2017-10-24 06:00:40
413FinishedSwivelDamage ControlSwivel takes her concerns about Blurr to Prowl.2017-10-24 06:01:23
412FinishedSwivelStory TimeShadowstar tries to figure out Swivel.2017-10-23 05:32:25
411FinishedTachyglossusBittersweet BenefactorBlast Off is offered a management position in a wine shop in Helex, but there seems to be an unexpected personal tie.2017-10-22 04:09:05
410FinishedSwivelSmarter Minds and Compassionate SparksSwivel and Hyperdrive share some ideals.2017-10-21 07:40:27
409FinishedSwivelCadets in RepairAiling Swivel gets a pleasant visit from Hyperdrive and an uncomfortable one from Prowl.2017-10-19 06:52:45
408FinishedStarscreamProfessional PromotionStarscream accepts his position as president of the VFA.2017-10-19 06:35:29
407FinishedQuantumHigh Speed HeistDecepticons attempt a train heist near Tagan Heights, but leave empty-handed.2017-10-18 19:02:05
406FinishedSwivelHunt for PsychosonorumBlurr goes searching for Psychsonorum and finds a portal. Naturally, against Swivel's caution, he enters.2017-10-18 05:53:33
405FinishedSwivelMonster HuntingSlingshot has to defend Swivel from monsters AND Decepticons.2017-10-16 08:07:26
404FinishedProwlMeddling AutobratsShadowstar and Nightlash face off once more, and Nightlash once again evades capture when Slingshot comes to her rescue.2017-10-15 03:06:12
403FinishedBlurrRookie and ProudShadowstar develops a newfound loathing for Blurr, while Blast Off still hates him as much as ever.2017-10-13 09:01:55
402FinishedNightlashConversations in the ParkNightlash crash-lands in Iacon and delivers footage of the VOS 'incident' to Jazz.2017-10-12 04:52:55
401FinishedProwlAn Odd Moment of ClarityNightlash suspects that Megatron and Starscream are up to something in Vos. She shares her suspicions--and recordings--with Prowl.2017-10-10 03:19:57
400FinishedBlurrTruth Wrought ConflictRung tries to repair Swivel's relationship with Blurr, but quickly finds out that raw honesty is not always the best policy.2017-10-10 05:06:59
399FinishedStarscreamAcademic InfluenceThe Decepticons take action in Vos. Prowl and Nightlash attempt to intervene without revealing any Autobot presence, but fail.2017-10-12 23:43:57
398FinishedTachyglossusFright NightA pack of hungry monsters popped out of the ground by a roadside pub. Autobots and Decepticons worked together to repel them - but in their wake are many questions.2017-10-14 08:02:02
397FinishedStarscreamVisitation in VosMegatron visits Starscream at his luxurious private abode, and Starscream informs Megatron of his plans to become the new head of the Vosian Flight Academy. Nightlash tries to lurk without being seen, but fails.2017-10-07 02:18:22
396FinishedRungHot and ColdHot Rod's psych screen turns into a psychological nightmare that ends in Hyperdrive, Hot Rod, Rung and Swivel getting quarantined.2017-10-06 07:11:28
395FinishedSwivelIdeals and Pot ShotsLate night training leads Hyperdrive and Swivel to discussing their ideals. Jazz apparently loves enertea.2017-10-05 20:56:12
394FinishedBlurrThe WildcardShadowstar follows Blurr into Blast Off's old shop, where Blurr attempts to convince Blast Off to turn Coil over to the Convocation.2017-10-05 07:40:25
393FinishedProwlInfighting, Pranks, & FooleryHyperdrive gets bullied at the Academy. Things escalate, but Hammerstrike and Prowl intervene.2017-10-04 07:19:05
392FinishedSwivelRed Guardian Morale HourAutobots gather for half-off drinks. Assurances and arguments abound.2017-10-03 07:48:33
391FinishedBrawlDrinking is Better Than FightingBrawl starts a pointless fight with Shadowstar and Phantom. The latter two agree drinking is better than fighting.2017-09-30 02:10:45
390FinishedSky LynxDumpster DivingSwivel hunts for lamps, Lynx is awesome, and Blurr finally sits still.2017-09-28 16:55:30
389FinishedBlurrGuardian HeistBuzzsaw, Blast Off, and Phantom attempt to hijack a bunch of Guardian drones, but only manage to grab 2.2017-09-26 06:12:34
388FinishedQuantumA Decepticon VisionMegatron speaks to his people about his plans for the near future.2017-09-23 03:30:45
387FinishedBlurrAftermath TherapyAfter the failure at Helex, the Autobots really need to get some feelings off of their chests.2017-09-17 02:31:32
386FinishedProwlRecoilBlast Off unexpectedly encounters a former enemy.2017-09-14 05:14:07
385FinishedProwlSave Them From ThemselvesRung forces Prowl to talk to him about Helex. It doesn't end well.2017-09-15 05:23:29
384FinishedProwlThe Fall of HelexThe Autobots make their final stand in Helex--and lose.2017-09-10 03:12:06
383FinishedProwlDecoy FreighterMegatron, Swindle, and Skywarp almost fall into a trap full of burning phosphex.2017-09-07 17:00:38
382PausedFollyA Little CuriosityNo Description Set
381FinishedAegisTorn Arm, Torn SpaceAegis sees a wound on Phantom and things get much more complicated from there.2017-08-28 07:10:20
380FinishedSwivelInvertebratesSwivel and Hot Rod discuss politics while Swivel plays with weapons.2017-08-28 05:08:40
379FinishedTachyglossusOpen Mic at Maccadam'sBad comedy, bad punches, and bad vibes.2017-08-27 04:44:14
378FinishedTachyglossusHelex DebateThree of the four candidates form a Triumverate and concede from the convocation while attempting to seize power of Helex. Hot Rod (and many others) object.2017-08-22 03:34:10
377FinishedBlurrGlacier TumbleBlurr and Hammerstrike face off against Vortex, Mellifera and Skywolf at the Grav-Haaran glacier--with some help from Nightlash.2017-08-20 05:18:39
376FinishedSwivelA Few QuestionsJazz asks Swivel a few questions about prime suspect Vortex.2017-08-18 21:44:59
