we are a text based Transformers RPG,  based loosely on the 2005 idw canon. 
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Sky Lynx says, "Allow me to explain."
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what do you mean, a text based Transformers RPG?

Well, we are a MUSH, which is essentially an online social platform where the players engage in text based role-playing. Think Facebook, but COMPLETELY stripped down, and instead of everyone commenting randomly about how someone looks in their selfie, the thread or post is used to collaboratively write a story, much like forum based RPGs. And of course, the stories we create are all about giant robots. When you join, you’ll become part of a community of online gamers who love to create rich narratives! 
If you’d like to learn more about how our Transformers RPG is run, you can visit our wiki. Additionally, if you’re already ready to play but you don’t want to run our game in a browser, you can check out the resources tab to download a recommended client.

apply to play!

Apply for a Feature Character today! Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, you can apply for an Essential or Deluxe Feature Character. To see the full list of playable characters, log onto our server and type +fclist. 

Not yet ready for a Feature Character? Try for a Supporting Feature Character instead! To see the full list of playable characters, log onto our server and type +fclist. 

If you want to transfer a currently or previously played character in good standing from another Transformers-themed game, click apply to access our SFC form. 

Blurr says, "Join our storytelling community!"

tde community slack

Our community serves as an open space for current and future players to discuss all topics related to the game, or pretty much anything else (within reason, of course!) 

Once you sign up, you should be prompted shortly afterwards to download the desktop app. We highly recommend doing so, as the desktop app makes Slack easier to use and access. 

Still not sure if you want to join our Slack community? You can learn more about Slack and what it does here

give a little

Our mush subsists upon the sweat, blood and tears of the tireless and dedicated staff. To make their lives a little easier, consider contributing to the TDE patreon.