375FinishedSwivelNo PromisesSwivel fails an assignment. Suspicious Blast Off is suspicious.2017-08-17 04:48:03
374FinishedProwlTarn Blockade: The Inside StoryThanks to an unexpected ally, the Decepticons manage to bring down Autobot defenses at their last stronghold in northern Tarn.2017-08-15 03:27:48
373FinishedSwivelNot Quite ReadySwivel complains to Rung about Blurr, but the conversation returns to her time as a prisoner.2017-08-16 19:32:06
372FinishedSwivelAssignment ImpossibleSwivel and Blurr argue yet again. Swivel is also stressed out about her assignment.2017-08-13 04:24:37
371FinishedProwlTherapy with RungSwivel has been transferred from Shrinker's to Rung's care.2017-08-12 21:57:21
370FinishedProwlTarn Blockade: Part 1The Decepticons must destroy the Autobots' last stronghold on the outskirts of Tarn.2017-08-10 04:41:23
369FinishedSwivelThirty Second RuleAutobots chilling, and Not Threatening Blackmail.2017-08-08 04:02:38
368FinishedProwlA Just CampaignProwl wants Xaaron to try his hand at candidacy in Helex.2017-08-06 07:09:05
367FinishedBrawlPeace and QuietSomehow, Blast Off manages to relax despite Brawl AND Quantum. Aegis helped!2017-08-05 03:12:02
366FinishedHot RodSubstitute InstructorsHot Rod and Blurr are not good teachers. At all.2017-08-03 06:40:04
365FinishedSwivelBeer PongHalf-off drinks for Autobots draws a crowd. Engex pong is a short reprieve from heated topics.2017-08-01 07:19:18
364FinishedSwivelWild Runs: Loose EndsBlurr and Hot Rod arrest Stripper. Hot Rod gets bored.2017-07-27 03:50:55
363FinishedBlurrSand! It Gets Into Everything.Hot Rod, Swivel, Stasis, and Blurr compete against each other in a very sandy simulation.2017-07-23 07:12:12
362FinishedSkywolfHelex LookoutIn a scouting mission at Helex, Team Destroyers discovers Hot Rod's intension of applying for candidature to stand in the election and a large energon cargo hidden inside the warehouse near Sea of Rust.2017-09-08 07:03:17
361FinishedSwivelPunitive ChoresSwivel and Hot Rod take an unscheduled break from cleaning duty.2017-07-22 05:49:01
360FinishedSwivelWild Runs RaidAKA An Alleyway of Cowards! Autobots finally make a move on Wild Runs HQ.2017-07-18 05:41:43
359PausedHookshotStarstruckNo Description Set
358FinishedSwivelPathsLured in by energon, Blast Off gets ensnared in an emotionally charged encounter with his former captive, Swivel.2017-07-17 02:50:09
357FinishedOnslaughtInterim Part 2: AftermathXaaron isn't in his right mind. Prowl interrogates Op-4.2017-07-14 03:36:45
356FinishedSwivelTrue Bravery Requires FearSpringer counsels Swivel, the ever insecure cadet. Swivel nicknames him Brave Sir Punchy.2017-07-12 01:43:33
355FinishedSwivelPatience? What's That?Swivel and Blurr discuss differing views on various topics.2017-07-11 05:08:10
354FinishedSwivelSomething PointlessFlux follows a suspicious acting Swivel and reveals... nothing exciting. How disappointing.2017-07-08 18:50:32
353FinishedOnslaughtPaying the PiperBlast Off returns to Onslaught, hat in hand, after his recent capture.2017-07-08 01:52:59
352FinishedBlast OffBrother TalkNo Description Set2017-07-07 03:51:22
351FinishedProwlInterrogation StorySwivel tells all about her time with the Combaticons. Well almost all.2017-07-06 05:42:50
350FinishedFalloutInterim Part 1: Shell GamesThe Decepticons must beat the Autobots' shell game to find Emirate Xaaron and poison him. The Autobots pursue a mysterious assassin.2017-07-06 02:35:00
349FinishedSwivelBedside MannersSwivel gets a surprise visit from a Monsterbot while recovering.2017-07-05 01:55:13
348FinishedSwivelThanks For Stopping BySpringer springs a visit on Swivel in the repair bay.2017-06-30 03:12:20
347FinishedSwivelPrisoner ExchangeBlast Off is traded for a mostly intact Swivel. Vortex also adds a bonus prize to the deal.2017-06-29 05:01:27
346FinishedHookshotProcessor Check PleasePhantom's moments of lucidity are hazy at best, and short lived.2017-06-25 04:33:27
345FinishedBlurrAn Unexpected VisitorNo Description Set2018-02-08 01:59:34
344FinishedHookshotFolk of All StripesValour has a chat with one of Hookshot's many personas.2017-06-23 04:08:42
343FinishedSwivelRelocationAs a prisoner, Swivel gets relocated yet again.2017-06-23 01:18:55
342FinishedBlast OffCapture a CombaticonNo Description Set2017-06-22 06:59:36
340FinishedSwivelPersuasionVortex threatens Swivel with a fate worse than death to get her to talk.2017-06-18 05:59:29
338FinishedBlurrThe Diamond ColossusHot Rod, Sky Lynx, and Blurr have a chat at the Diamond Colossus.2019-06-11 17:54:25
337FinishedSwivelAn Awkward ExecutionOnslaught asks Swivel a few questions then orders Blast Off to kill her.2017-06-14 07:25:35
336FinishedSwivelAn Awkward AbductionBlast Off is determined to get answers about the crazy gas that hit Brawl. Swivel has some. Now he has her.2017-06-12 03:25:11
335FinishedBrawlBurning FlyersJazz tries to improve Helex relations by handing out flyers. Brawl takes exception to his methods.2017-06-08 05:35:06
334FinishedSwivelHelex Wild RunsAn illegal race in Helex becomes a catastrophe when a rift opens up, spewing hallucinogenic gas.2017-06-09 03:43:27
333FinishedSwivelFirst Rule of SurvivalSwivel seeks answers. Nightlash sort of provides them.2017-06-05 02:13:37
332FinishedProwlThe Nightlash JobNightlash tests the 'crazy gas' on Brawl, with chaotic results.2017-06-04 05:26:54
331FinishedBlurrObviousfibbiumSwivel is looking for 'obviousfibbium' in the Sonic Canyons.2017-06-04 05:27:09
330FinishedSwivelStrange BerthfellowsDoublecross tries to expand his network.2017-06-03 05:32:03
329FinishedBrawlTruths in WarBlast Off spots an elusive Swivel in Helex.2017-05-27 06:27:51
328FinishedProwlWorldwide RepercussionsImager and Swivel receive a new assignment to investigate a lead in Helex.2017-05-23 02:26:11
327FinishedSwivelQuestions, Answers, and Chemical WarfareProwl seeks answers about the hallucinogenic gas, and plots to use its effects in Helex.2017-05-21 06:09:05
326FinishedProwlA Professional DisagreementProwl and Optimus have...differing views of the situation at Helex.2017-05-11 05:16:35
325FinishedSwivelDrag Racing in TesarusSwivel enters a race against 7 other unscrupulous participants, including Knockout, to gather information - and work off some frustration.2017-05-09 06:34:21
324FinishedSpringerIn the Midst of Chaos, There Is Also Opportunity.No Description Set2017-05-07 23:30:21
323FinishedSwivelFinal Lesson in EtiquetteBlurr and Nightlash manage to multiply the awkwardness of Blast Off and Swivel meeting after she became an Autobot.2017-05-07 07:53:05
322FinishedSwivelWhat We're Callin' HomeImager and Swivel continue their conversation at a pub in Iacon.2017-05-15 21:34:36
321FinishedSpringerA Great Deal of PatienceNo Description Set2017-05-02 04:13:43
320FinishedSwivelA Time for FeedbackSpringer follows up with Swivel regarding footage from the Circle of Light's launch.2017-05-01 04:28:41
319FinishedBlurrCheer UpEveryone except Blurr is in a terrible mood.2017-04-30 18:44:14
318FinishedSpringerExodusNo Description Set2017-04-26 04:09:44
317FinishedGrotusqueThe Pilgrim and the MonsterDai Atlas finally tracks down his assailant, with some help.2017-04-25 23:31:43
316FinishedSwivelChecking UpSwivel talks to Blurr while trying to determine if she's going crazy.2017-04-25 04:35:23
315FinishedBrawlPoor MerchantBrawl's business with a merchant is interrupted - an Blurr and Nightlash end up doing his job for him!2017-04-24 06:21:20
314FinishedProwlVos AftermathProwl and Warpath are still alive and under First Aid's care. Sorry, Onslaught.2017-04-20 04:46:02
313FinishedPhantomFashion & RepairsPhantom has been acting strange lately.2017-04-30 18:53:41
312FinishedSwivelReasonsA casual encounter between Autobots.2017-04-08 08:15:39
311FinishedProwlThe Truth Will Set You FreeHookshot and his new Decepticon friends attempt to use a comms tower in Vos to publicize the intel stolen from the Decagon.2017-04-01 06:10:34
310FinishedBlurrReal FriendsHot Rod isn't happy about Swivel's decision to join the Autobots.2017-03-31 04:37:06
309FinishedSpringerThe Apt StudentNo Description Set2017-03-30 04:14:21
308FinishedImager#justcadetthingsSwivel and Imager reflect on how their lives have changed since joining the cause.2017-03-28 01:21:25
307FinishedBlurrIt Can't Go On ForeverSwivel has given up everything for a chance to save Blurr from himself. But were her efforts in vain?2017-03-25 06:15:14
306FinishedProwlThe Scarlet SigilSwivel finally joins a side.2017-03-22 07:16:33
305FinishedBrawlShakedownSpringer tries to shakedown Swindle for information. Then Brawl happens.2017-03-13 05:13:19
304FinishedProwlGrand Theft AutobotHookshot and the Combaticons run a heist on one of the most secure fortresses on the planet.2017-03-11 05:46:23
303FinishedSwivelA Great BurdenSwivel tries to make her own terms for a difficult decision.2017-04-01 02:11:01
302FinishedSwivelEmotional ManipulationSwivel unloads her emotional fallout on Blast Off, who in turn grows increasinly wary.2017-03-06 07:42:08
301FinishedSwivelA Life For a LifeSwivel has the opportunity to save Blurr from mnemosurgery at the price of becoming an Autobot.2017-03-05 08:37:52
300FinishedSwivelNecessary EvilSwivel throws in the towel and asks Prowl for help. She also improvises a limerick!2017-03-03 06:53:51
299FinishedBlast OffWe Meet AgainNo Description Set2017-02-28 05:07:18
298FinishedSwivelSwivel's GambitSwivel contacts Cypher against her better judgement.2017-02-28 04:07:30
297FinishedProwlDead End ConversationsNightlash gives Prowl information about a mysterious hallucinogen in exchange for money and weaponry. Swindle talks his way out of a difficult situation.2017-02-26 06:46:49
296FinishedProwlTailing ChallengeSpringer and Fade practice their stealth skills in the simulator.2017-02-25 08:06:15
295FinishedSwivelShe Dun Messed UpSwivel enlists Hot Rod's help with helping Blurr, and begins to regret doing so.2017-02-23 07:45:29
294FinishedSkywarpSkywarp: The MusicalNo Description Set2017-02-21 23:42:04
293FinishedNightlashWho's Insane Anyway?In a rare moment of clarity, Nightlash does some invesitgation into the strange substance around Phantom and winds up getting a little more than she bargained for.2017-02-21 07:10:07
292FinishedSwivelEmotional FalloutBlurr is broken again, and Swivel isn't a psychologist.2017-02-21 08:20:33
291FinishedOnslaughtOnslaught's ElevenNo Description Set2017-03-11 01:10:08
290FinishedSwivelTripping on the ExpySometimes Swivel actually knows what she is talking about, but Blurr and Nightlash have to learn the hard way.2017-02-19 08:23:44
289FinishedHookshotNary Squander an OpportunityOnslaught and others seek to convince Hookshot to help them expose Autobots and help clear his name.2017-02-19 05:18:27
288FinishedDai AtlasIcy ReflectionsNo Description Set2017-02-13 23:39:45
287FinishedProwlUnjust ImprisonmentBlast Off frees Hookshot from prison.2017-02-12 01:30:45
286FinishedSwivelTrouble MagnetBlurr is frustrated with Swivel's knack for getting into trouble. Again.2017-02-06 07:45:43
285FinishedImagerSpy Wars:Recruitment DriveNo Description Set2017-02-05 04:05:16
284FinishedHookshotAcquiesced ArrestStreetwise arrests Hookshot.2017-01-30 03:15:17
283FinishedGrotusqueRepercussionsGrotusque and Prowl have to do some damage control with Dai Atlas.2017-01-29 04:53:24
282FinishedSwivelA Sticky SituationBulwark helps Swivel out again.2017-07-15 18:43:04
281FinishedSwivelSurrel OrdealHow did Swivel go from an elevator in Iacon to a tar pit near Vos? Here's how.2017-01-24 06:48:42
280FinishedHot RodThe Rebel, The Cop, and The VictimSwivel has disobeyed Hot Rod and appeared in Iacon. He tries to force her to leave, but is unsuccessful and ends up punching Streetwise, who tries to interfere.2017-01-23 18:45:50
279FinishedFirst AidStreetwise's Big News!No Description Set2017-01-21 04:52:22
278FinishedHookshotAn Honest Thief?Hookshot gives Dai Atlas his side of the story of what happened at Vos.2017-01-19 05:01:34
277FinishedProwlSecrets & LiesDai Atlas wants to thank Grotusque for saving his life. Prowl wants to make sure Atlas hears and believes the right things. Streetwise is promoted and is ecstatic about it.2017-01-18 05:42:57
276FinishedBlurrTarget PracticeSparring sessions at the Decagon can get quite intense...2017-06-18 20:00:25
275FinishedProwlInvestigating the CharityThe Autobots retrieve Imager from Petrex.2017-01-15 00:19:14
274FinishedBlurrSecret AdmirerFade, Blurr and Imager have a conversation about their pasts.2017-01-14 03:39:52
273FinishedImagerNo One Has To DieThe Autobots are caught in the same fire three times. But it all works out in the end.2017-01-26 02:54:49
272FinishedBlurrThat T WordThe truth about Blurr's anger toward Swivel is finally laid bare.2017-01-11 07:26:58
271FinishedImagerThe Destruction of Graceful CharityAn Autobot vessel goes down in Petrex. The Combaticons aim to take advantage of it. The Autobots aim to stop them from doing so.2017-01-11 08:19:44
270FinishedBlurrFolk Wot Wear the RedSwivel has earned a favor from Blast Off, but almost gets kidnapped by Blurr.2017-01-10 09:27:25
269FinishedDai AtlasA Fond FarewellNo Description Set2017-01-06 04:43:47
268FinishedSwivelVague AccusationsBlurr, Blast Off and Swivel in the same place is never a good thing.2017-01-04 01:43:32
267FinishedProwlMedical InvestigationsHot Rod "sneaks" Aegis in to examine Coil.2016-12-30 06:23:42
266FinishedSpringerWalking in RodionNo Description Set2016-12-29 03:54:28
265FinishedBlurrAirman Obvious to the RescueBlurr and Fade steal detpack designs from a company in Altihex. Valour tries to stop them.2017-01-04 06:25:33
264FinishedSwivelUnclandestineSwivel seeks Aegis for results, Hot Rod seeks her for ILLEGAL THINGS.2016-12-27 03:29:29
263FinishedSwivelWho's Protecting Who?Streetwise sets out to get Swivel in protective custody. Bulwark and Blast Off both defend her from protection.2016-12-21 08:52:17
262FinishedBrawlRudeBrawl meets Knockout and disregards him.2016-12-20 02:52:10
261FinishedSwivelStory TimeBulwark's project is almost finished. He enjoys some quiet time with Swivel.2016-12-18 01:19:25
260FinishedFirst AidLong NightsNo Description Set2016-12-20 03:39:20
259FinishedHookshotAn Honest TransactionBulwark's suspicions are unfounded and he comes into a hefty sum of money.2016-12-12 00:09:50
258FinishedSwivelHandwaved ApologySwivel apologises with Hot Rod and makes him a promise.2016-12-11 05:25:58
257FinishedProwlLocked InFirst Aid and Prowl discuss what to do about Coil's condition.2016-12-10 22:49:40
256FinishedBlurrBe Careful What You Wish For Cuz You Just Might Get ItBlurr and Arcee search for missing operatives.2016-12-10 05:47:12
255FinishedStasisOrders ReceivedStasis asks for a new assignment since her last one doesn't exist anymore.2016-12-07 02:43:20
254FinishedSwivelMetaphors and BuildingsBulwark does not let an existential crisis stand between him and work.2016-12-05 05:15:18
253FinishedSwivelAn Invite to IaconProwl since Imager on a very difficult mission: Persuade Swivel to go to Iacon.2016-12-03 07:21:35
252FinishedBlurrFaith In My GoodwillBlurr is angry at Swivel and tells Arcee all about it.2016-12-03 05:54:12
251FinishedBlasterA Team That Trusts Is A Team That TriumphsBlaster is told that he is going to have to do less than ideal things.2016-11-28 08:17:21
250FinishedSwivelStay Out of TroubleHot Rod visits Swivel in Nyon with an update on his attempts to uncover the sniper.2016-11-28 02:19:09
249FinishedHot RodNo Title SetNo Description Set2016-11-27 21:55:14
248FinishedBrawlRumble in RodionBrawl throws some temper tantrums.2016-11-27 07:06:05
247FinishedHookshotArt AssessmentBulwark is surprised at the monetary value of art.2016-11-25 04:14:46
246FinishedSwivelBuilding PlansBulwark continues to work in Nyon and comes up with a plan.2016-11-21 06:06:57
245FinishedVortexMedic Meet TexFirst Aid runs into Vortex. Literally.2016-11-19 21:45:16
244FinishedSwivelVortex Sells Himself for DrinksVortex and Swivel chat over drinks. She does not hire him as a bodyguard. She couldn't afford him anyway.2016-11-19 07:02:42
243FinishedBrawlA Good Commander Doesn't Leave His Men BehindVortex morosely tells Thundercracker what he thinks of his competency as a leader, while Brawl and Thrust duke it out nearby.2016-11-18 01:03:26
242FinishedSwivelIdealistsSwivel, Blaster, and Bulwark all share drinks and ideals.2016-11-15 08:33:55
241FinishedHookshotAppraisalBulwark seeks to get a Nyonian trinket appraised.2016-11-15 04:09:55
240FinishedProwlThe Cog - FinaleThe Decepticons go up against the Cog for the final time.2016-11-15 07:57:29
239FinishedFirst AidThe End of That Crisis (hopefully)No Description Set2016-11-14 04:29:38
238PausedHot RodNo Title SetNo Description Set
237FinishedProwlPower Struggle: TarnTarn falls to Decepticon occupation.2016-11-13 05:50:30
236FinishedSwivelAn Old Home pt2Swivel and Bulwark consider a minor dilemma. Their plans don't change.2016-11-11 23:15:00
235FinishedSwivelAn Old HomeNo Description Set2016-11-10 05:57:27
234FinishedSwivelFreeze Your AccountsSwivel and Bulwark do some scavenging underneath Nyon.2016-11-09 05:43:40
233FinishedFirst AidNo Title SetNo Description Set2016-11-12 22:04:23
232FinishedProwlAnother DilemmaFirst Aid is going to have a very long night...2016-11-08 04:27:39
231FinishedHot RodAiding a RebelHot Rod wants First Aid's help.2016-11-07 07:11:29
230FinishedThrustDebriefing ThrustNo Description Set2016-11-07 05:03:31
229FinishedHot RodA Visit to the InfirmaryHot Rod sees a patient in the infirmary who looks like he might match the description Swivel gave him of the sniper...2016-11-06 06:12:57
228FinishedPhantomUnknown SubstanceNo Description Set2016-11-06 06:49:46
227FinishedBlurrThe Discussion About Swivel That Went Horribly WrongA discussion about Swivel goes horribly wrong.2016-11-07 03:30:51
226FinishedSwivelA Request for BulwarkSwivel has a job for Bulwark.2016-11-06 06:47:03
225FinishedProwlVos DebriefingProwl and Grotusque discuss the results of the operation in Vos. And Hot Rod.2016-11-05 02:38:01
224FinishedThundercrackerPlans and NapsNo Description Set2016-11-04 04:40:33
223FinishedFirst AidTell me about yourselfNo Description Set2016-11-02 20:04:39
222ActiveBlast OffMonsterBots in VosNo Description Set
221FinishedBlast OffRotary and Tank in the Wine ShopNo Description Set2016-11-01 06:54:30
220FinishedProwlA Plea for UnderstandingArcee gets a new office. Swivel pleads her case with Arcee. Everything goes rather well.2016-10-31 03:25:13
219FinishedThundercrackerThrust goes homeNo Description Set2016-10-31 04:01:54
218FinishedThundercrackerSeeker Roll CallNo Description Set2016-10-30 22:55:36
217FinishedHookshotBeauty in WarNightlash talks about the war, 'Motley' prefers to discuss his business, art.2016-10-27 03:37:59
216FinishedRepugnusReleaseProwl and Repugnus have a little chat.2016-10-26 03:31:57
215FinishedBlasterGraduate VisitsAid certainly didn't expect TWO vistors in one day, he was counting on none.2016-10-25 06:54:40
214FinishedHot RodFemme in the MiddleSwivel is argued over. It's very stressful.2016-10-30 01:54:22
213FinishedBlurrInduction CeremonyFirst Aid is thrilled to receive the honors. Hot Rod isn't.2016-10-24 05:17:42
212FinishedSwivelUncarceratedBlurr extracts Swivel from a Tarn jail through mostly legal channels.2016-10-24 02:06:10
211FinishedProwlThe SearchVortex and his friends follow a lead to the Grav-Haaran glacier. Bad ideas lead to problems.2016-10-25 01:55:25
210FinishedSwivelJail CrasherThrust crash lands into the same jail Swivel is held in during the battle for Tarn.2016-10-21 21:49:28
209FinishedGrimlockAssault on TarnNo Description Set2016-10-21 04:12:55
208FinishedDoublecrossA Repugnant PrisonerNo Description Set2016-10-17 04:34:12
207FinishedAegisSpoiled YouthAegis finally puts Hot Rod's spoiler back on, though apparently not fast enough.2016-10-16 23:25:09
206FinishedArceeFun With GlueNo Description Set2016-10-19 02:02:31
205FinishedFirst AidDrinks and GradesNo Description Set2016-10-16 07:16:59
204FinishedSwivelPoints of ViewAn unlikely gathering in Tarn remains unusually peaceful. Hot Rod wants to punch Prowl even more.2016-10-16 05:39:51
203FinishedSwivelConflicting ViewsQuantum and Valour illustrate different views on the Decepticon cause. Swivel bears witness. Nobody likes Thrust.2016-10-15 05:59:16
202FinishedBlurrIntentional FrustrationBulwark annoys Blurr on purpose.2016-10-15 05:49:18
201FinishedProwlDecagon BriefingThe Autobots discuss what to do about Tarn.2016-10-15 02:47:53
200FinishedValourDiscussions in TarnNo Description Set2016-10-13 14:25:04
199FinishedProwlThe FinalHot Rod, Arcee, and First Aid dive into the final test to determine if they are truly soldier material.2016-10-16 07:05:09
198FinishedAegisThe Start Of Something GoodAegis and Bulwark meet for the first time in a bar and it doesn't take them long to realize they have some things in common.2016-10-12 03:46:34
197FinishedBlurrLove & RespectBlurr tries to convince Swivel to renounce the truth.2016-10-12 07:20:18
196FinishedSpringerThe Fall of TarnThe Decepticons lay siege to the city of Tarn, taking its leadership hostage. Autobots intervene, and attempt negotiations, but are unsuccessful in peacefully defusing the situation.2016-10-11 04:45:25
195FinishedAegisA Messy BusinessFirst Aid reports to a field hospital in the ruins of Harmonex, and meets Hot Rod and Aegis.2016-10-10 04:55:50
194FinishedPhantomDon't Touch the Dead MechPhantom behaves erratically, attacking Vortex for trying to salvage a body for parts. Swivel tries to stop Phantom, but to no avail.2016-10-09 06:35:27
193FinishedHookshotAn Imposter's EscortFlux escorts Hookshot off the premisis.2016-10-09 00:26:09
192FinishedProwlSenpai NoticedArcee feels very special.2016-10-08 23:19:28
191FinishedSwivelLesson LearnedSwivel shoots herself in the foot. Literally.2016-10-07 07:58:08
190FinishedSwivelVintage GrudgesAnother one of Blast Off's deliveries is interrupted, this time with fallout from a well aged grudge.2016-10-06 07:52:21
189FinishedSpringerInterrupted ShipmentNo Description Set2016-10-04 03:39:42
188FinishedSwivelRecruiting NightlashDai Atlas tries to recruit Nightlash on his exodus. Meanwhile Phantom and Swivel discuss Autobots and Decepticons.2016-10-02 07:07:38
187FinishedHot RodThe Rebel & A HippieHot Rod tries to convince Beachcomber to conform to his rebel ways.2016-10-02 05:41:10
186FinishedVortexImportant HelpVortex retrieves the information stolen from Praxus without damaging the Statue. Blot helps fix that.2016-10-01 06:13:46
185FinishedBlurrThe Secret To HappinessBlurr meets an old fan of his, Beachcomber.2016-09-30 07:32:30
184FinishedHookshotStowawayPlans go awry.2016-09-29 06:29:14
183FinishedSwivelA Patient TeacherBlurr offers to teach Swivel how to handle a gun.2016-09-28 06:52:25
182FinishedPhantomTrue NeutralityBlurr and Arcee attempt to arrest Phantom. Nightlash tries stir up trouble, and conversations about the state of Cybertron occur.2016-09-25 06:18:21
181FinishedDai AtlasHarmonex RuminationsNo Description Set2016-09-21 04:25:32
180FinishedArceeDiscussion Among FriendsNo Description Set2016-10-16 20:02:20
179FinishedProwlVectorum MemoriamAutobots, Decepticons, and Hookshot fight over a statue on a train.2016-09-12 02:37:15
178FinishedAegisSpoiler AlertHot Rod runs into Aegis and EVENTUALLY asks for a little help with his spoiler.2016-09-04 05:02:08
177FinishedQuantumEngineering LogsVortex digs through Salvo's belongings...2016-09-01 06:32:55
176FinishedProwlSituational AwarenessProwl criticizes Springer's behavior at Tarn.2016-08-30 03:07:26
175FinishedProwlOld Stomping GroundsVortex and Blast Off continue their investigation, following the leads obtained from Salvo.2016-08-24 07:17:37
174FinishedBlurrThe MaestroBlurr meets Imager among the wreckage of Harmonex.2016-08-19 01:58:25
173FinishedBlurrNice Warm Acid BathDecepticons rob an armory in Tarn.2016-08-25 04:22:38
172FinishedArceeFavorite Deltaran PatientsInteresting conversations at Deltaran Hospital.2016-08-18 01:53:55
171FinishedProwlNine Six TwelveVortex interrogates Salvo.2016-08-13 05:41:11
170FinishedProwlCloset FunctionistNo Description Set2016-08-12 06:17:27
169FinishedProwlThe Awakening Part 3The city of Harmonex becomes a casualty of the war.2016-08-08 06:52:46
168FinishedProwlThe Energon TrailHot Rod skips class again, and gives Quickswitch some advice about Prowl.2016-08-05 06:53:29
167FinishedSoundwaveHavoc at HarmonexNo Description Set2016-07-28 05:55:39
166FinishedArceeMad Like They SayQuickswitch discusses the results of the rescue operation in Kolkular with Arcee.2016-07-24 01:45:35
165FinishedStarscreamSkyawrp and Starscream talkNo Description Set2016-07-24 00:00:52
164FinishedProwlPost-Op CommendationQuickswitch is rewarded for his service to the Autobot cause.2016-08-03 06:36:01
163FinishedQuickswitchExtraction TimeThe Autobots rescue Blurr from Decepticon custody. Starscream lets it happen, but tries not to lose face.2016-07-17 05:42:12
162FinishedArceeAftermathArcee and Springer work on rebuilding the Expressway and retrieving trapped survivors after Trypticon's violent rampage.2016-07-15 04:04:33
161FinishedBlurrThe Art of InterrogationThe Decepticons grill Blurr for information.2016-07-13 07:51:01
160FinishedProwlAnother TiradeProwl and Hot Rod butt heads again.2016-07-07 03:47:51
159FinishedValourKolkular Prison BluesMegatron puts Scorponok back in his place.2016-07-07 03:52:21
158FinishedSoundwaveThe Return of MegatronNo Description Set2016-06-30 03:23:11
157FinishedEDIHow Wrong You AreBlast Off has been waiting for this day for a long time...2016-06-28 06:35:22
156FinishedArceeArcee's ProposalArcee gives a presentation at the Academy. Hot Rod and Sky Lynx miss it. Hot Rod really hates Prowl.2016-06-26 06:17:22
155FinishedBlurrThe WindSkywarp and Starscream catch Blurr sneaking around at the deserted Thymesis Munitions factory on Luna-2.2016-06-24 04:50:00
154FinishedSpringerAction ListStarscream and Blast Off discuss the outcome of the recent mission to destroy the restored Omega Destructors.2016-06-22 03:57:10
153FinishedStarscreamDoing My JobNo Description Set2016-06-20 06:15:38
152FinishedProwlOmega DestructionThe Decepticons destroy one of the restored Omega Destructors that Phantom discovered earlier. It wasn't easy, though.2016-06-20 02:42:15
151FinishedProwlTrojan BomberStarscream tries to assassinate Optimus. It fails, but Optimus and Prowl are convinced he has something else planned.2016-06-13 05:38:31
150FinishedProwlBack in the SpotlightOptimus plans his comeback.2016-06-09 06:15:10
149FinishedProwlOde to Sky LynxSkywarp bites off a bit more than he can chew by openly taunting Prowl. And Sky Lynx is magnificent, of course.2016-06-06 06:22:33
148FinishedArceeIt's Hard to Have FriendsBlurr asks Arcee (vents) for some relationship advice.2016-05-25 06:06:50
147FinishedSwivelThree NeutralsThree neutrals determined to stay that way discuss the pressure to pick sides.2016-05-23 05:03:35
146FinishedArceeWartime: Public SafetyArcee meets Swivel while working on a project.2016-10-07 08:05:59
145FinishedQuantumForever FriendsPhantom demands an explanation from Quantum, but Quantum can't words.2016-05-22 06:29:22
144PausedBlurrWave 102No Description Set
143FinishedBlurrOmega RestorationWheeljack has a new assignment. Hot Rod is a terrible spy.2016-05-21 05:39:11
142FinishedProwlRooting Out CorrosionProwl gives Grotusque a secret assignment.2016-05-21 02:10:34
141FinishedBlurrGarden InvestigationAn investgiation in the Helix Gardens turns into an altercation.2016-05-18 06:16:56
140FinishedGrotusqueA bit of underground recon below paradiseNo Description Set2016-11-02 00:37:01
139FinishedHot RodFinal DestinationAutobots and Decepticons battle over the highly sought after fuel source that has finally been discovered in the Undergrid.
138FinishedPhantomA Shocking RevelationPhantom tells Starscream about his encounter on Luna-2.
137FinishedStarscreamNo Bombs This TimeSwivel has news for Starscream about the mechs who tried to get him killed.
136FinishedStarscreamFor the Love of Art and PropagandaStarscream discusses his plan to use the destruction of the art gallery in Harmonex as a propaganda machine.
134FinishedProwlMy Brother's Keeper 3Phantom rescues Quantum from a secret lab on Luna-2.
133FinishedBlurrMy First Field Assignment(tm)Two things Hot Rod is good at: pissing off authority, and blowing things up.
132FinishedProwlMy Brother's Keeper 2Phantom gets Windcry and Swivel into trouble.
131FinishedBlurrShe's Got Friends On the Other SideSwivel and Blurr still don't part ways on good terms.
130FinishedBlast OffSetting Up ShopNo Description Set
129FinishedPhantomMy Brother's KeeperPhantom, Swivel, and Windcry investigate Quantum's last known location, and find a significant lead.
128FinishedHot RodArt EndeavorsWheeljack meets Hot Rod, then receives a classified assignment.
127FinishedArceeHero of NyonSpringer and Arcee discuss a number of things, including Hot Rod and new intel about the Vosian Flight Academy.
126FinishedWindcrySeekers SeekingPhantom takes Windcry out to test her, but then stumbles across a better idea for a test...involving Swivel.
125FinishedBlurrEvil In the Name of GoodSky Lynx returns from space. Blurr asks the difficult questions.
124FinishedBlurrThey Never Look UpStarscream has an intruder in his hab suite.
123FinishedSwivelPersuasionSwivel and Blurr have another fruitless argument. Wheeljack is caught in the middle.
122FinishedPhantomGraduation and MurderWhat initially began as a graduation ceremony at the Vosian Flight Academy suddenly turns vendetta-esque when Starscream shows up to murder the school's headmaster.
121FinishedHot RodCadet RoddyHot Rod can't deal with authority and is therefore a terrible student.
120FinishedSwivelExpedient DeliverySome days you can't get rid of a bomb.
119FinishedSpringerVictims of ToraxxisNo Description Set
118FinishedQuantumThe Customer Is Always RightWhen will Swivel ever learn?
117FinishedSwivelGuardian AngleSwivel tries to figure out what angle Starscream is working by offering his assistance.
116FinishedSwivelRipplesA routine wine delivery ends in philosophical discourse.
115FinishedAegisYou, Sir, Are TroubleStarscream is trouble and Aegis calls him on it, not so quietly. Her discussion of Toraxxis is much quieter.
114FinishedBlurrThe Truth of the MatterAegis really starts to regret coming home as the weight of Cybertron's problems begin to crash down on her personally in the wake of Toraxxis' destruction.
113FinishedStarscreamA Victory DrinkStarscream and Sunstorm encounter Swivel at Maccaddams.
112FinishedStarscreamRefreshmentSwivel is working at Maccaddams now.
111FinishedProwlThe Fall of ToraxxisAutobots and Decepticons battle over the Toraxxis Mega-Refinery.
110FinishedSunstormDescent Into ConfusionSwivel experiences a series of very unfortunate and confusing events.
109FinishedSwivelSalvageHot Rod gets mad at mechs salvaging in Nyon. Swivel tries to salvage a good opinion of her.
108FinishedStarscreamSwifter JusticeStarscream and Grimlock meet again.
107FinishedSwivelDe-escalationA series of volatile situations arise in Macadams. Most of them are diffused peacefully.
106FinishedOptimus PrimeRegretsNo Description Set
105FinishedProwlThe People of Cybertron vs. Starscream of VosNo Description Set
104FinishedJetfireOld FriendsNo Description Set
103FinishedSwivelWhat Swivels Do BestBlurr and Phantom fight over Swivel.
102FinishedStarscreamGroundpounderGrimlock interrogates Starscream.
101FinishedProwlWell I NeverProwl attempts to manipulate Starscream into disavow the Decepticons. It doesn't work. Prism never.
100FinishedSunstormAbhorrent TreatmentOnce upon a happier universe, the war never happened...
99FinishedSwivelPhantom Walked Into a Bar IIPhantom walks into a bar and meets a another girl.
98FinishedProwlMedia StormStarscream is taken to Deltaran for repairs, with the promise of prison time afterward. Aegis takes on the case, while the media clamors for answers outside.
97FinishedBlurrRecall RevelationsSwivel needs to find her place in the world once more. Blurr discovers a shocking revelation about an old friend's former identity. Springer feels awkward.
96FinishedStarscreamA Cold SoundStarscream is in trouble...2019-11-08 04:28:29
95FinishedBlurrWatch Where I'm GoingNo Description Set
94FinishedArceeFuel TalkArcee, Springer and Prowl discuss the general state of things.
93FinishedQuantumGotta Dig Even DeeperAutobots and Decepticons run into each while searching for the energon jackpot, but are forced to work together against another monstrous predator of the Undergrid.
92FinishedProwlControlled ChaosProwl makes Nightlash an offer she can't resist.
91FinishedBlurrSpy Wars: Vantage PointEscorting a VIP to Helex thrusts the Autobots into an assassination attempt. Autobot SCS scene.
90FinishedPhantomWhat Goes Around Comes AroundNo Description Set
89FinishedProwlA Disturbing DiscoveryNo Description Set
88FinishedStarscreamRevolutionary EmpireNo Description Set
87ActivePhantomWe'll All Burn in Hell TogetherPhantom actually gets along well with Bombshell...despite his heinous tendencies.
86FinishedProwlGotta Dig a Little DeeperThe Autobots venture deper into the mine, but run into trouble!
85FinishedDeadlockNew HorizonsNo Description Set
84FinishedSunstormWhat Lies Beneath Tagan Heights?No Description Set
83FinishedStarscreamThe Consequences of FailureStarscream and Overlord have a little...spark to spark.
82FinishedStarscreamPrimus WillingSunstorm updates Starscream on the Toraxxis situation.
81FinishedProwlVolley's Folly?Tankor meets an old friend on an errand for the Autobots. He and his teammates manage to convince him to hand over sensitive intel. Whether this was a wise transaction or not remains to be seen.
80FinishedQuantumTo WorryingQuantum has words with Phantom.
79FinishedOverlordThe Odds Were Never In Your FavorNo Description Set
78FinishedProwlQuiet RemovalThe Autobots discuss Quickswitch and the Sonic Canyons mine.
77FinishedSunstormShatterstone Meets StarscreamNo Description Set
76FinishedPhantomComplicatedThe Decepticons discuss what their next moves on two important fronts ought to be.
75FinishedProwlQuality AssuranceThe Autobots are making plans for the mine in the Sonic Canyons when an unexpected development occurs.
74FinishedOverlordAnd In This Corner...No Description Set
73FinishedEDIDemolisher Tells AllDemolisher finally reveals the full truth to the Decepticons after seeing Starfall for himself.
72FinishedArceeMine ReconnaissanceNo Description Set
71FinishedEDIValorousValour makes nice to Demolisher, and gets him to open up...a little.
70FinishedStarscreamStarscream gives orders to Blast OffNo Description Set
69FinishedBlurrLab Fight LessonsLabs are not good places to fight. Especially not Wheeljack's labs.
68FinishedArceeThe Right Mechs For The JobNo Description Set
67FinishedPhantomThe Best PartStarscream and Phantom discuss the aftermath of Quickswitch's rescue.
66FinishedStarscreamA New Hope?Starscream and Tankor overhear something interesting...
65FinishedStarscreamIt's All Phantom's FaultAll Starscream wanted was some peace and quiet so of course thats the last thing he's going to get. From Phantom breaking into his apartments to Quickswith getting busted out of jail; since Phantom broke one of Starscream's mirrors, this makes it all the phasers fault.
64FinishedDoomflowerDivinely InspiredSunstorm asks Starscream some questions about the incident at Kolkular.
63FinishedArceeArcee's New FlameNo Description Set
62FinishedProwlThe Truth About DemolisherNo Description Set
61FinishedSpringerTriorian BrothersNo Description Set
60FinishedStarscreamDrunkards & RunawaysStarscream discusses an undersea "rescue" mission. Phantom continues to evade. winning a drinking contest.
59FinishedEDIIn the Name of LoveNo Description Set
58FinishedPhantomA Phantom Walked Into a BarNo Description Set
57FinishedBlurrHow I Met YouNo Description Set
56FinishedQuantumNothing PersonalNo Description Set
55FinishedQuickswitchCome one, Come all!No Description Set2018-11-16 22:07:58
54FinishedProwlRaiding ToraxxisStarscream leads Blast Off on a raid for Energon but they encounter a few unexpected things- and people.
53FinishedBlurrIntricate WorkNo Description Set
52FinishedArceeSafelight's DilemmaNo Description Set
51ActiveArceeJust a RumorNo Description Set
50FinishedProwlCybertron's Favorite PastimeThe government sponsors a race for the first time since Zeta Prime.
49FinishedBlurrFreedom is the Right of All Sentient BeingsThe Autobots are determined to re-acquire the stolen sparks. The Decepticons are determined to keep them.
48FinishedQuickswitchSearching For a SixchangerQuickswitch is misbehaving. Prowl and Nightlash try to get through to him.2018-11-16 22:08:11
47FinishedBlurrNever Do What Your Enemy ExpectsNo Description Set
45FinishedArceeDancing With Doubt AgainNo Description Set
44FinishedPhantomHow Karma WorksPhantom regrets his life choices.
43FinishedShockwavePlots Are Hard To Work OnHaving been ordered to work together on plans to get more energon and hurt the Autobots, Starscream and Shockwave seem to have an inability to do more than insult each other in roundabout ways.
42FinishedProwlReverse ForcefieldNo Description Set
41FinishedBlurrVos ReconNo Description Set
40FinishedPhantomDr. BombshellNo Description Set
39FinishedStarscreamShellsNo Description Set
38FinishedProwlAutobot BriefingNo Description Set
37FinishedBlast OffCargo SkirmishNo Description Set
36FinishedArceeDancing With DoubtNo Description Set
35FinishedQuantumNo Title SetNo Description Set
34FinishedProwlPride Before the FallNo Description Set
33FinishedProwlA Pat On the BackNo Description Set
32FinishedScorponokMaking PlansNo Description Set
31FinishedNightlashKaonic MagicNo Description Set2017-10-12 03:34:05
30FinishedArceePetrex EncounterNo Description Set
29FinishedArceeUnspoken WorryNo Description Set
28PausedQuantumNo Title SetNo Description Set
27FinishedQuantumFixing the PhantomNo Description Set
26FinishedBlurrTanker Vs. SpeedsterNo Description Set
25FinishedStarscreamWhos Moral Ground?No Description Set
24FinishedProwlInterviewing a VeteranNo Description Set
23FinishedProwlSneaking SuspicionsNo Description Set
22PausedQuantumJust InsufferableDrone work turns into bar violence when Phantom goes missing.
21FinishedBlurrGuilty ConscienceNo Description Set
20FinishedPhantomFixing Up Maccaddam'sArcee meets Phantom, Starscream, and Swindle at Maccaddam's after a brawl damaged the building.
19FinishedProwlDon't Mess With Wreckers-To-BeNo Description Set
18FinishedQuantumReal DecepticonsNo Description Set
17FinishedArceeA Matter Of TrustNo Description Set
16FinishedBlurrMaccaddam's Talent ExtravaganzaNo Description Set
15FinishedProwlThe "Nudge" GunNo Description Set
14FinishedSky LynxShuttle & ShuttleNo Description Set
13FinishedBlurrWho's In Charge??No Description Set
12FinishedProwlFrozen SoulsNo Description Set
11FinishedBlurrRecounting & RepairingNo Description Set
10FinishedShockwaveShockwave Fixes Up Blast OffNo Description Set
9FinishedBlurrLess Rosy, More BlueNo Description Set
8FinishedScorponokOnly the Strong SurviveNo Description Set
7FinishedQuickswitchProwling AroundNo Description Set
6FinishedProwlMy Kind of CrazySandstorm gets an assignment from Prowl.
5FinishedProwlNo Such Thing As ImpossibleNo Description Set
4FinishedProwlPrime TimeNo Description Set
3FinishedProwlA Quick AwakeningNo Description Set
2PausedBlurrTeam PlayerNo Description Set
1PausedQuantumInterdimensional FriendshipPhantom came from somewhere...